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Date: December 2, 2019

There were only two bedrooms: his parents and Julie’s. He really liked the idea of seeing what his bitch but beautiful sister got up to. It wasn’t hard. Her door was slightly open and the lights were on and Jimmy carefully peered around the door, then his jaw dropped in amazement. There was his bitch sister kneeling on her bed with two jocks. One jock in front her fucking her mouth and the other jock fucking her cunt from behind. Jimmy couldn’t hear much from his sister, only what he imagined were groans of delight as her mouth was effectively gagged by the front jock’s cock. However the two jocks were far from silent. “Fuck I love fucking your tight cunt, whore,” groaned one. “Get my cock right down your fucking throat, slut,” grunted the other. Jimmy watched fascinated but then realized he had a problem. How to get into the fully lit room and get into a position to take pictures?

I looked down at her big eyes looking up at me from under her trademark bangs framed by her straight black hair past her shoulders and locked gazes. I said with a smile while still locking eyes. Her shoulders twitched and she touched her fingertips to her mouth, moved her hips around a bit under the robe and then smiled back at me and started laughing. I said, quoting Yoda. She laughed again as she touched my chest and then felt my arms and then calmed and composed herself. She squirted once super hard and then again even harder and then just a little bit. I had started shooting this display with my minicam and I caught all her slutty action up close. After a minute or so she had dried herself off and taken my hand and stood back up. The only ones left were her, the two fluffers, me and a cameraman/sound guy who needed a lift back to my neighbourhood.

After we kissed over and over and over again, we sat down and started to take our bikinis off and started kissing again. “God you’re so hot.” She sighed after we stopped kissing again. “I think you’re way hot.” I sighed before she kissed me again and again. “I love love love your abs.” She sighed while she touched my rock hard abs that I finally had. “I love yours, and I love your boobs.” I said while I pulled her top out and looked at her boobs. “Thanks sexy.” She sighed before we started to kiss over and over and over again like crazy. “We better get ready for makeup.” She sighed after we stopped kissing. “Me too, especially with you.” She said while we finally backed away from each other and took our bikinis off so that we were naked. “So, do you still get to watch your mom and dad?

“Thanks babe, that feels great. I’m at the point where I feel strangely empty without something back there! ” She smiled as she slid from the table while Dean started brewing a fresh pot of coffee. He poured two cups and handed one to Katie, and they both sipped the steaming liquid which went some way to quenching their thirsts. She looked across at him. “I’ve been thinking about that message you got from Melanie; the one where she wants you to write her story? Dean looked surprised that she wanted to discuss this so soon, but nodded for her to continue. “Well….if you are interested, I can’t see the harm in asking her for some details on her dreams. He thought about her suggestion for a moment. “I guess there’s no harm in asking for an outline, but you need to be absolutely sure you’re comfortable with this. There’s a guy at work who was exchanging some fairly graphic emails with a woman he met online, and when his wife found out it was game over, divorce, even though they’d never actually met. She smiled as she placed her hand over his.

The marital love and sex come spontaneously and impulsively without any effort. Routine takes its toll. One couple I know are both working. The husband is so engrossed to prove himself occupationally every day that he is reluctant to prove himself as marital lover at night. He waits for his wife to turn him on, but she waits for his initiative. The working wife too is so busy proving herself as an efficient worker that she has little energy left for being seductive. The result is a stalemate. A stimulating sex life is important to such a couple. They need, at least periodically, to let their sexual activities have priority on their time, energy, and planning. They must find a slot for sex. There are good ways to follow. Some wives do this by having a special day! Others locate a “lover’s lane.” Some try the bacK seat of the car for old time’s sake!

Although Katie was bisexual. She was more accurately, “Pansexual.” She could “love” either gender. There is a difference. Most of the women I hooked up with were sexually bi, but romantically straight. But Katie loved the person, gender simply didn’t matter. My lesbian friends always warned me not to get seriously involved with bisexuals. Which is a real, if not well known, conflict amongst lesbians and bi fems. Many lesbians view bi fems as “greedy” or just confused. Which was fine if you’re a lesbian only looking for sex. But not for lesbians looking for a serious, committed relationship. They felt bi fems simply wanted “cock” too much to ever be truly be happy with another woman. Thus I should avoid getting into a committed relationship with Katie. But before I even met Katie. I had been very unhappy with my life. I just went through the motions in college.

I bit my lip in hope that the pain would mask away the ache between my legs. He moved up to my face, his eyes burning with passion. I sucked in a breath as I saw the determination in his eyes. I was his passion. To play it cool, I rolled my eyes. My voice heavy with lust. He flicked my nub with his finger and I hitched like a bitch in heat. Damn it, i couldn’t contained myself. His smirk was as deadly as his fingers on my clitoris. His free hand moved up and cupped on my chin, gently forced my lips to meet his. As he landed his warm tasty lips on mine, his fingers stop teasing my tortured bud and instead, plunged deep into the wet welcoming orifice that’s been dying to be invaded. The synchronous combo of kissing and fingering sent my body into violent spasm.

“God, I going to cum” I said through clenched teeth. She took me all the way to the back of her throat. I unloaded what felt like the biggest load I’ve ever blown. She swallowed every drop. When I’d finished spurting she slowly pulled me out of her mouth and licked me clean. I staggered back against the wall, totally spent. When I got my breathing back under control I said “That was absolutely amazing”. “Now it’s time to return the favour” Michelle said as she sat in my chair. I stepped forward and rotated the chair so she was facing me. I got down on my knees in front of her, put my hands under her legs and dragged her forward in the chair so her arse was on the edge. Not wasting a moment I dove between her legs and started to lick her sopping pussy. Michelle used one hand to play with her left tit while the other was keeping my head on her pussy. I licked her clit and tongued her pussy until she was screaming through her second climax of the night. I didn’t let up as the juices started to flow.

I realize you have a husband who can’t get it up. I’m sorry for that, but its not my problem. My problem was May couldn’t have sex. After losing her you were my only outlet for it. My problem is I like to fuck very day if possible. But you’re not willing or able to do that, so I had find something else. Besides that you’re the one who got mad because I found her instead of coming and talking to me about our relationship. I would love to have sex with you on a regular basis. Hell I would never look for another woman if you’d fuck me once a week. Okay so what are you wanting? 700 now. Angie, I can’t do it under the terms we have now. I have been giving you credit for sex but, I’m not going to accept sex for money any more. Sex is only going to be the interest. You will pay me back in cash. I’m going to put it in writing so if you fail to pay I will show Tom.

Everyone watches as Kim causes her to scream from the intensity of the orgasms wracking her bound body. I’ve never seen her body jerking with such force as she cums repeatedly from Kim’s wet, tonguing caresses and deep probing tongue thrusts in her pussy. I can feel her pleasure it seems as I watch her lifting to Kim’s face. Amazingly, all their husbands all sporting hard dicks, many of which are in their hands as the Black men enjoy their wives’ warm body. I watched one woman lay a tablecloth on the floor and help a black man lie down. Then she straddled his long cock and lowered her body down it fully. Then, glancing back at my wife and Kim, who was still sucking Lisa’s clit, I saw one after another spearmen begin placing their cocks in her mouth and allowing her to suck at them viciously until they were hardened. I had never seen her so overwhelmed with need.