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There is nothing so valuable as a customer in your store, in front of your face. It takes a lot of time and money to get a customer in your store in the first place, and what you do once theyre there matters. Once they are in your store, if you want repeat customers, your work has only just begun. It extends way beyond selling them the item and ringing the cash register. Remember, todays consumer has choices! You arent the only book store slash office supply store slash clothing store slash gourmet cooking store in your area. Furthermore, you are now competing with the ease of purchase on the Internet. What can you offer in comparison to the ease of pushing a button and awaiting the UPS driver? Customer service. Real people with positive attitudes, expertise about their products, and winning ways. Customer service is basically one interruption after another. In fact thats the definition of the job.

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“I’m sorry sweetheart. Your father and I have had this trip planned for almost 5 months now. We have been talking about this and you agreed. You need to start saving up for college. You promised me. No ifs, ands, or buts. Pack your things. You need to drive over there before dark.” Her mother said defiantly. Haley let out a frustrated shriek before stomping up the stairs to her bedroom. Her parents had been planning a 3 month tour of Greece for their 20 year anniversary. They had originally invited Haley but she had declined knowing all to well that her presence was really not wanted. Haley rolled her eyes staring at a picture of her and her parents at one of her volleyball games. She was smiling holding a trophy and her parents were looking at her, pride in their eyes. Now at 17 years old they just wanted her to work the entire summer while they lived it up in Greece. Haley opened her closet and pulled out her leather suitcase. It was not use in fighting it anymore.

I mean so still I didn’t think she wasn’t even breathing, not even a little. I went over and checked, sure enough she wasn’t breathing. I told dad we had to do something. He did, he ran out of the house. I heard the car start and drive away. I called 911 and they told me what to do. But she still wasn’t breathing when they got there. The cops came too. I told them what happened. They picked up my dad a couple of days later. It turns out he hanged himself in the jail, that’s what the cops said happened, who knows. I stayed with Butch’s family for the last few weeks until I graduated high school. But Butch’s folk wouldn’t let me stay any longer. So I was on my own. Me and Ginger hit the road. I panhandled for money. Ginger was a help, everyone wanted to make sure the dog got some food. I don’t think they cared about me. We would dumpster dive for food if people didn’t give us enough money for the two of us.

You and Andrew certainly seem to love each other. “Well, Sarah, you’ve watched your husband fuck me and Wendy, and you’ve been fucked by Len and Andrew while Ken watched. Don’t you understand the difference between sex and love? “I suppose so. After a fuck session with the six of us Ken and I fuck like rabbits for days. “Well. In the car I was telling Andrew about my weekend with Bill, and I think that it really turned him on. I turned to Andrew. “Can you give me any idea of what you are going to make me do, honey? “I have never had a sex slave before. I’d have you naked all the time, except that I don’t want to get you arrested. I’m sure that ideas will come to me. Why don’t you eat Sarah’s and Wendy’s pussies, then suck Len’s and Ken’s cocks and finally suck my cock?

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