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Date: December 2, 2019

Jacob awoke suddenly with a startle. He was alone on the bed. His stomach growled and he yawned to it. Getting up, he wandered to the bathroom to relieve himself. He thought he needed a shower, but instead stopped by his room to dress. Moving through the house, he went down stairs to find the priestess in the kitchen. The fridge was open and she was currently going through it. “What are you doing? ” he asked her, not minding that he got a full view of her back side as she bent over in the fridge. Her fat pussy lips looked tantalizing as he stared at her sex. “I’m hungry,” she said. “I can cook something,” he offered as his cock twitched. Honestly he wanted to bury his face into her sex right then and there, but both of them were hungry. She came out the fridge. Her form had changed again. This time, she sported herself with a petite figure. Barely any curved or breasts. “Why do you keep changing your frame?

I called her to tell her I was just outside and asked if she wanted come back later or just come up. She said she was just cooking and was already dressed, so go ahead and come up. I got to her apartment and rang the bell. Dana answered the door in the most form fitting little black party dress I’d ever seen. Her nipples were straining at the cloth, begging for release. My body reacted with an instant erection! With makeup on, Dana was absolutely stunning! I told her so and she kissed me on the cheek. She had fixed a nice meal, shrimp salad, lobster bisque and shrimp scampi with a nice white wine. We talked about the lovely dinner, her immaculately kept apartment, work, hobbies, and past loves. She told me that she is actually 33 years old and is a natural platinum blonde. I mean look at you. I find you easy to talk to as well.” She told me. “So what’s your story? Have you ever been married? That’s just an excuse,” she said, “she just didn’t want to take care of you.

“Did a family member sell you? ” Lotus asked quietly, not quite daring to look at her. ” She asked, glancing up from her magazine. “Where the Hell did this come from? “Pink wanted to know.” He said quickly. “Then why are you the one asking? ” Fauna asked, studying him curiously. “Nevermind.” He replied, cutting up some parsley and sprinkling it over the roasted potatoes. Fauna watched him for a few seconds longer, finally ignoring the previous conversation and returning to her magazine. The silence was awkward but if he wasn’t going to speak what was on his mind instead of Pink’s she refused to participate. “Damn it, Fauna..” Lotus mumbled, turning to her with a fire in his eyes. “Can’t you just answer a question without looking too far into it? Fauna seemed to really think over his question, pondering it. “No. Remember, I am Fauna.” She smiled at him. Lotus’ shoulders fell, and a smile broke out onto his face as well.

“Hey apprentice,” she appeared around the hall in a fuzzy bathrobe. “No problem, uh, Master? He nodded, involuntarily thinking about how she was completely nude under the bathrobe. She sat down in the recliner and began combing her hair. “Today is lesson two. You get to learn your first spell, and I get to be your practice.” She paused as she worked through a knot. “So here are the basics. All spells have two parts. First you say the rights words to ‘load’ the spell. You’ll feel your aura gathering around your fingertips. Then you ‘shoot’ by pointing your fingers and letting the energy fly out of them. “Ok, sounds simple enough, what are the words? “Luminis igne libidinis,” we call it a Lustball, I think it started as a joke about Fireball spells. “Sure, we can’t really do them as Lust Magi though. Again, so many questions, but he was itching to try his first spell.

It was a wet bar prep area with a lot of familiar cocktail implements and storage for bottles and light food. I stepped in to look through what was there. I tried to pick up what looked like a basic cocktail shaker. The information came up in thin air next to the shaker in my hand. I picked up a few other items to test the information. I couldn’t use any of them without taking the mixology skill which I didn’t bother to do. Everything in here was of fine quality. Either we didn’t have very high end things or they were kept aside for special occasions but I didn’t doubt that these things were a notch or two above any other establishment outside of the inner city. At the back two hallways continued towards the rear of the house. They were each lined with basic bedrooms. I noticed none of the doors had locks.

No matter how long you have been with your partner, and no matter how well you know each other’s bodies. We are going to start from scratch as if you are standing naked in front of each other for the first time. And that is exactly how you are going to start session one. Standing naked in front of your partner.I suggest being in the shower to start. Using a bar of scented soap, the male should start by touching and lathering the female from the neck down, being sure to pay particular attention to her breasts and nipples. Stop at the waist, hold the females breasts and rub her nipples until they are hard and stand up. Now proceed down her thighs. Move to one side of her and place one hand in the small of her back while reaching her crotch with your other hand. The bar of soap should be in the hand on her crotch.

We have a light switch beside our bed, so no Paris Hilton night vision porn here. All we have to do is flip on the lights, and hit two record buttons and we are rolling. We went to bed with intentions of filming sometime in the night. It made us kind of nervous. But soon enough we fell asleep. I awoke to Holly nudging me. “John” She whispered. Once I was awake I hit the two record buttons. Then I hit the light switch. Holly rolled over on top of me, under the covers. We fucked slowly for a while, the covers covering the action. I took of her bra, and played with her tits in view of the cameras. When Holly came, loudly I might add, she descended beneath the covers to finish me off. With that done we laid back down to sleep. I turned off the lights and let the cameras run for a short while before turning them off. In the morning I retrieved the tapes and cut together a 8 minute video of our night. It wasn’t too exciting, not being very revealing, but we could add it to a video to make it longer. I see it as a video that will help convince the audience that this is authentic and not fake sex or a fake couple. I sent these two videos off to Jerry as we thought of our next video.

Be very careful when placing telephone calls to mobile devices overseas. There are many overseas carriers that use a “calling party pays” system when calling mobile devices (cell phone, pager, etc.) originating from within the United States. It is entirely possible that the tariff rate for an overseas wireless phone might be considerably higher compared to a call placed to a land-line in the same country. This surcharge is referred to as an “International / Special Services Termination Rate”. It should be listed on your carriers International calling plan rate schedule. U.S. carriers do not have a choice in this matter and it does you no good to complain to your local provider regarding what you may perceive as excessive charges that appear on your telephone bill. However, you may want to consider using a dialaround service if your local plan charges a high tariff for a country you intend to call regularly.

For the woman’s orgasm? He hasn’t heard anything about woman’s orgasm! Type B: He knows about woman’s orgasm but act like he doesn’t know. Type C: He knows his disorder, he is sad and wants to visit a doctor but he is shamed or can’t find the time to go! As a foreplay he kiss and caress her a little but he can’t wait and comes off. Sometimes he can’t even find times to thrust his dick into her. He is sad but life goes on! Type D: He is aware of his early ejaculation disorder but he also knows his partner’s orgasm right! So, he will kiss and caress her at great length, give her a great oral love and bring her to an orgasm. Then start to make love for himself and he comes off. Because his partner reached orgasm before his quick ejaculation there is no trouble. Partners are relaxed and happy! That means, if a man is understanding and clever the early ejaculation is not an important obstacle on the way of a happy sexual relationship. Man may visit a doctor and try to find the main reason behind this disorder and get a treatment which is totally normal, but meantime he is kind and not selfish, gives her ultimate pleasures to reach her orgasm. Finally, what is the woman’s responsibility in creating a harmonious sexual relationship? Women must talk and describe what they want clearly. Of course talking to the boors will not produce a positive result but intelligent men may understand your needs.