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Once you determine the motivation or reason behind the price tag, you can select your next step in successfully listing or walking away from the seller. Without peeling-back-the-onion, you may foolishly spend your time and money AND emotional energy. Avoid the trap of motivational ignorance. How come you did not sell it while it was on the market before? There is nothing innocent about this statement, and it likely makes every agent cringe. There are two clear directions an agent can take to avoid the pitfalls of the blame trap: One is to address the emotional feelings of failure of the expired seller. I understand how you feel. I have spoken with many other sellers who have felt the same way. Would you be able to meet this evening or tomorrow to discuss these factors? The second strategy is to directly address the factors or reasons all agents and buyers do not see every home.

All five of her stories. ‘Miss’ was my own daughter. I sat back stunned. That night I PMed X to continue some hot sex talk. I waited. No reply. Hmmm, he must have been busy doing something. A week went by….nothing. I missed him terribly, he was my fantasy guy, but he was also…. I arranged to have my BFF ‘baby’ I’ll call her, to come over for a sleepover. We talked that night and I showed her the pm’s I got from X. She got quiet and then gulped. She said: “I know. I’ve been PM’ing him too. I realized he had dumped me and now had taken up with ‘baby’. I was hurt, but glad for baby. We talked late into the night on how X sounded so sexy and cool. The nights dragged by with no PM’s from Mr. X. I then got a call from ‘baby’.

I ran towards main door to welcome my boyfriend. As you are aware, he is a fair, handsome and tall guy with a good body built. He was parking his car and my mom was also joined me to welcome him. We all sat in drawing room to have evening tea and snacks. Mostly, he was talking with my mom and we left at around 5.00 pm for a long drive as per pre decided program. We were on Goa – Mumbai highway and once again, the rain have started, this time little heavier. The day went dark very early due to the heavy rain. The rain was making me sexy and I was sitting with him with my head on his shoulder. He was driving carefully in rain. There were very few cars on the road due to the evening time, out of city limit and also due to the weather. He kissed me on my cheeks which made me hotter.