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The arena is brightly lit and alive with activities. Various scents of foods and spices assault her nostrils and remind her how hungry she is. The men hold her head firmly locked to limit her vision to the back of their heads. Men of all ages, and women too, notice the petite red head as she is towed behind the two men into the Buyers Preview arena. Large animals of all types fill the stalls and kneeling next to each is a naked slave, silently waiting. Animals react strongly as she passes. Her pheromones heavily influence the behavior of the studs as they inhale her scent and then whine and stomp in anticipation of mating. She is frightened, no, it is terror that threatens to suffocate her but not enough to drown out the screaming in her head for a fix. Her intoxication to cocks simmers and blossoms as they parade through the narrow walkways until she is finally pulled into a stall with a magnificent white stallion.

He shouted at me to open my mouth, stick out my tongue, then he spat into my open mouth. I swallowed and opened wide for more. He spat again, the usual saliva, some of it hitting round the edge of my mouth this time. He rubbed it over my face while I swallowed what was in my mouth then spat full into my face. “Do you like that slave? ” “Yes sir” “want more slave” “yes please sir”. This time he snorted up a massive lump of phlegm and spread my mouth wide with two fingers. I stuck my tongue out between his fingers and he spat it right onto my tongue. It was so thick; I gagged slightly but swallowed it down and showed him. He slapped his dick on my tongue, called me a filthy whore then lent over me and lowered his ass onto my mouth. I spent the next 5-10 minutes tonguing his ass as deep as I could.

“The coach I ordered seems to be on its way here and I can not spare coins for him to stay while we talk. Describe your so called work or be gone,” lady Navore threatened. “I want to buy your house and all inventory for 1300 silver pieces and that you keep living there for the upcoming weeks so that nobody understands you have sold it to me. Officially you will claim to have hired me and Elenore to help you run the house. Your job will be to convince all people including any of your old personal that you rehire that everything is fine and normal and not look into our affairs,” I said. ” lady Navore exclaimed. “That is more than twice the current value. How can you possible have so much money to spend? “Keep your voice down,” I ordered. “There is nowhere near 1300 there, we will need the coins in the bags,” Elenore commented. “I know, but it should be enough to convince Lady Navore that we really have plenty of coin at our disposal,” I answered. Elenore gave her money bag to the lady.

Samantha Silverton, an attractive blond hair blue eye girl in her thirties was sitting on the couch waiting for her husband, Douglas to come home from work. She had no way knowing that very evening she would have her first interracial sex experience. Douglas had phoned her earlier in the day to let her know that he was bringing an old friend of his home for her to meet. Samantha said that was okay with her. When Douglas came home that evening at six, he had his old friend. His old friend was a black man, by the name of James Duff. “Mr. Duff, this is my wife, Samantha. Samantha this is James Duff,” Douglas said making introductions. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Duff,” Samantha said greeting the guest. “Nice to meet you too, Mrs. Silverton,” James said returning the greeting. “I will, if you will call me Samantha,” Samantha said. “Shall we go into the living room?

That by me moaning in pleasure as he fucked me he had somehow defeated my will and enslaved me. I felt myself grinning in anticipation, maybe it was simple as that he did not believe me to be a real mercenary. He must have seen the carnage I caused at the robbers hideout, but earlier he talked about me being unable to do demon summoning. It was probably easier for his male ego to believe I have summoned a demon to break free from the robbers than me actually having the skills and strength needed to mutilate all those enemies. I stopped trying to keeping my lust in line and gave my best performance of digging the sex. He grunted in approval as he heard my increased frequency of moaning. He matched by increasing the pace of the fucking. I did my best to use my the muscles of my sex to give him the maximum pleasure. The effort paid off and he grunted as he spilled his load deep inside of me. I faked that I had a simultaneous orgasm and I could hear his satisfied chuckle as he heard my apparent pleasure.

This does not mean that all is lost so however that as men can take several steps to improve and restore their semen production levels to those similar, or even better, than when they were teenagers. Some doctors say that the problem of male infertility is complex than female infertility problem. Men with low semen production volume are hard to treat so there are many products available in the market, which are made for men to increase their natural semen production volume and sperm count. Men can decide among these products, which is best to increase sperm count as well as semen production volume. However, choosing herbal products for increasing sperm count and semen production volume proves more useful than other chemical products, as the side effects are less. It is observed in males that they have less sperm count due to number of factors to the s tress and anxiety is among these factors for low sperm count among men. It causes infertility among women who receive low sperm count so if the causes of low sperm count are psychological and then these can be treated with proper psychotherapy techniques or relaxation techniques.

They were just flashes as I passed. I didn’t dare stand and watch, but the effect was to provide nights of steady wanking. She also took to going braless in the evening with careless buttoning to make it excruciating yet delicious to view surreptitiously. “Well Ian, can you explain this? “Er Mum not really, what can I say? “How did you get it? “Actually Ian, for porn it’s quite good. You should learn a lot from it. But you are a bit on the young side for this aren’t you? I was astonished at her change of tone toward me and managed a slight smile. “Come here and stop looking so scared. I know what it’s like at your age.” She then held me close to her hugging me against her braless breasts to reassure me she wasn’t mad at me. She even gave my bum a little squeeze which got me going at the front. She felt it I was sure. Then on a completely different tack she referred to our holiday and said how lovely it was that morning just ourselves on the deck. “You just loved looking at me didn’t you Ian?

Mary may be shy, but she was bright. She knew why Virginia had nodded for her to do the spanking. Pointing, “Over there against the couch.” Mary walked over, now ignoring her own nakedness, and helped her sobbing mother to kneel facing the crowd. David’s mom came over and handed Mary a light cord from the wall coverings. It would take many strikes for the cord to harm the middle-aged woman’s buttocks. The current drama was more for effect than to harm. Mary’s shaking hand lifted her mom’s loose skirt up over her ass and lay it upon her back. Mrs. Wilson hadn’t worn any underwear last night, in her frantic obsession to enjoy the scent she had only used infrequently. She now wished she had. David’s mom. The youth, knowing who was in control in the room smiled as she complied. Jill sat before her mom and held the others hands firmly.