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Date: December 3, 2019

Not spurting like on TV but sort of continuously leaking out as he jacked it. He them used his left thumb to rub the head of it as he continued to stroke it. He shuddered every time his thumb swept across his cum leaking piss slit. I then saw him use a hand towel to clean up the cum after which he used the remote to shut off the TV. As I lay there in the dark trying to go back to sleep I noticed that my little 4 ½” dick was rock hard. Shortly after that I was back at his place for the week. The first night was the same as the last night I stayed with him except that he started watching porn and jacking off well before I went to sleep. He never said a word, just jacked off, cleaned up, and then went to sleep. Before he started watching porn on the second night he asked me if I had ever jacked off.

She however, was hungry spending her lunch in a bank queue and told Bernard that she needed to eat as she hadn’t all day, he was fairly compassionate as he asked her to sit and he would get her food. About 5mins later he appeared with a bowl of her spaghetti in hand, she smiled warmed by his care, affection she had not had in a while. She felt the hot sauce on her face, but continued eating, she half finished the bowl and stated she was finished, but her boss wanted the bowl licked clean so she continued. She licked the bowl like a stray dog and looked up, Bernard pleased with her as he told her to get her rope. She stated she didn’t have any, he grabbed her by her hair and pulled her towards the bedroom. He opened the draw under her bed, pulling out the rope and whipping her across the face, stinging her before warning her never to lie again. She genuinely forgot it was there but was also confused how he knew it was there.

I guess all the practice she’s had this week is paying off! I was impressed at Stacy’s new found talent, but I knew it’d do me no good! My wife demonstrated all week that she didn’t want me in any way, she only wanted other men! Stacy got her pussy stretched even more on this DVD. Twice in the movie, two guys at the same time fucked Stacy getting both of their cocks into her enormously opened pussy! Since it was already stretched, it opened up even more accommodating the two cocks! Once she tried to get two cocks in her ass and her pussy at the same time, but they didn’t make it all the way into her ass, just half way, but all the way into her pussy! She was disappointed, but did get four cocks to fuck her at the same time! Stacy was going to be very very sore going home, but she didn’t care! She wanted to be stretched open as much as she could be!

“I love you Uncle Dan” she whispered sleepily. “I love you to Alice” I smiled. Alice used her arms to pull herself closer and she pushed her lips against mine. Sparks flew through my brain as her soft mouth opened and her tongue gently found its way into mine. Our tongues met and she pushed more forcefully against my lips. I found myself retuning the kiss with equal force and I gently bit her tongue and probed her mouth. Our faces rolled against one another and our hands ran through each other’s hair. I didn’t remember 14 year old girls being able to kiss like this. After what felt like an eternity, but could only have been 30 seconds, we pulled apart and looked into each other’s eyes. “Me too”, not sure if we meant the same thing. She gave me a satisfied and knowing smile. I turned and left, glancing briefly at her lying curled up on the bed. I returned downstairs and poured myself a drink. The following morning I got up early and went for a run. I ran for about 6 miles and the effort and exertion helped clear my confused mind.

Question:Im throwing a Sex Toy party at my apartment and Im not quite sure how I should word the invitations! Im throwing a Sex Toy party at my apartment and Im not quite sure how I should word the invitations! Its set up kind of like a Tupperware party, where the lady does a presentation of all the products and then at the end you order what you want. Itll be a bunch of college age girls that will be at this party. I dont want the girls to get too intimidated and not want to go because theyre nervous of sex toys, but I want the description to be exciting and slightly naughty. Im assuming you dont want to do an e-vite online. They have some really cool sexy backgrounds that set the tone you want for your party. If youre sending something in the postal mail then I recommend using cards or designing an invitation that has a sexy background (lips, made-up eyes, a couple kissing, hearts, a woman licking a popsicle)… be creative. If you use a sexy image with your invitation, then the text doesnt have to be as explicit and flat out say SEX TOY PARTY! This Saturday Im throwing a Girls Night IN! Well have drinks, well talk love lives, and Ive invited my friend, Sarah to give us a little tasteful sexual education, courtesy of Passion Parties. Trust me, theres nothing like getting together to vent (or perhaps brag) about our love lives while learning about how to really spice up the bedroom fun at home! Dont worry if youre shy, well have plenty of mild to go with the wild and there wont be any pressure to participate in any of the party games or tasteful demonstrations. Im looking forward to seeing all you lovely ladies.

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Then one day she had an idea. “So, would it be OK if I tried out some of the stuff you’ve told me about? I mean, like bring some guys over, or some girls, and try the stuff you’ve told me about so I can see if I enjoy the things you do? “Michelle, I never said I’d have sex with you, I just said it wasn’t even an open topic until you were eighteen. But yes, I know you can’t do much at home, so if you want to bring people here when I’m at work, and practice the things we’ve talked about, then feel free. “Oh wow, thanks. I promise you’ll hardly know I was here, but I’ll get really good at the stuff you like, and I’ll get lots of practice. Did I tell you I’ve decided I do really like the taste of guy’s cum? I’ve been practicing that. Some of the guys say I give the best blow jobs they’ve ever had. And oh yeah, I shaved all my pussy hair smooth.

He concentrated his lapping on her cunt and clit making her cum on his tongue; she rewarded him with a wash of fresh girl cum. Flipping her around he settled in between her legs stroking his cock up and down across her clit making her moan and purr. She tasted her sweet juices on his lips before she finally got his cock into position and with a roll of her hips he entered her. He had expected her to be all stretched out and/or sore but he was pleasantly surprised as she gripped him with her inner muscles as he slipped all the way in. He bent her legs up to where they rested on her chest and began a steady in and out pump with his hips. He groaned with each thrust feeling her velvet pussy grab his meat each time; his cock had never felt so big. Dan and Becky were lying back on the bed holding one another in a golden zone after fucking so intensely; he caressed her shoulder as she held his warm soft dick.

He took the shit into his glove and rubbed it all in the face of Taylor. Taylor was begging him to stop but Mike covered her face with her own piss soaked shit until it was all over her face. She begged him to wash it off but Mike left he room with her screaming, he barely made it to her bathroom before loosing the lunch he had eaten earlier. He really didn’t mind the piss so much, but the shit was just nasty. Still though it was a good humiliation tactic. She would have to stay that way for the day.. Mike continued hourly visits until 10 that night with-out any issues. At every visit Taylor was crying begging him to take the shit off her face and to remove the wood pole due to the irritation that the sandpaper was causing between her legs just as it was mean to.