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Date: December 3, 2019

After I hung-up the phone she said that we should call him back in an hour or two. They way she said it, I kind of got the impression that she was keenly interested in watching Roland jack off. About an hour went by and I called again. No answer. I waited another hour and called. This time a guy answered. “ Is this Roland “ I asked. “ Yeah, who’s this? “ Remember last Monday, downtown, you met a couple in an alleyway, the couple that was watching you? Barb notice I was on the phone and she came over next to me. I held the phone a little way from my ear so she could hear both sides of the conversation. Sure I do, ummm, I think her name was Barbara, right? “ Yes, your memory is good, you remember my name? Maybe ten seconds of silence went by & he said, “ No man, sorry, but I don’t.

Dave came first shooting his load into her succulent mouth. Joannie swallowed it all very quickly and sucked him dry. Dave fell back with his softened cock slipping out of her mouth. Jerry scrambled out of our bed and knelt in front of Joannie. She sucked his erect dick right into her mouth never missing a beat with Biff and Dan. Dan came next and filled her ass with his hot cum. He continued to fuck her back hole as she milked his cock dry, eventually it softened and slipped from her pulsating asshole. Lori and Nancy looked confused as I got off the bed to retrieve a strap-on from our dresser. They looked on in amazement as I put on the harness with the large fake cock dangling in front of my pussy. I moved to bed and got behind Joannie and inserted the hard dong into her ass. I watched the expressions on Lori and Nancy faces as I plowed my fake cock into Joannie’s asshole.

One of the flasks had a liquid in it that seemed photo-luminescent. He approached to get a better look, and in the process noticed something that made him double take. Blood splattered knives in the sink. “This is fucking crazy,” he muttered. He took a seat on the couch. Ready for anything, to run if he had to. When she re-appeared she had a book in her hands. Older even than the ones on the table. She sat on a wooden chair opposite the couch and crossed her legs. Absolutely nothing would have been left to the imagination if she hadn’t. He found himself admiring her full lips as she talked, then shaking himself out of it. “Ah yes, it looks like the transformations already occurred.” Betsy bit her lip and looked down at his crotch. Brian always thought that the lip biting thing looked forced on most girls, but Betsy didn’t even seem conscious of it. She looked like a lioness in heat. He felt his cock start to harden as she stared.

He was confused and angry. He was mad at Jamal and Billy for violating his Mom, and he was mad at his Mom for letting them fuck her, but at the same time, he was aroused and had a painfully hard cock that needed attention. He couldn’t get the image of Jamal sliding his big cock in and out of his Mom’s pussy. The thing that angered him most was the look of ecstasy on his Mom’s face as she willfully fucked his best friend. Scott remained in his bedroom for the rest of the day. He didn’t come downstairs for lunch or dinner. His mother was heartbroken that her son would not allow her to explain her actions. She took a long hot bubble bath and prayed that her son would forgive her transgressions with his two best friends. She dried herself with a towel, put on a sheer nightgown.

At this time I was still a little hard and it only took a few slight movements by Monica to make me fully stiff and twitch my cock. “Oh, am I causing that? ” So she started moving more and we started to fuck again, this time more leisurely but just as intense for both of us. Every now and then we would stop moving to kiss deeply using our tongues (something new for Monica to experience). Again Monica started to moan and get into a frenzy until this time she had an orgasm before I came this time and another as I squirted into her for the second time. This time after coming down from our excitement she got off me, we cleaned up our messes and got dressed. We left the boathouse, Monica going to the Manse and I to our camp ground. We were never able meet alone again so my second fuck was a once only time. Thinking about this event, I felt it had been foolish to deny Monica any knowledge of sex and the other sex as it meant that her curiosity made her vulnerable to what happened.

I brought my cum soaked hand up to her mouth and she was about to lick it when I pulled it away. So we both licked my hand until there wasn’t one drop of cum left on my hand. We relaxed for another minute, then I told them I needed something. So then Brian got on top of me and very slowly inserted his cock into my pussy without a condom, so it was extra hot you could say. He leaned down and first kissed me on my chest, and then worked his way up to my lips. We made out for a minutes, then he began thrusting his massively large cock in and out of my pussy. So I finally got something I needed, my own son’s cock inside, I really didn’t think I’d ever want another cock inside me, I’d settle for just his every now and then. And I could only imagine that he’d be willing to go another round for either me or his sister after cumming like a machine only minutes before.

He does not spray bottles of day-to-day cologne throughout his body. That would instantaneously put me off. He smells himself, simple but artless, sugar-like and honey-like. I miss his scent already. I wish he was closer to me, standing within sniffing distance, so I can breathe him in and then contemplate on him. Just by smelling a delicious him, I get hungry. I swear that this is the truth! 2. He is the Only Person Who Treats Me with Nobleness. What am I saying here? With me, he is ever soft and ever gentle, ever caring and ever sympathetic. That’s why I am not going to leave him. I did that the last time and things got disastrous. Five minutes into his absence and I felt like I had suddenly run out of oxygen. Because he handles me like no one else is able to, in a uniquely impressive way. That is why I treat him like a King.

He jerks her head backwards pulling his cock from her mouth as bursts of cum spray white ribbons in her hair, on her face, and across her lush breasts. Crushing and rolling her luscious nipples between his pinched finger tips, he leads her into the bedroom. She must be punished. No doubt in his mind that she must be punished. But he is unsure of what to do. His first instinct is to whip her black and blue. It has taken great restraint not to correct her immediately and violently. However, her blow job was spectacular and did earn her few “graces” but not enough to offset the need to punish her. Consequences. Using profanities, shouting at him, and speaking without permission, all are egregious mistakes and a pound of flesh must be exacted. She must learn consequences. She has that defiant streak and it must be quashed before he can fully own her. Pushing her face down onto the bed, he spreads her wrists and binds them to the headboard.

Even more surprising to Rose was how she felt doing all this. At first she was acting out of anger, she found herself wanting to hurt them as much as she could. But somewhere along the way she found herself enjoying this. She liked how it felt to make another person do something. Wasn’t there a term for this? A word that described the liking of this feeling? Yes. . . yes there was such a word, it was called sadism or sadistic. Was she really sadistic? Rose opened her eyes and looked at the petite woman laying next to her, did she really like to hurt this fragile looking creature as much as she liked touching and feeling and kissing her. She felt herself shiver. And what about her feelings towards her husband, all those years of marriage and she had seemed to have lost her libido yet yesterday she had been more aroused then she had ever been. Was she. . . God forbid. . .

It wasn’t that great – he was white – but I still felt sexy and powerful. I also missed out on a few key moments of my kid’s lives. But at the same time I was earning so much money, I dismissed my guilt, reasoning that this money would easily pay for all their college tuition. I remember looking out over the LA skyline one night in my office, seeing the reflection of Fat Rob approaching me from behind. I was upset with him. He squeezed my tits from behind, kissing my neck, then unzipped my dress. I turned around and removed it, exposing my bare breasts. “What I am I going to do? “You’re going to keep fucking and taking care of black clients. He was moving to Atlanta, to work out of the main Elite Magazine office there. I’d only see Fat Rob every few months if that much.