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Date: December 4, 2019

Her hair is straggly and damp from perspiration; her body slick and clammy. Wetting her hair, he lathers an orange-ginger spiced shampoo into the tangles. His fingers massage the rejuvenating spices deeply into her scalp, her head totally supported by him. Warm water cascades down her face and rolls off her large breasts as he rinses the shampoo and then works a deep conditioner into the strands. Reaching for the soft porous coral sponge, he works the spicy soap into froth and tenderly washes her face. Using small circular motions, he continues until her face is slathered and then moves to her neck, spreading the suds to her throat and shoulders. Eyes closed and relaxed from the shampoo and facial cleaning, her body goes lax. Lifting each over-ripe melon, he carefully and methodically soaps her breasts, supporting them as the sponge covers each with the suds. Lifting her arm, he navigates the length working his way to her wrist, her palm, and then between each individual finger before drifting up to her arm pit, constantly using tiny circular motions. Urging her forward, he washes her neck and upper back before finishing with her other arm.

That started when I was younger. She always smelled good, her hair was a sexy blondish color and always draped over one side of her face. She had flawless skin, perfect lips and eyebrows. The way she stood, always a sly looking smile. Her eyes sparkled and she was always adjusting her bra and clothes. She was only a little older that me, but I sure as hell didn’t care about that. …. At family gatherings she liked to lean against me and put her arm around me in some way. It seemed she always sat by me, touching hips or legs. A teen boys ego was sure she had sexual desires for me…at least in my dreams. As I got older my attraction for her grew and I hoped… so did hers. I wondered if it was just wishful thinking. She lived close by with her boyfriend, and yet she still flirted with me all the time. …. One day when she came over and we were alone.

3,000 years ago, Indians of Central America poured molten chocolate from one pot to another to create bitter drink with a froth on top, the part they liked best. Spanish conquistadores and missionaries took the beverage back to Europe, where it became fashionable with the aristocracy, who added sugar to it. For a “pulse” on 21st Century chocolate, there’s no better place to go than the annual Fancy Foods Show. This year, the chocolate beverage of choice was a hot chocolate reminiscent of the “nectar of the gods” preferred by the Mayans and Aztecs. The steamy treat is made with a high-cocoa-content dark chocolate and (in response to the low-carb craze, no doubt) less sugar. How does this cocoa fit in with romance? When it comes to sex, every forty years seems to signal the arrival of a new wave of permissiveness and freedom. Tough times in the 30’s and 40’s put an end to the jazz babies, and gave birth to the tough, no-nonsense, almost asexual Rosie the Riveters who didn’t have time for pleasures of the flesh.

We really became comfortable with one another and before lunch was over we were already committed to dinner that evening then instead of parting after lunch we decided to spend the rest of the day together until dinner. I’m thinking that this is great, she is pretty, pleasant and easy to talk to and each of us were being just a little flirtatious and both being receptive this was really working out. I wanted to that’s for sure but I was really intrigued by her as well. It was all for the same reasons I have heard from many younger woman that I have talked to before. Was she stroking my ego, maybe, but again I have heard the same thing from many young woman but it is still heartening to hear it every time. As we sat on the beach we talked a bit more openly about our experiences, expectations and curiosities about each other, the flirtation was steadily reaching another level as well.

“And that’s all you’re good for? You like to be used… don’t you? “You want to cum? ” I nodded, agreeing with the voice, closing my eyes in all the pleasure I felt my hair tugged back and instead of startling me it only made me wetter. “Cum for me slut. Cum for your master…” And with those words my fingers pushed harder and the vibrations seemed to get stronger and I felt myself shake with one of the most violent orgasms I’d ever had. I panted, trying to catch my breath and slowly things started to come down. What… what was I doing? Had I… did I hear voices? I glanced around the empty room, knowing how ridiculous it was. That was so… unlike me. Speaking aloud, and two toys at once? In front of the mirror? As I glanced at myself, body sweaty and my hair all tangled I couldn’t deny how much I’d enjoyed it. I glanced at my alarm clock. It was only 5 a.m. Why the heck was I awake so early? Again my eyes strayed to the mirror and I wondered how I’d gotten so vain so fast? My face was flushed, and I noticed with a distance fascination that one of my fingers was still trailing around my clit. What the heck was happening to me? So, that was part one, and as you can expect things will likely escalate from here. Please let me know your thoughts and if you’d be interested in a part 2!

Dianne slowly slipped down over Jessie’s aroused body onto her knees between her spread thighs. With her finger caressing the clasping opening, her suckling mouth neared Jessie’s throbbing clitoris. Jessie felt Dianne’s warm breath bathe her sex, her breathing came in deep gasps and pants in anticipation. Dianne’s tongue slipped out from her open mouth and curled around the rigid organ. Jessie wailed at the ecstatic contact. She arched upward off the bed and her hands grasped Dianne’s head, pulling the sucking mouth further onto her erect clitoris. Only Dianne’s firm grip on her hip prevented Jessie’s twisting body from breaking the ecstatic contact. While Dianne’s loving tongue suckled and caressed Jessie’s clitoris, Dianne nudged two fingers into Jessie’s eager entrance. They slipped inward twisting and turning. Jessie gasped and panted, her hips bucked and thrust as Dianne pushed her body into a sexual frenzy. Dianne slipped a third finger into Jessie’s clenching vaginal sheath.

The fact that it openly displayed my breasts and crotch wasn’t special. By the time the the party got going, every girl there was flashing a naked pussy. About half the girls there weren’t even bothering with costumes other than their birthday suits. Before the age of AIDs, say in the late seventies this would have probably been an orgy. My generation, however, has to find other ways to be exotic, since no girl with any smarts is willing to let a bunch of strangers fuck her at a party. The costume I’m describing is kind of shaped like a skimpy one piece bathing suit with the middle removed. The plunging “V” neckline goes all the way down through my crotch and back up my fanny. What’s left doesn’t even cover my nipples. The point of any teaser is to emphasize what it doesn’t cover. This one encourages a man, when he looks at me, to scan all the way down to my pussy lips.

Then the biggest cock I’ve ever seen was right in front of my face. Even completely soft this guy’s cock dangled down his inner thigh. I thought, “Oh My fucking god. There is no way! “Suck it.” He says. And I did. I locked my mouth onto that thing with a vengeance. He slammed it down my throat on more than one occasion and told me that if I ever wanted to fuck it, I was gonna have to manhandle it. I still giggle at that thought. It was quite funny. But I am a bratty little bitch like that. He goes, “Whoa Girl. No teeth.” I was a good girl, after that, but my bruised tonsils got some revenge, so I felt a bit better about being used. Certainly did not stop the next guy from shoving his cock down my tonsils. Although most of them just collided violently with them.

I hadn’t expected I would get a feeling like this. Our hands went crazy feeling us…..I wanted to just stay with his cock still shooting the last shots of cum in me. I was so dizzy as I saw nothing but steamed up windows in my van. Our moans finally died down and it was quiet except for our breathing. That was the best sex I can ever remember! I wanted you way back when and I just knew, we’d have great sex, even then. I’m so lucky….running into you like this. We’re going to do a lot more things now, to make up for all the time we didn’t, in the past….man, what a wild girl you are Becky“….. …..I realized I had orgasmed while telling my secret story. Gina had too, as she lay back in her chair smiling. We were both real spent. Gina said, out of breath, “Oh damn Becky!