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Date: December 4, 2019

Lizzy entered the small growth of trees resembling woods and was amazed at how many things had changed in the past week. She went from a long-term relationship to initiating sex with 3 new boys. Lizzy didn’t know of any other girls who initiated sex. That was usually the boy’s job, yet she really enjoyed taking control of the situation. No one would say no to her given her good looks. She liked hearing ‘yes’. Her pussy started leaking juices anticipating what was to come. After her last post-run rendezvous with Nick, Lizzy made sure to wear panties on her runs from now on. She didn’t want anyone to notice cum running down her legs as evidence of her sexual endeavors. Lizzy spotted an abandoned tree house 10 yards ahead and walked towards it with Danny in tow. Lizzy wanted Danny to make the first move and be rough with her.

Kristen clapped her hands together in glee and smiled that Miles wanted to hear the remainder of her story. She then moved to the end of the couch as she continued on with the story and said, “He sure did! Then when Sam finished carefully shaving Rebecca’s pussy as Nicole was still sucking his cock the whole time while I played with her new boobs. When Sam finished shaving Rebecca he pulled out of Nicole’s mouth and he kissed Rebecca and he lifted her from the tub onto the toilet seat. Sam spread his daughter’s legs as her heels came to rest on the edge of the toilet and the backs of her knees rested on her shoulders. Then Sam looked into Rebecca’s eyes and softly said to her, ‘are you sure you want this to happen princess? ’ Nicole and I let out this little moan like ‘ooh’ because of how sweet Mr. Bowen was being with his daughter Rebecca.

So my husband John took me to this bar that evening wearing only a short coat over my slutty revealing attire. Just his expression and the way he looked at me would make any woman tremble in fear or at least scared to death of being helplessly naked and alone with him! This along with all the other black men in the bar that night was not only sinfully perverse, but this man left me with the impression he could be quite sexually sadistic! I was hesitant, with some foreboding, as to what might happen if left with him? But the thought also for an over aroused slut like me was still quite deliciously exciting! This and what they might do, left me so hot wet and turned on that any of the black men in the bar that night could have easily had there way with me! There were no other women in this bar that night only me, and my husband was the only other white person! The drinks they had given me, I later found out were a combination of fruit juice Vodka, a muscle relaxer along with a powerful stimulant to increase my sex drive.

He could only gasp at the enormous horse cock swinging beneath the centaurs hind legs as he approached. Without hesitating, he mounted Taryn and laid his long, warm dick, dripping with precum, on Taryns back. He begged to be freed once more, but was slapped and choked by one of the orcs. He felt the horse cock start to poke at his asshole, still gaping and wet from his violent anal rape just a few minutes ago. The centaur bucked a few times, missing the mark each time, but finally found its goal. The flared tip stretched the gaping asshole open even further as TAryn gasped and cringed. The horse cock pushed on, stretching the princes asshole even further and deeper, with precum and orc cum as lube, as he gasped for air and begged to stop. As he was stretched as far as he could he stopped screaming, only moaning and breathing, wondering how much more his ass would have to endure.

He kissed me one more time than looked at me as to say “I love you.” Then turned around and bent over. He was already lubed and he reached for my cock and placed it in his anal entrance. At this point I just said to myself “it’s just like pussy, just push it in and be gentle. He grabbed my cock and gently allowed the head of my penis go in, he let go grabbed the wall with his two hands and just stated to push himself back at the same time I pushed into him. Slowly and gently till I was all the way in. He kept saying things in very bad English and soon just said Spanish words which neither did I know what he was saying but when he moaned I knew he loved it. I was fucking a guy! I was fucking a guys ass! All I could see was my cock going in and out of his butt. Faster and faster, harder and harder until he sounded as if it was now hurting him and motioned for me to fuck him slower. Soon after I slowed down he turned towards me and kissed me again as to say “thank you.” Again I was lasting longer than I thought I would last fucking him. I was definitely turned on. I guess he knew I was close to blowing my load that he pulled my cock out of his ass and did not allow me to help him. He threw the used condom on the floor and turned around and knelt again to suck me. He got dressed fast and first and just left.

“ Hmmm, interesting questions Barb. I be blunt, to the point, and brutally honest. I’ve looked thru that magazine maybe 6 or 7 times. Talking with Jerry about what they do and the stuff in the magazine does stir my interest. I’ve jacked off a couple of times thinking about watching you with a black guy who had a big dick and the visual image gets me off pretty quick. So what I’m saying is that yes, I think I’d like to watch you in some type of action situation like maybe just a hand job or a blow job and maybe put it on video tape. Look, if you wanted to blow ten guys, screw a dozen guys, or whatever, it’s OK with me as long as you’re OK with it and I’m there watching you. While I was telling Barb the preceding I think I saw her almost shake, like a little jolt of electricity from the truth I was talking about went thru her body. “ When you’re jacking off and you visualize me with a black guy, what do you visualize me doing with him?

Now Karen, switch places with Kat and help her out of her dress. She undid the clasp and unzipped my dress as it fell to the floor. Leaving my standing in my black pumps with only my black lacy panties, matching black bra and black thigh highs. Mr. D – very nice Kat you look so damn sexy in black, doesn’t she Karen? Turn around, yes indeed; I love blonds in black lingerie. Karen – I helped her pick it out. She does look great in it. Well Kat, we have to even it off now don’t we? Take off Karen’s skirt. I did and put my dress and both her sweater and skirt on the dresser. Mr. D – Both of you two look so hot, I wish I had a camera. Come here closer to me. He placed his right hand on my breast and his left on Karen’s. He squeezed both our breasts at first lightly then more firmly. He was mirroring his hands on both of us as he slowly, gently moved his hand down to our panties.

“I do, I want to so bad.” She whimpered through heavy breathing as I watched her look right at my covered dick. “Go ahead baby, take daddy’s shorts off.” Allysa said making her look at her mom and press her head against my bulge right as Allysa snapped a picture. ” Haylee whimpered as she looked up at me. “Yeah.” I sighed making her sit on the couch, slide to the edge of the couch and look up at me as she slid her hand up my legs. She then looked at my bulge, hooked her fingers in the waistband on my hips, looked up at me with slanted eyebrows and lip between her teeth, and started to pull my shorts down. She stared with her mouth open and with slanted eyebrows as she pulled them down further and further. Once my dick came in to her view, she looked up at me with a sexy little grin and pure lust in her eyes before she pulled them down further.

“They are changing the plumbings of the house, sure about no dust? “The haunted location should be a small apartment used for gatekeeper on the bottom floor. Thing is that it does not have an actual bathroom inside. When they added plumbing they did not consider it a real apartment and it got its bathroom over the backyard,” Maria told. “Will it not be locked,” Ronja wondered. “Probably, but maybe we can see the ghost through the windows,” Maria replied with a giggle. They entered the backyard and both let out a sigh of disappointment. The backyard has not been left untouched like they hoped but heavily modernized with modern style bricks. The piles of rusty pipes helped to ruin the experience even more. They moved over to the gatekeeper apartment and there was one single window and the door. Maria tried the doorknob and to their surprise the door opened. Inside they could see the apartment covered in white blankets.