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At least the people had a pool. She could get a nice tan while she babysat and did light chores around the house. She started picking out clothes and packed them neatly in her suitcase. She would miss her parents but just maybe this would be a fun experience. After all, no parents had to mean some fun right? Plus, it wasn’t like she was going to be stuck with the kids all day. Just part of the day and then afterwards she could sneak out and meet up with her friends. Haley smiled. Maybe some good would come out of this after all. She quickly finished packing her clothes and went downstairs. Her mom and dad were at the counter talking in hushed tones. “Hey parentals. Umn, I’m heading out. I will miss you guys. Don’t have too much fun without me.” Haley smiled half- heartedly. “Oh, sweetie. You know we will miss you!

Theres nothing wrong with using your bedroom as your set – but you may want to pimp things up a little. Were not suggesting you paint the walls red or break out the mirror ball – simply throwing in a leopard-print sarong across the bed will add a little interest to your shot. Or why not take the show on the road? When youre removed from your comfort zone youre more inclined to lose your inhibitions. When many of us think of porn films, we think cheap n nasty, with harsh lighting that highlights every flaw (from panda-bear eyes to pimply bottoms, dirty looking bruises and cellulite). To avoid this invest in low wattage tinted light bulbs. Rosy pink or golden amber lighting is wonderful for all skin types. Pink and amber neutralizes the blues and reds of blemishes and tired eyes, giving skin a warm, creamy look. If, however, youre checking into a hotel room, simply take a few rose or cream colored scarves with you to drape over any harsh, offending table lamps. When your whole body is about to go on display, a swipe of lip gloss simply isnt going to cut it.

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