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Date: December 4, 2019

She made me feel…what? I realized that I didn’t know how I felt. All I knew is that I’d never met a girl like Rachel before. Dinner was hotdogs and chips, and Rachel and I ate in relative silence, but she acted like nothing had happened, and I was extremely grateful that she didn’t mention the incident again. After dinner, there was an awkward few minutes where neither of us was sure what to do or say. Finally, Rachel suggested we watch a movie. I agreed, and went to turn on the TV while she threw some popcorn in the microwave. She came into the den with a big plastic bowl full of it, and sat down on the couch. I sat on the love seat. “Aww, I thought you were going to share this with me,” she said, mock disappointment in her voice. I reluctantly got up and went to sit on the opposite end of the couch. She frowned at me. “Gee, thanks. Why are you sitting way down there? Did I forget to put on deodorant or something?

Heheee, OHH Jen, your fingers are too much at this time in the morning…WOOOOOOO;Christ, you are filling my poor bum. I had inserted a small butt-plug into her anus, and replaced the thin fabric between her cheeks, stood up pulling her hem back into place. I explained to her what a butt-plug was, and that she was lucky that I hadn’t chosen a larger one for our day out. “GOD, Jenni, it is in view on either side of the ‘string’ of your thong. I hope mine isn’t. She smiled broadly at me and confided in me “I know. I noticed when turning around and checking myself in the mirror. It is quite naughty if the fabric is stretched across my bum or I bend down. You can even see my suspender straps. Naughty Alison” she laughed, “OK, my poor anus is getting used to its invader, so, are you ready to shock St. Tropez, Jenni? Locking my front door, and walking to my car, I was amazed at how brazen Alison had become in a few short days.

Was there going to be a next time? I went back to my bathroom to clean up. I ran the bath instead of the shower. Climbing in the warm sudsy water I relaxed. I leaned back and closed my eyes. I felt great but realized I hadn’t had an orgasm during the actually sex with my dog. I guess I was too preoccupied with the logistics and the new feelings. As I lay there I rubbed my lower tummy. I knew his doggie sperm was in there, well past my cervix, way up inside my tubes. I was ovulating so I knew there was a good chance my egg was there too. Logic told me that his sperm was bouncing off my egg trying to get it. That was a fact, I knew that was actually happening. Nature probably wouldn’t let one of his sperm penetrate my egg, or if it did it wouldn’t split and develop or implant. I had already made the decision that we would try it again. I was not sure when, but I wanted to cum myself the next time on his dog cock. Maybe the next time I ovulate.

Shaking her head in amazement, and with drool flowing out of her wide open mouth, she had to admit to herself that she had never before realized how easy she really was. In fact, she was also discovering that she rather liked being easy, and knew that being easy would be good for her son-in-law’s business. Retrieving her purple bikini panties, she used them to wipe all of their cum off of her face, then she put them back on. Then she pulled her purple dress on over her wet, sticky body, fixed her hair, and put on a layer of fresh lipstick to replace the one that she had left smeared all over the back of the urinal. As she reached for her purse Pablo stopped her and said, “We want you to give our cocks a nice, juicy, French kiss, goodbye mouthing before you go. Sighing that a woman’s work was never done, she obediently sat down on the seat then, one by one, they moved in front of her face and put their flaccid cocks in her mouth, laying them on her wet tongue.

I sucked on it passionately even though this was the very first time I ever sucked on his cock. He immediately put his hands onto my head and let out a few moans. I was making him feel all too good, it was like he was spoiled by me, I would actually have sex with him, even though he was my brother. I got his cock insanely wet right away and I started going faster and faster back and forth. I knew he always had a soft spot for blow jobs, and I really wanted to blow him so it was win win really. I was slowly breathing through my nose trying to make sure I didn’t lose my cool and have to take a break. “Oh yes sis, suck on my cock as if it’s the last thing you do, I wanna cum a river and I want you to see it, Jerry said.

As my wife went to go get her shots, I loaded up the porn on the TV. Some simple amateur porn should be good start off with. My cock was already hard now and my heart was racing a little. I was excited for this. I found a video that looked good and loaded it up. It featured a brunette with a pretty little face and an average bust. Her ass is what really shined. The male was muscular but not huge. He had an athletic frame and what looked like to be a seven inch dick. His girth wasn’t too bad either and looked like he was large enough to give some serious pleasure to a woman. I took my clothes off and just as my underwear my wife entered the room with her shots. She had already taken the liberty of undressing herself on her way to get the drinks.

I saw Jake look a little shocked. After a few seconds I felt awkward and removed my hand again. Before long, Jake slipped his hand in to his pants again, removing it again after a few seconds. We both repeated it over and over, more and more often, until we were both just sitting with our hands in our pants. Jake, without taking eyes off the TV. Jake had gone off home early the day before when we’d been watching the tape and today he was going even earlier. It was becoming obvious to me why he kept having to leave. The question just came out. Jake laughed in embarrassment. We both burst out laughing. I laughed at him. We both laughed some more. I suggested, half jokingly. I’d shocked myself again. The words just came out. I made out like I was just joking, which I kind of was, but I could tell he knew I was half serious. He just laughed awkwardly.

Danny was now turned on by this idea, and he started to thrust into her cunt harder. Which caused her to moan out louder? He gave her one almighty thrust and she came all over his cock. Danny was still on top of his mother and his cock was still buried in her cunt. He then said to her. “What would you do for me if I allow you to go out with them? Joan was watching everything intently, she was laid on her side by Danny and she was stroking his ass as he pounded in and out of his mother’s cunt. Diane just looked into her son’s eyes for a few moments. She then closed her eyes quickly and thought for a few seconds. She then opened her eyes and looked at him intently. She then said to him. “If you allow me to go out with them I will do the dog sex thing for you. But I will only do it one time. Do we have a deal? Danny now kissed his mother passionately forcing his tongue down her throat. Diane responded to her son’s kisses, after they had finished kissing. Danny said to her. Danny now rolled off his mother and his cock came out of her pussy with a loud popping sound. He now laid on his back smiling to himself with a contented look on his face. Joan now gave Danny a little smile and a crafty wink. She then positioned herself in-between Diane’s still wide open legs and she then started to eat out her pussy. Joan loved the taste of pussy juice and spunk mixed together. Diane now had two further orgasms as Joan ate out her pussy. Once Joan had finished eating out Diane’s pussy. Diane smiled at them both and then said to them.

We decide that once a month we would have one night out by ourselves….or… with our girlfriend. Him or with his buddy’s would do the same. We would PRETEND to have had a sexual affair, NO LIMITS… we agreed. We would come home and tell in detail how it was. It was great and he and I described in detail how we snuck out in a car, behind a building, in a back room or wherever and had hot sex. I fucked his brothers, his dad, his boss and men he knew. He fucked our daughters, my mom, my sisters and just strangers too. He might fuck the lady next door, and I might fuck the mail man, or pizza delivery boy. We didn’t tell anyone about our game. These stories made us very hot and we always had great sex afterwards. ….One night I went first, telling how I had just came from a 7 man gang bang. I said “You were there too dear, I recognized you behind that mask. You were the best fuck of all.