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I’ll admit to that before I think twice and decide to disown the shameful waste of purity,’ Mark smiled. I hear you. But why give a shit who she is? Her holes will fit around your dick as well as anybody’s,’ Zander, the other guy added while reaching over to scornfully honk Kitty’s nose. Oh, sorry, you want our opinion of the little bang – huh, guy? Well, 1st., I prefer to shit on purity and wouldn’t dip my wick in this thing unless she was as impure as a witch. As for waste, man, her tits aren’t the bloated pig-bladders I like, rather a waste of meat. But her hiney probably will do in a tight pinch, or the hole in it better! Tim said, then looking at Shane and Jude: ‘The filthy slut’s your sister, huh? Shall we disown the cunt? Hell, I don’t give a fuck about calling her my girlfriend! She’s nothing but my sidekick for kicking with my dick!

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