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Then he laughed a little and gave me another kiss, but I kept him down with me. We made out for about 4 minutes straight, not so much as brother and sister, but just as sexual lovers. We made sweet love and he kept thrusting slowly, but I know he liked rough sex and not just gentle sex, I’ve heard a lot of moaning coming from his room before.. “Come on Mitch, you have that big dick, jam it inside me deep and make your sister moan loudly,” I said. “Yes sis,” Mitch replied. Then he put a little space between us and began ramming me hard. So hard that my pussy began getting a little sore already, but I liked that though. “Oh yeah Mitch, stick it inside me as deep as you, make love to me please,” I said. “What does it look like I’m doing? I pulled him down with me once again and we made out passionately for a few minutes. He put his hands on my butt and caressed my butt cheeks softly. “Oh that feels good my man, you like my butt too? “Yeah, I have one very sexy sister,” Mitch replied.

When he was through, her mouth was completely full of the silken lingerie, and plenty of the purple material was sticking out from all around her forced apart lips. As the two repulsive, runty Mexicans took over her body parts with their hands and mouths, she saw, for the first time, up close and personal, just how ugly these two disgusting looking little weasels really were. Suddenly she found that she was faced with a real visual, sexual turn-off crisis. Up until now she hadn’t had to be face-to-face with any of them, while they were having sex with her. The ass fucking she had received was like glory hole sex, where you couldn’t see the owner of the cock you were sucking, so the way they looked was irrelevant. It was just your mouth and their cock making out. As the two of them continued to work on her g-spots, she looked around at all four of the boys, hoping to find any kind of bright side to this very grossly appalling situation she was in.

I told Sharon I was about to cum and she took her mouth from my cock and began jerking me her, her other hand never leaving my balls. My first eruption shot out like piss as a gob of sperm splashed against Sharon’s lips and chin. The second eruption hit her in the neck and the third on her tits. My cum was dripping from her face and tits as she slowly stood up and exclaimed that she’s never done anything like that before. As I stood there with my cock dripping cum Sharon began to take off her slacks and panties. I had Sharon sit down in the chair that Mary had been in and placed her legs over the arms exposing her now wet and pungent pussy to me. She had a hairy pussy that hadn’t been trimmed or shaved – maybe that’s why I like hairy pussy so much. I knelt on the floor and licked the inside of her thighs before finally reaching her pussy.

I don’t get it……. He’s old……. And bald and cold……. And you…. You are warm, beautiful and most defiantly not old! Two days later: it was Friday night and I had told my mother I was going to a friends house and would be spending the weekend as a bonding experience. It was not lie as such I was going to be spending the weekend with a friend except that friend was Nurse Kate and the bonding was going to be sex related activities. I spent two hours looking for the right thing to wear and packed a bag even though I didn’t think I would need anything that was in it. I ran down the stairs shouting my good byes as I threw myself out the door and to the end of the road where Nurse Kate was waiting for me in her car. ” I turned to look at but before I could say a word her lips met mine with a surge of passion her hands gripping my face tight. I dropped my bag and wrapped my arms round her pulling myself into her, my heart beating out of my chest.

Those round spheres of chest coupled with full hips and what she had many refer to as a bubble butt. She had toned legs and arms. Hands sported dark obsidian nails, and her feet were hooves, which always posed a problem on her feeding nights. The demoness was hanging out in the window of a private ICU room of the Hospital Merci because this is how she preferred to feed. During the day, the demoness posed as a nurse who, but at night, she returned to a marked room in where the occupant was already knocking on death’s door. She did this for two reasons. The first being that it was an almost endless supply of food. The second was for defensive measures. Those who died in the hospital were often assumed to have succumbed to injuries or diseases. For her, keeping a low profile meant that she could live and continue her goals. Tonight, her prey was a man, well more of a boy being that he was barely twenty, named Alexander.

Because of his weight and inexperience, he had to take breaks every minute or couple of minutes, which only left me more eager and willing. During one of these breaks he was reapplying lube and roughly shoved some fingers up my ass, which now easily accommodated them, and I once again reviewed the situation. Even though we had not discussed anal sex, I was always a fan of anal play. He told me he was a virgin and I believed him so I didn’t worry about STI’s or anything. As his fingers slid inside me I felt how loose I was compared to a few minutes ago, but the pain from his initial, hard penetration had turned to bliss and I even enjoyed what he was doing now. I looked at him and said “You can fuck me as hard as you want now, I think I can take it”.

This story is the continuation of the part ‘The Challenge: Prelude’. Having an appetite for food makes you fat, but having an appetite for sex makes you fit. This is what I learned in last 5 months. I still remember how awesome and transforming the week was when I had sex with Raj, my cousin. We have an age difference of 11 yrs and he was baby-sitting me since I was 5. I don’t consider us to be brother-sister, nor we are friends, our relationship is different, kind of like a teacher-student. And to further strengthen this bonding recently he taught me a new lesson, sex. But since then my hunger for sex grew. I couldn’t stay away from Raj for long. I had the willingness to be with Raj no matter what, and fortunately there was a way. Raj and his parents had moved to Delhi because of his father’s transfer.

John gasped and squeezed the thighs. Then he relaxed them and spread the legs a little. ” I asked John, while feeling trough the fabric of the jean shorts his hard member with the palm of the hand. It felt big, very big. My fingers at the same time caressed his balls. I could feel the semen filled orbs, and they seemed enormous for my fingers. “Weird, but good. Let me share the experience with you,” John said and placed his left hand on my belly. The hand felt warm and soft. I spread my legs a little, preparing for John’s hand. When the fingers finally swept over my aching member, I closed the eyes and gasped from the feeling. It was as if someone tickled you there, but in a more pleasant way. John’s fingers caressed my balls through the fabric of the shorts; every stroke sent a bolt of electric arousal through my body.

What can I say; I remember exactly how it began. They weren’t there, the house was all dark, we always vacation around the same time, but I guess we had just beaten them that year. How could she not have seen me, did she not notice she was almost naked? Only questions, I was very confused, I wasn’t scared or worried because I didn’t feel I had done anything wrong, I was just confused. After I don’t know how long I went inside the house. There you are kiddo my dad said, “If you’re not going out again close the door, were going to bed”. I was kind of excited about going to my room again, I remember thinking if my sister would be naked again? This time in the full? I opened the door Kat was already in bed, crap! I stepped in to the bathroom brushed my teeth and went to bed.

Opening my eyes, I saw Jake’s hand on my thigh, immediately followed by his other hand on my other thigh. He shifted forward onto the edge of the passenger seat, the pages of the porn mag crumpling under his knees, his cock pointing directly at me. His right hand slowly migrated from my thigh upward, upward, until it came into contact with my own hand. He slid my hand up and off of my cock. He then gripped my cock, slightly less firmly than I had been, and began stroking me. My own right hand still held the base of my cock, and soon his other hand moved up to cup my balls. His stroking felt incredible, the pleasure only somewhat muted by the nervousness I felt. Soon Jake started making that same pleasurable groaning sound in his throat. I realized that I was making roughly the same sound, and then it became clear to me that I was on the verge of orgasm.