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Date: November 22, 2019

When she finally rolled to her side, she was jolted by the presence of a very large man sitting on the sand about 10 feet from her. She had abandoned caution in her aroused state and not heard him approach. She gasp in shock at her surprise by the sight and physical proximity of a stereotypical biker wearing jeans with a denim vest over a bare chest. His arms, neck and much of what she could see of his torso was covered in tattoos. His head was shaved and he had a neatly trimmed beard surrounding his mouth and covering his chin. A large ragged scar ran down the left side of his nose and across his cheek. Joan had frozen in her position as her wide eyes took in this visage. “Hey lady, I just been sitting here taking in the view” his deep voice rumbled over her. Joan scrambled to her knees and pulled her beach towel in front of her to cover her near nakedness.

Joannie went into convulsions as orgasms rocked her body. Her hips moved violently and rapidly dislodging my fake cock from her ass. Her mouth left Nancy’s pussy as she collapsed on top of Lori fucking herself on the fake cock. Joannie’s hips moved from fast to slow much like a ride coming to a stop. She was drained and exhausted from her numerous orgasms but I knew that after a brief rest she would be ready to go again. Joannie was possessed with sexual drive and energy. Joannie had four loads of man cum in her and she was responsible for the three women’s orgasms. As we were resting I showed the double dildo to Lori and Nancy. I explained that the lesbians had given us the two strap-on dildos and the two headed dildo in case we needed them. The girls wanted to hear more about our sessions with the lesbians so Joannie and I told them what transpired without getting into explicit details.

I like it like that. She nodded, so I sank to my knees, she does like me in a submissive posture. So do I. Now she changed clothes, she was totally comfortable with that. She always wore dowdy clothes to go with her image as a serious academic; they hid a totally stunning body. I always enjoyed this bit, then she put on her dominatrix outfit, just a leather jacket which only partly covered her as it was left undone, and her whip, her totem of power. Overall, I liked our episodes and would really miss them, but I don’t totally enjoy everything we do. But then being forced into something unpleasant was a turn on. I never asked to be a submissive. Kennedy came up to me, grabbed my head, and forced my face into her pussy. No force was needed, I’d have gone there happily of my own accord, if I knew that’s what she wanted.

“Joan told me that age doesn’t matter that much when it comes to sex. Since tonight is your first sexual experience in a year, too bad you were uncomfortable with dad. I hope it will be better with me, although I’m not very experienced with sex. I just had my first sexual experience about two weeks ago. I lightly touched her breasts, then said, “Your breasts feel silky soft.” I leaned down to kiss her nipples, then looked back at her face. “You are a beautiful girl and I like your long blond shoulder length hair. She laughed and I was glad to see her relaxed. I dropped my shorts and pressed our bodies together. We shared another long sexy kiss while my hard cock was rubbing against her body. We laid on the bed to continue kissing. “Do you feel this hard thing rubbing up against you. If you do, then you know I am as ready as I ever will be.

I smiled and told her if she did not get out of those cold wet clothes she will get sick. She smiled and told me she had clothes in her car but none with her. I got her a long night shirt that worked as a knee length dress for her. Giving it to her I told her she can change in the bathroom and I will put her clothes in the dryer. She looked at the night shirt and ask if it is my wife’s. I told her it is one I bought for a friend with benefits and that I am not married. I showed her the bath room and gave her a towel telling her she is welcome to take a shower to stop the chills if she wants. She looked at me with concern. I smiled and told her to lock the door and I promise not to bother her.

Bending over, she presented her big, curvy ass to the stud. He reached over and slathered a layer of lubricant on his monstrous cock, and then pressed the tip of his member up against the entrance to her butt hole. This was actually the first anal fuck of the night for either women, and when Kate looked over, she was absolutely dumbfounded by the sight. Even a seasoned and well-used whore like the Octomom must have trouble taking a gigantic monster like that! Nonetheless, she watched as Nadya took a deep breath and arched her back, trying to accommodate the onslaught of her stud’s enormous black porn star cock. The brunette mother of eight was breathing heavily with each thrust as he tried to get more and more of his impaling shaft down her asshole. Kate Gosselin watched breathlessly as the slut kept getting her ass stuffed by the cock, getting aroused by the little moans of pleasure that she gave out.

Tonight you will get the opportunity to change some of your journal from fantasy to fact at the sex store.” She looked thrilled, thanked me said she really loved me and told me her safe word. Confident that now with a safe word things wouldn’t go too far I was excited about the thought of watching her perform some more tonight. Before getting off my lap she rubbed my crotch and suggested I use some of the cream on her so she couldn’t climax while she had sex with other men. She thought that being my sex slave it only seamed right that only I should give her a climax but only when I thought she deserved one. She would fake climaxing if it was required tonight and hoped I enjoyed watching her so much I would give her one tonight when we got home. Kathy was cute, cute in the sense she didn’t look her age even though she was twenty-one she could pass for sixteen if she really wanted too. When it came to her tits, they weren’t large by any means but they were nicely shaped and all natural.