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The door opened and I waited for the man who was married to the woman I had fallen in love with to walk into the room. Three seconds felt like a life time and I half wanted to get out of the bed even in my naked state and make him move faster. Finally a tall figure entered the room but he was not what I expected him to be. Yes I expected him to be tall but he was not a male model like I thought he would be, far from it. He was just a tall balding man, he was thin and looked like he was about 50 years old. ” I asked trying to control my voice. ” she asked when she saw that my face had not changed from its confused expression. I took a deep breath because even her kissing the palm of my hand sent my pulse racing. “that is your husband?

I can always do one now and the other later….if you’re up for it! Her response was immediate. ” She hissed. “Fuck my firm little tits…please! You can always do my ass later.” She encouraged him by dropping her chin and spitting into the valley between her breasts, before pushing them together firmly. He moved up to straddle her chest, sliding the chain between her nipples down her body and lowering down until his cock was poking against the bottom of her breasts. He slid between them effortlessly, her saliva and his oozing precum providing the necessary lubrication as his cock head poked through until it stopped just below her chin. “I haven’t had a good tit fuck for sooo long! He started thrusting, slowly at first but gradually increasing in speed, until he was sliding easily as she held her breasts together. They were both breathing deeper, and he closed his eyes to focus on the sensations radiating through his cock and balls. While the timing was somewhat strange, he realized this was the first time he had enjoyed a tit-fuck.

Without hesitation Pauline stepped forward to kiss Brenda and fondle her breasts, admitting that she had wanted this to happen for so long that she ached with desire. This was music to Brenda’s ears, but in her most professional tone Brenda instructed her to strip and then lie on the table. It would also serve another purpose, but she would only learn that fact later on. Brenda commenced her work. As Brenda and Pauline left the room Carol moved behind Jean and pressed down on her shoulders to prevent her from standing. She slid her hands down the inside of Jean’s blouse and under the material of her bra’ to feel the soft, smooth, swelling flesh of her breasts and to rub her fingers over already aroused nipples. She removed her hands from under Jean’s blouse and led the way to her bedroom. On entering she dropped her robe and turned to find that Jean had discarded her blouse and bra’ on the way upstairs and had already undone her skirt fastenings.

When I think about wanting to have sex like a man, I think about wanting to enjoy sex with reckless abandon the way men enjoy sex. Devoting all my energy to pleasing a male partner at the cost of my own pleasure isn’t having sex like a man. It’s having sex men like. … have devoted only about 6% of their volume to the discussion of the topic of sexual desire. All the sex advice out there generally tends to cycle back to the same thing: how can women get more comfortable with doing what men like? Even women reporting on their own pleasure has become suspect, because somewhere along the way, women figured out that men like it if they pretend to be turned on. Men are all confused, like “omg, she pretended to be into sex, then once I married her ass she went celibate! She led me on!

I practically had to have a sign around my pussy with an arrow on it. One night I was lying beside my husband and he was telling me what to make for dinner. He told me a few of his friends were going to come to diner and afterwards play cards. I said “Yes dear, I will be ready for them” He replied “I need you to wear something sexy and stay out of the room while we play”. I knew my place so I did as I was told. I made rice with a game hen for each of them. I also tossed a nice salad and served sake with the meal. I had a bottle for each one and a small authentic glass in which they could sip it through. They started arriving right on time. I was treated more like a maid then a wife. I was very angry but would never show it in front of my husband.

Walking into the bedroom, he sees the saline IV setup, one for each tit, everything ready for him to plunge the needle into her breasts and start the IV drip. His cock aches to be freed as he imagines her tits after he sizes them to his personal preference. Yes, it may take two or three hours to safely fill them, but he wants the full two cups in each tit. He wants them heavier, fuller, and painful to touch even before he starts using her, torturing her, laying claim to her as his personal property. He sees the catheter equipment laid out next to the bed and ready for insertion if he chooses to control her bladder. Pre-cum leaks from the tip as he imagines his cock in her hot slippery cunt and then her shock as ice cold sterile water fills her bladder. He loves to fuck her violently and build a ferocious heat in her cunt. When he releases the value and floods her bladder, the coolness penetrates her thin vaginal walls and the fullness of her bladder presses down around his cock like a glove and makes his orgasm many more times explosive.

Moving toward each other James and Samantha, began kissing, embracing each other. As they embraced, kissing, James began to unzip her cocktail dress in the back. Samantha felt her dress coming loser around her. Unzipping it down he paused a moment to undo her bra, then he resumed unzipping her dress then he had the zipper all the way down. Having her dress unzip all the way down, he pulled the back towards her shoulders to pull the front down to expose her tits. While he was unzipping her dress, she was undoing his shirt to feel of his broad chest. Breaking the kiss, she let James to pull her dress over her shoulders and off till the top was down. Removing her bra, her breasts were exposed to him. “Those tits are magnificent that I have seen,” James said, running a hand over Samantha’s tits. “I usually get that kind of reaction about my tits,” Samantha said. James continued to run his hand over her tits, tweaking her nipples til they were up. “Would you like to suck and lick on my tits?