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Date: December 4, 2019

He just looked me in the eye, smiled, and pushed the head in. As he sat there letting my ass get used to the first cock to penetrate it, he explained that he hated condoms and certainly wouldn’t use one on a bitch like me. Besides, he said, I would love the feeling of his cum hitting the walls of my anal cavity! After a minute he began working his cock inside of me. Inch by inch I felt my ass being filled. I had never been stretched open this much. I was watching the entire thing, from the moment of penetration to the slow disappearing of his large cock. He would push in, then pull out, and then push back in. Each new thrust pushed his dick another inch farther inside of me. When he was just half way in I thought he couldn’t go any further. But he kept pushing until he had all 9 inches inside of me! I felt like I was being split in two, and I loved it!

Kneeling before her mother, she put her hands between her legs and raised them up towards her vulva. Pressing her hands outwards as she did so made Brenda open her thighs thus enabling Carol to lean forwards and smell her. Brenda was totally unresisting, and when Carol then asked her to sit and hook her legs over the arms of the seat so that her thighs were wide apart, Brenda knew she was going to climax yet again. As soon as Carol has her in the position that she wanted she pressed her face against Brenda’s vulva and inserting her tongue as far she could. Brenda tried to concentrate on telling Carol about the day’s events but the treatment her daughter was giving her made it impossible. She gave up and pulled Carol’s face hard against her soaking sex. Thirty minutes later Brenda was on her back on Carol’s bed with Carol above her, stroking and kissing her breasts, her stomach and her labia before pressing her sex over Brenda’s mouth. What they didn’t know was that although the first part of the girl’s plan had proved to be very effective, the timescale had shortened considerably.

Sarah lay on her back and stretched contentedly, her arms reached far above her head stretching the muscles in her shoulders that had tightened as she supported herself during Dr. Henry’s doggie style assault on her asshole. She briefly contemplated what had just happened and realized she had enjoyed herself. She had just had anal sex with her Doctor, and while it certainly wasn’t as satisfying as regular sex, but she felt content knowing she derived some pleasure from an act that had previously been ugly and repulsive to her. Doctor Henry was right. He had told her that she had never had anyone fuck her ass properly and now that threshold had been passed. Her mind was spinning with all that had happened to her in just this one evening. What else could she experience? Just as that thought was fading, Laura walked over to the bed and sat down next to her. “Sarah, that was awesome! How do you feel? “I think I liked it, Laura. It felt strange, but Dr. Henry was very good at not forcing anything and I think that is what I was frightened of.

As she calmly sat or laid on the bed and watched both dogs aggressively posturing for dominance. Though neither dog was being vicious. Being animals anything could happen. But occasionally Katie did show some nervousness when the two really got into it. Sometimes I saw her cowered a bit and looked like she wanted to get out of there. But she never went that far. But despite the aggressive displays of dominance. A lot of exciting sexual interactions took place between the three of them. But as before. I clearly saw a particular pattern emerge. Rogue although physically submissive to Rotty. Was clearly more sexually dominant towards Katie. Rogue and Katie actually had a very sexually charged relationship. Rogue literally lusted after Katie. Rogue would lovingly lick Katie’s body, literally tasting her skin. Licking her body as a show of affection. As if trying to woe her to mate with him. Knowing Katie preferred sex with Rogue.

After which he quite confidently made the comment he could be quite daring if given the chance? So, I had asked the restaurant to make sure and send him on this particular morning, and that I was entertaining a friend that might require his services for several hrs! Then after giving him my order, asked if he would be so daring as to deliver breakfast to my apartment, and would he mind serving two naked ladies? His answer was, you mean come inside, watch pour coffee, juice and cater to your every need? With you and your friend wearing nothing? He had asked in astonished disbelief ? I said yes, my girlfriend is here visiting from the States, and I want to play several dirty trick and have some naughty fun at her expense! Going on to say quite seductively, you do want to be part of our kinky naked breakfast don’t you Wesley? The young man, still not quite sure what I had asked of him, said if it was indeed true he would very much like to deliver and cater to our needs, making no mention of breakfast!

And (the ultimate argument terminator) she is turning you on by talking about sex this way, let’s go to bed. I’m not sure that got the point, Gina. I don’t see her with stretch marks or saggy breasts, that’s the way that wives often see themselves. I see her as the wife of my youth. She would definitely be attractive to any man, younger or not. That is why I do make love to her many times a week and keep her happy. Those pictures of young girls remind me of how to see her. As young, hot, and beautiful – which she is. That erotic arousal that she benefits from is fed by porn. She knows this now, which is why I wrote this article, in order to teach men how to help their wives come to the appropriate way of thinking about eros. Have you ever even thought about your wife may be thinking? You seem to be the typical male who wants more and more. Do you think she wanted sagging breasts and stretch marks? Make love to her and keep her happy instead of dreaming about young porn girls. She might be attractive enough for a younger man.

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Soon he heard cars starting up and he was able to retrieve his father’s camera and download that as well. More great shots, this time of the pastor’s cute daughter with some jock’s rod in her mouth and cum oozing from her cunt. “Who would imagine cute 14 year old Suzie, the pastor’s daughter, doing that? He heard Julie’s door close and spent a lot of time editing and shuffling files on his computer. After an hour he figured Julie would be asleep and went into her bedroom and picked up her camera. He looked at her sleeping body covered by a sheet and thought that the sheet wouldn’t be needed much in the future. More computer work and then he returned Julie’s camera into her room. It was late. Jimmy thought about all those gorgeous girls’ bodies in all those wild exposed positions. All those jocks’ cocks in all those mouths and cunts. He got a hard and started to have a wank and until he realized that that he needed all his ammunition for tomorrow.

He watched her go. Abby was fun to talk to. She was into the same nerdy stuff he was and he knew that she liked him. But he just wasn’t very attracted to her. She seemed too much like a little sister, or a guy friend. He admitted to himself that her petite, curveless frame didn’t help either. It was later that night that he decided he needed to put the sensuous Betsy out of his mind. Maybe he would ask Abby out. He had to settle at some point. It was time his expectations shrank. Unfortunately, the morning had other plans. Brian woke up groggier than usual. He’d slept in far longer than he wanted too but, hey, it was Saturday. He blinked a few times and tried to remember his dreams. Something to do with other dimensions, one about a forest. Eventually he convinced himself to get out of bed and into the shower.