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With Minerva’s own children and husband dead from the war as well, it looked like the McGonagall line might have ended. Though Sirius had wondered if Minerva might be considering making Harry her heir – it would be an acceptable thing to think about, considering she was planning on becoming his legal guardian. Inheritance laws were tricky, but there were enough loopholes to make Sirius very happy. It was one such loophole that had allowed him to name baby Harry as his own heir in his will when the child was six months old. Minerva and Harry entered the sitting room, Minerva looking slightly out of her depth, and Harry just looking embarrassed. Sirius figured he was a little uncomfortable with his professor taking care of him, though he hoped the young wizard would get used to it. They weren’t going anywhere, and eventually, Harry would see that. Minerva went first, taking Harry’s trunk and grabbing a pinch of Floo powder, calling out “McGonagall Castle” clearly, before vanishing in a mass of green flames. Sirius motioned for Harry to go next, and soon enough, he was grabbing his own small suitcase and leaving the Black Home as well.

Erotica is not something easily defined or easily accepted by society. There is most definitely a difference of opinion in people’s minds between what porn is and what erotica is. Sex is one of the most difficult and controversial topics in society today. I often have been accused of writing porn. Many think that any kind of writing that examines the bounds of intimacy is dirty and something that should be kept in the bedroom. Most look at all erotica writing as porn. But remember that one person’s porn is another person’s erotica. One thing erotica is not is badly written trash. I’m sorry to disappoint anyone but as an erotica writer myself, I don’t write trash. There seems to be a misconception between people thinking erotica consists of just sex. It is not sufficient to say that erotica is all about sex. Erotica is a brilliant written story that teases the reader in a sensual and seductive writing style. Sometimes the sex in an erotic story makes us smile or feel the warmth of the love between two human beings.

Davine looked at Vinny not knowing what he wanted from her next, but she quickly understood when he nodded with his face towards her breast meaning to undo the bra. Davine reached back and unfastened the bra clip and reluctantly let the bra fall on her lap. Vinny had his eyes glued on her breast and said:” Yes that is my girl”. He moved forward and pulled his tongue out in the direction of her nipples. He gently tongued her nipples a few times until he opened his mouth bigger to suck on them like a baby who needs his mum milk. He started gently on them but it was clear that the excitement made him more and more erratic, sucking from one boob to the other. Davine could only watch, she knew it was totally wrong but she could not help feeling some excitement building up through her body.

I oblige. I feel this strangers cock filling with what I need. I scream at the the faceless pleasure on the other side of the drywall. This time, it’s him that does as he’s told. His first, and very large blast of hot cum hits my throat and I squeal in delight, feeling myself cum again, it oozing down the red wall. I keep sucking hard almost begging him for more. After two or three more large blasts of cum I pull out his pulsating cock, jacking it’s wet lenghth hard, making it spray my face, relishing in it. The last small squirts fall down onto my heaving tits blouse and skirt. Finally I reluctantly release his still half hard cock. I’m breathing like I just ran a marathon. I tear my red thong off and shiver as I use it to clean off my sticky pussy some. He slowly detracts his shrinking cock through the hole. I wipe some of his cum off my chest with my panties. I hear a deep voice in a soft tone speaking through the hole. I smile and feed my soaked and sticky panties through the hole. Saying nothing i pull myself as together as I can. Walking drunkenly down the hallway, my legs shake a lil from sheer slutty excitement and adrenaline.

“That is not what I said, or hinted. What makes you say that, Miguel? ” I fake a cheery smile. He doesn’t buy it. I have become so bothered I cannot get myself to put on a false act, which I always triumph in doing. Gosh. This has become way too serious then! “What is it, concerning me, that makes you terribly worried, cutie? Perhaps I have done something that you find offensive? Tell me, baby, and I will be quick to apologize.” I hold his cheek with my hand. It feels baby smooth like, delightful. I caress it smoothly. He suddenly falls quiet and gets wound out of his breath, like a babe when it is struck dumb. I am not going to leave him for anything in this world, I swear. “You haven’t done anything to upset me. The truth is I am only thinking about us—our future together, where we are headed to.” He is still out of breath and alarmingly quiet, taking into consideration every word that I am giving utterance to. “What do you think about us, my sweet pie? “We don’t just need to fuck.

That was one thing mom made sure we never ran low on, emergency equipment. Once the power went out and we all had flashlights, interest in the board game ceased. Bentlee’s energy level also heightened quite a bit. She also started hanging closer and closer to Ean as if no one noticed in the dark. And it was pretty clear that he was becoming annoyed. Then lightning struck pretty close to the house making all three of us girls jump. To give the girl some credit, Bentlee did look scared, but that still gave her no right to jump into Ean and hold onto him. We were all standing up then as we walked into the living room. Ean just kept walking trying to ignore Bentlee and sat down on the floor leaning his back against the couch. I guess he was hoping she couldn’t sit next to him that way but she just took it as an opportunity to sit between his legs. Montana and I sat on the floor across from them; Montana blatantly kept shining her flashlight directly into her sister’s eyes.

It’s frame wasn’t so unlike her own. Slender and taut. Her eyes stuck on the sexual parts. So very strange. Whatever it had done to her was making her forget the danger. She shivered in the wind and realized that the sliding glass door to the balcony had been opened. How had she not noticed? “You are a slave, human, more than I am in this realm. You have spent your life pleasing others and suppressing your true nature. I could fight you and your brother, but first I wanted to offer you a choice to be free of him. To show you what you’re missing. What it’s like to be pleased.” It grinned even wider as it finished its appeal. “You aren’t going to rape me? “Some of my kind do. Some of the humans who use our magic too. But it is an inefficient form of our art, and looked down upon. The energies we feed on are tied to desire.

I am a high school mathematics teacher while my wife is an English teacher. We both teach the ninth grade where the students are all about fifteen to sixteen years old. They are freshmen and are the small fish in a very big pond. For some it is hard to adjust to it because just last year in junior high school they were the big fish in that very little pond. My wife and I run a little porn studio in our basement too. It is for a very select clientele, the kind that like the girls young and they think that those legal eighteen-year-old models are just way too old for them. Recruiting willing young girls has not been a problem for us. My wife and I can adjust the grades of the girls that we think will cooperate with us. We like to call it ‘applying pressure’ instead of outright blackmail or coercion. Anyway a few weeks into the new school year my wife and I started picking out our likely subjects. We start lowering their grades and making comments about them trying harder.

“Now that’s something a girl could look forward to while her hot husband is hundreds of miles away.” She whispered. “Can I be rude and suggest I go and let you get to it? Dean laughed softly. “That’s fine babe. There’s nothing like knowing you have an appreciative audience to get the creative juices flowing! She laughed softly into the phone. “The juices are certainly flowing at this end babe, but I’m not sure whether you’d call them creative! Send me a text when you email it through? Dean smiled broadly to himself as he sipped from his drink. He was accustomed to working to tight deadlines at work, but having his sexy wife applying the pressure was a unique experience. It was time for Carol and Rod to play, and he was ready to start composing the next movement in his symphony of erotica. The sun was streaming through the window when a strange sensation drew Rod gently from his deep, restful slumber. Her lips slid slowly free, a long bead of precum swinging like a pendulum from her chin.

More to the story is starting tonight. It’s Saturday and tonight baby will sleepover again. Dad told us what naughty girls we were, and tonight he would ‘demonstrate ’ what ‘could’ happen by hooking up with creepy perverted strangers. We said: “ Oooo, were all scared daddy”, and giggled. He smiled and left the kitchen. He came back with a white hockey mask on. He just stood there all creepy looking. He gave us chills. He then held up some twine, like to tie us up with. We jumped up and tried to run out of the room, He grabbed both of us as we squealed. We broke away and ran into my room and locked the door. It was getting dark outside as some afternoon clouds came over. We got on my computer and we both pm’ed Mr. X. We said: “You are a creep, don’t pm us ever again! ” We got a quick reply.