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Date: November 28, 2019

Sarah whistled at the size of Daniel’s prick which was fully erect; she too was seeing her brother in a new light too. Sarah as she lowered her head and kissed Daniel’s knob which was rosy red, having been released from the confines of his foreskin. When Sarah returned with John and Moira in tow, they were all naked. Moira went over to her son and gazed lovingly down at him. John who was now fully erect as was Daniel. Sarah, standing naked between her naked parents. Secretly, however, John was disappointed that his parents were not there to share the momentous occasion of not only Daniel’s 18th birthday but also Daniel’s introduction to the club. Daniel, “gran and pop sent me a lovely card – as did the rest of you,” he added hastily. Moira who, now that the preliminaries were out the way, was impatient to get on with things. Daniel’s first blowjob from his mother was, he told his father later, certainly worth waiting for. He stood up as Moira went to her knees while John moved into position next to his son.

Remove her socks and follow with a minute or so of foot massage being gentle at all times without tickling. You are now both only in your underwear. Head on up to her face and kiss her deeply and passionately – not a slobbery one. Make out with her for a minute or so and work you way down under her chin and neck, smelling and kissing. Work you way down to her chest and remove her bra. Gently cup and stroke her breasts and kiss them. Keep working your way down to her underwear. Run your fingers across the top of her panties where they meet the skin. This gives a great sensation! At this stage, remove your underwear. You should now be totally naked. Gently slide down her underwear and completely remove them off her legs. You are now both completely nude. Act as though you are almost too comfortable in this situation.

Between her legs only a few tiny wisps of hair prevented me from seeing the tiny slit of her adolescent pussy. I could only stare, burning that picture into my mind for all eternity. I don’t know what came over me, but I dropped my towel to join her nakedness. Her eyes dropped to my crotch where my cock was rapidly beginning to harden. Her eyes grew wide and her mouth fell open slightly as it reached its full size and angled slowly towards her. I hear her barely whisper “Oh my god” as I too glanced down at my now fully erect cock. She never took her eyes off my rock hard manhood as she slowly walked towards me. I thought I would burst out of my skin when as she closed toward me, her hand extended in readiness to touch my obscenely swollen dick. Just as her hand was millimetres from my raging hard cock, I heard the door to the bedroom open and Gail shouting.

Sitting on the sofa in Julie’s small apartment, which was just around the corner from the gym and the pub, the sipped the wine that Julie had poured for her. Sarah’s voice trailed off. Julie didn’t get a chance to finish her sentence as Sarah pressed her lips to Julie’s and kissed her. Sarah loved the softness of Julie’s mouth and opened hers willingly to accept Julie’s tongue as it probed inside. As they kissed, the two women removed each other’s blouses, pausing for moments to touch or admire parts of each other’s body before kissing again with passion. Soon stripped to the waist, they stood in unison and while they continued to kiss, both removed their own jeans and kicked them to the other side of the room. Touching with what felt like fingertips of fire, they caressed each other as they made their way to the big bed and fell on it in a tangle of limbs. Julie pushed Sarah to her back and positioned herself above her and looked down onto her with love and lust burning in her eyes.

“Is that it, then? He shrugged. “Were you expecting something else? We just don’t allow people we don’t know to get in, it often gives us a bad rap, so as long as you’re referred by someone we know, we’re fine. Did Matt explain the rules to you? He opened a cabinet and grabbed a blank cover, then raised the flap door, ushered me in and handed the cover to me. “You can choose anything, then you take the tape out of its cover and put it here. Put the original cover back in its place. Then you pay, leave and bring it back in up to a week. Ouch. I grabbed the tape and nodded to him. “Got it. Can I have more covers, please? The counterman shook his head. Damn it. I’m sure I’d have found a way to get more if I had Matt here. Doesn’t really matter now. Once I opened the door and entered the room, the counterman closed it from behind me. All the walls had shelves, and each had a certain theme. Plenty of bondage material, lots of graphic sexual torture and a curious shelf dedicated to tapes with obscene religious imagery.

Ronja felt at stab of regret, maybe the spell did only worked if you was a believer in magic. She continued to explore her girlfriends sex, pushing a second finger into her pussy. She marveled at the wetness. Maria exclaimed. Ronja frowned, she did not think she had been doing anything special. Ronja gave Maria a grin, but Maria did not see. Her eyes were closed as she breathed in beat with wiggling of Ronja’s fingers. Ronja did not know what knowledge about the magic dildo would do to their relation, but she intended to make the most of this particular sex. Making love to Maria as she saw John masturbating seemed sexy. She moved around so she could start to lick Maria’s cute little clit. This caused another level in ecstasy in Maria that trembled below Ronja. Her hips struggling to move, to get more out of Ronjas fingers.

‘That is a bit silly! The thought continued, ‘It’s not his fault you find him fat and gross. It is clear he can’t help but look at you in this way. He hasn’t chosen to, to make you feel bad, or uncomfortable. He is driven by a chemical sexual urge that YOU have stirred in him. I feel bad now, the way I have been so physically repelled by him, is not his fault at all.’ A wash of a mixture of feelings ran through me. I actually felt sorry for this repulsive beast! I felt guilty and mean for acting the way I did, and thinking the venomous thoughts about him. This must have happened to him his whole life. I actually started to feel that I should let him look, and let him enjoy looking at me. I realised that no matter how he appears, he will have sexual thoughts and desires. They would have to be about some girl, who that girl was, is up to him, no matter what they think, so it might as well be me. A kindness rose within me, and the sense that I should be nice to him.

My legs, my tits, my figure? I love the fact that men find me sexy in parts and in the whole. But ultimately I love being loved because I expect it to get me fucked. Growing up, becoming pretty, than sexy, dating, petting, maybe marriage, are all possible foreplay. Getting pregnant, having babies, growing old is the aftermath. What a pity that there have been women who died old maids and missed the point of it all – getting fucked in the middle of the story! In fact, I’d love to make the middle as big as possible. I got a boy to pop my cherry as early as I could. And I hope some guy is still fucking me the week before I die. So I like getting fucked. I like every thing that goes along with it, like the exotic things that don’t often happen. How many women have ever enjoyed a delightful rape? Not I. Maybe it never happens, but many of us fantasize about this. In the “Fantastics” they wrote a song about it.

As I grew older I wanted to avoid the mistakes they made. I gradually decided how I was going to live my life in future. Sex would be a serious consideration as I thoroughly enjoyed the physical and emotional side of it. When we discussed this my mother told me that I would have to find a man in a million to replace my father. I knew that already. I am 18 now and believe it or not I am not very promiscuous. I do have sex with the occasional boy if I like them and I feel I would enjoy being with them, providing they treat me with respect and not just as a conquest. I am unaware of the fact my experiences with them became talking points as some of the other girls performances have been. I have admitted to very close female friends who I have slept with, and sometimes compared notes. I have had sex with two older men whilst I was travelling overseas.

The ship left orbit and headed toward the emptiness above the ecliptic, local system NORTH as it were. Things went uneventfully the ship accelerated normally with the installed standard drives. At exactly one hour after the departure, the captain made an announcement. Let the games begin. Gentlemen start your erections, Ladies start your wetness. Actually the test subjects had been told that sexual foreplay was encouraged from a time 30 minutes before intercourse was scheduled, so the entire contingent already had erections and wetness. Exactly one minute after all of the people were fully engaged, plugged in, the ship began accelerating, the rate of acceleration increase was amazing. The ship had been accelerating at .7g from shortly after departure when the full drives were engaged. The bridge crew was carefully monitoring all phases of the ship’s systems activity. Everything was showing normal parameters. Yet the instrument readings showing the ship acceleration were steadily moving upward.