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Date: December 2, 2019

He makes love to me and doesn’t just fuck me. The boys should watch him to learn to make love to a girl, not just fuck us.” I said, “I guess I should teach then how to make love. Ryan come here and rub by breasts gently. After that I want you to kiss me all over my body. Then you can fuck me, but fuck me gently.” Ryan and I kissed while John had Victoria get on her knees. He guided his penis into her vagina from behind and pumped and pumped in her. Victoria said, “John I want you to fuck me in the ass. John and Victoria had been sleeping together and A week later Ryan and I had sex in the same room. Today they were sleeping as Ryan and I had sex. We weren’t quiet as we made love all over the bed with Victoria and John sleeping. They never woke up as Ryan and I fucked and fucked.

My mother dragged each girl by the collar and shoved their faces onto my cock. She looked at me, I gave her a smile and a nod of approval. I waved my hands through the hair of the sluts sucking my limp dick. Or should I say, the new slaves in training. The last two years have been a whirlwind. It all started after I blackmailed my father into transferring the multimillion dollar home we grew up in, as well as his millions of dollars of savings and investments into my name, with the help of my mom and sis. With millions of dollars’ worth of assets, as well as an ever-growing revenue stream from my online streaming service making me hundreds of thousands more annually, I knew that I was set for life financially. It felt great knowing that I didn’t need to worry about money ever again. I knew that I could instead focus all of my ‘creativity’ to further pursue my passion. I drew up a plan to take my passion project to the next level. With the help of my follower base, I was able to make my dreams a reality.

She took the napkin and went to the bathroom. I sat there on the bed and was waiting for her to return. She opened the bathroom door called me there. She showed me her panty, full of her period blood spots. She told me that she cleaned herself but she cannot wear the same panty again with full of blood spots. I understood the situation. She was standing inside the bathroom and I saw her skirt was down on her nakedness. The senatory napkin was in her other hand. I told her not to worry and gave her a brand new panty. I asked her to wear the napkin under the new panty. I also gave her a small plastic bag to put her blood spotted in it. My panty was never going to fit her because of the size difference between our hips. But I was sure that it will surely help her to keep the napkin at place in this emergency situation.

When Monty was age 16, we used to watch television, and some times the movies would have sex scenes, during that time I used to see his lower part. But I never noticed any erection. Now Monty is 18. Once we were watching a movie which had a strip scene. I saw a mild bulge protruding out of his jeans pants. I was surprised. But he was baffled. He went to his room immediately. I followed him immediately trying to figure out what happened. He went inside the bathroom, I was surprised by that. I thought he is going to shake it. So I didn’t bother. I never saw him surfing porn on internet or reading any porn books. I also was not sure, whether he used to chat sex topics with his friends. Suddenly, Monty came out of his room and approached me. I was sitting on the sofa.

A short yet exhausting snake-like crawl, marvellously there was light at the end of the tunnel. Looking through the slats overlooking the corridor, the coast seemed clear. Lowering the vent she climbed out, quickly joined by Kevin who issued a sadistic smile. His dark clothes and jeans brushed down easily but from the reflection of a window opposite, Chloe’s cream blouse and peach skirt were caked in muck. With her hands and cheeks also having turned a charcoal black, she resembled a chimney sweep. Chloe sprinted for the exit, unable to escape the school quickly enough, furtive glances around like a truant. At least off-site there was less chance of encountering those that knew her, though the strangers she passed on the jog home offered quizzical looks at the once respectable woman who now resembled a Victorian street urchin. To make matters worse, a huge shower of rain fell. Frankly though Chloe was past caring and it was with immense relief that the door finally closed and she was able to savour the sanctuary of the shower. Upon exiting, discovered a text message: hope your mum’s ok, jeff.

The problem is that I like it. “Why is that a problem? “Because I told myself I wouldn’t fall for the first guy I met after the break up and he is literally the first guy I laid eyes on.” That got a laugh from the both of them. ” Rachael laughed, “Nooo. “play” Tiffany finished after Rachael had trailed off. “well. Id be more than happy to play with you, and of course, James would be welcome at the party. I took the opportunity to join the conversation, playing ignorant, I walked over to the pair and patted Rachael on the ass before putting my arm around her waist, a small shriek of surprise coming from her as I did. “And what are you lovely ladies talking about? ” I asked, already knowing. “As a matter of fact, we were talking about you” tiffany replied with a grin. I had to admire her confidence for such a young age. “All good I hope” I responded.

She then pushed him back and did the same thing to him. I loved seeing her naked body right beside me while she was teasing him. I was so turned on as she moved to me. She acted like she was about to kiss me and then she backed off and went back to the pole again. I was extremely disappointed and she knew it. She danced on the pole until the second song ended. She then waited for the third song and when it started she moved back into my direction again. She sat on the edge of the stage with a leg on both sides of my chair. She reached out to me and kissed me again. Then she took my head and as she laid down she pulled my mouth straight to her pussy. I was a little shocked but to turned on by her to refuse her offer. I dove into her pussy licking and eating her juices as she wiggled on the stage.

But it didn’t have a sack. Instead, there seemed to be the telltale twin dunes of a Woman’s sex beneath. It was as if it’s clit had been exchanged for a cock. It had no body hair, and it’s nipples and genitalia were a much lighter shade of purple than the rest, almost pink. Betsy greeted the creature from the realm of Lust. It responded with an unearthly, crackling voice that was as androgynous as its body. As it spoke she could see two rounded fangs among an otherwise very human smile. It had high cheekbones and pointed features that seemed, like everything else, otherworldly and beyond gender. It was pretty, in an almost unnerving way. It’s eyes had irises to match it’s skin, and even seemed to glow. “Wonderful to be here,” it was saying. “How long do we have? ” Betsy asked. The creature turned to her and stretched out its arms like it’d just woken from a very long nap. Sam saw that its tail was anchored to the spot at the top of the cleft of its ass cheeks. It had a butt like a woman who did a lot of squats.

He then said something that shocked all of us in the room. Mr. Wells broke in angrily, “My two 16 year old twin daughter’s aren’t a part of this deal they are only kids! Mrs. Wells got up on her elbows and looked directly at her husband. Mr. Wells said in reply, “These bastards want to get our twin babies pregnant on film, our children won’t agree to that! Dad and I looked at each other in disbelief. Mr. Wells started to calm a little while he looked at his naked wife sprawled out on dad’s mahogany desk as if in thought. I started to say something when Mrs. Wells broke in and spoke yet again. “I don’t normally say this, but since incest has been a big part of my upbringing, I really don’t mind letting people use my body and neither will the twins. Dad spoke up, “Mrs.

Also my body wouldn’t stop shaking as their stuff kept dripping out of me. Miles couldn’t write fast enough inside his notes as Kristen went off on a tangent then he interrupted her and asked, “So, did you have sex anymore that evening? Kristen picked up right where she left off it wasn’t as if she missed a beat. Kristen said, “Because my bum hole hurt so much. It was like it was on fire or something. It hurt so much that it even hurt me when I walked. Miles quickly asked, “Why? I thought that you were taught to obey your mommy and daddy no matter what? Kristen said, “Yeah but I was angry at my daddy. He told me that ‘it was okay if I didn’t want to sit with him.’ After we left Disney World and were on the plane I still didn’t even want to sit on daddy’s lap on the airplane. Kristen looked at him, “You have that paper from Florida University and you cannot subtract eight from twelve?