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Date: November 22, 2019

Mona couldn’t believe a man wouldn’t fuck her the minute she indicated it would be less than rape. She was wondering if this man who seemed so infatuated with her wasn’t also gay. Maybe he just wanted an attractive wife, not a sex partner. Maybe she should go check out some of the less attractive, older men who were obviously horny. And then yours truely, the hero, stepped into the picture. I’d showed up about a week after he started courting Mona. What a silly, old fashioned term. Sal was about the only man in the 21st century “courting” anyone, and Mona was getting tired of it. I didn’t care about their relationship. For me it was lust at first sight and second and forever. I suppose I also love Mona. She’s a nice person and easy to love. But what gets my dick going is her incredible body and matching attitude. Of course her attitude was being hidden, at least from Sal.

Kamala wasn’t going to let go of the topic so easily. “Why’d you give me that look? “Well it’s that I haven’t seen you in normal clothes since middle school a year ago. “Oh.” Now Kamala was embarrassed she had thought John liked her body. “Do you not like them? John smiled “No I like them a lot they just were more than I expected. I didn’t know that your workout clothes um hid so much.” He ended with a chuckle. She joined in the laughing and they walked off. “You really do look really beautiful tonight.” He told her sincerely which made her smile. They almost grasped hands as they walked and then remembered keeping safe, because of Kamala’s Dad, didn’t. They chatted and walked around. Kamala noticed John’s eyes stray to her chest several times, this gave her pride. She couldn’t resist reaching over and touching his hand whenever they sat down on benches. They went into only one or two stores.

I went in and shut the door. Then I dropped the towel and lied down on my bed. I closed my eyes and smirked too. I felt happy and just ready to please myself. I wasted no time to bring my right hand to my twat. I licked my lips and covered myself with the blanket. I nonchalantly let my hand rub my lips back and forth for a moment. Whether I wanted to or not, I kept my mom on my mind. Not that I thought of her sexually, but the idea seemed to intrigue me. I just thought of her as the woman I knew: my mom that loved me, I cuddled with and went shopping with too. We had a tight relationship, so taking things to another level attracted me. I couldn’t help it, but to cheese and pleasure myself lazily. I moaned before my fingers moved faster. I still hadn’t pictured her nude, but I felt to be just one step away. I stayed silent as I did my best to keep my mind at least somewhat clean, but then it went another direction. I immediately opened my eyes.

“Barbara told me she had missed a period. When she told her mother, she sent her to “visit” her Aunt and Uncle, but actually she went for a check up and maybe an abortion. “Wow”, said Virginia, “Barbara is going to have a baby? Two weeks later Barbara came back and told the girls that she wasn’t pregnant; she had a benign cist on her ovary. She had told her parents she had sex for nothing. Barbara was grounded for the remainder of her time in high school. She spent most of her alone time playing with her clitoris and dreaming of the time when she would again be able to have a great big cock in her pussy and fuck every night. Pauline was seen with a very large Dyke, holding hands and kissing. It was said that Diane met a soldier who had been to Desert Storm and got married.

I started to thrust in and out of her, and it wasn’t long before she started to have a really big orgasm. I didn’t stop, and like Kylee she started to have one massive orgasm after another. She finally couldn’t take anymore and fell off to my side and laid there jerking and gasping for air. Gina then sat on my cock and started to ride me hard and fast. I began thrusting into her making her orgasm build up really fast. She fell onto her hands and started grinding her clit on my stomach as my cock slid in and out of her really hard and really fast. She moaned and whimper and started to cry out as her orgasm began to rip through her body in massive waves. As her pussy squirted from around my cock, soaking my balls even further. She then rolled off of me and laid her shaking and jerking.

It was july , a hot day, when james call me for another day of beach with the guys, but that mday we ended sleeping at his house. 6 , me , james, dani, simon, greg and john. We slept over james house a lot of times, we get some money togheter and bought food and drinks, and some dvds of porn to see. That night i was a bit tired and had drunk a bit also. We were all wathing porn and james goes to his room , with everyone jacking off i folow james to see if he was okay. He was naked, showing his cock to my face. I got a bit reliefed because i was expecting something worse , so i went and start cocking. I finished cleaned the kitchen and puted the table, they came to eat, everything normal, i think they were kind of afraid dont know why, but it didnt took long until the next order. We went out the house like 21h00 we went down the street really close to the beach, then we stop at a shop , a lingerie one .

So she spread out the picnic lunch on the table. So here we are sitting across from each other eating and engaging in light chatter. I cannot take my eyes off her chest. That blouse did not hide anything. I could see the dark nipples get hard and poke out of that bra and almost poke through the blouse. My dick is rock hard and starting to twitch, I swear. We are finishing up out lunch and my mom says what have you been staring at the last half hour? I says good grief mom I can’t help myself. You have the most beautiful breasts in the world. Who wouldn’t stare at them? Now I know I got caught. I’m sure she is pissed about me and the bra. But she is very calm and collected and talks to me in a low voice. She said we need to talk about some personal things. She asked me a series of questions which included: How long have you been masturbating?