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Date: December 4, 2019

Diane swallowed and nodded, for refusal was far from her mind. With a wondering expression on her face, she reached out and peeled my tight panties down my legs, gazing with reverence at the trim teenage mound that came into view. When my mother’s lover had tugged my panties down below my knees, I took hold of them again and whisked them the rest of the way to the floor, stepped out of them and kicked them aside. Next, I knelt down on the floor for a second, reached into the black cardboard box, and then rose with supple youthful grace to my feet – with the strap-on harness and dildo triumphantly clutched in my right hand! ‘This is mine now! ’ I declared, with a rasp in my voice; ‘you can get another one for Mom tomorrow – I’m having this, and I’m having YOU! Diane gave a little whimper, but made no other protest.

It was wonderful to be inside a woman with the pressure of another cock against mine as she came and came and came, until finally she was spent and so was Brian, he’d been Cumming as she did. Sally said that was what she wanted for her birthday treat. She got an early birthday present two days later! I came across Sally reaching up to a bookshelf to take a book down. She was barefooted, standing on tiptoes and stretching for the book, the hem of her, already short, skirt was half way up her buttocks and she was most definitely not wearing anything under that skirt. I released the other breast and then spread her soft bottom and inserted my offering into her back door. Once I was comfortably inside her, I returned my hands to her breasts. She would never wear that blouse again because I wanted to feel flesh and I already knew that there was no bra’ under the blouse and the buttons offered no resistance when I pulled.

I stammered, and quickly stuffed my proud five inches of hard dick back in my pants. It wasn’t happy, but I felt safer. I turned my head enough to check out the intruder – an old (to me) black man, probably 50ish, and a bit bedraggled. He had a big grin, and repeated his offer to “help” me get release. I was a bit scared, and at the first break in the on-screen action, I headed for the aisle and left the theater. Moving along in the late morning sunlight on the crowded sidewalk, I felt like a king again. In this part of town the streets were lined with adult book stores, bars and lots of people. I moved slowly along, taking in the sights, and still very horny. Then, I heard that deep voice again. I replied, after a brief hesitation. But the voice persisted. I had to admit that she didn’t.

I slid my rock hard cock into her pussy as hard as I could to pop her cherry, she screamed in pain, and for some reason that made me fuck her harder and as deep as I could. Soon her screams of pain turned into soft moans of pure pleasure caused by my six and a half inch dick inside of her tight, un- ventured pussy. When it felt like I was going to cum I pulled out of her and laid down on the wood floor, she climbed off the desk, and grabed my cock and shoved it deep into her pussy. She put her hands on my shoulder and grinded me for all we were worth! About three minutes after that her finger nails dug deep into my shoulders and her head flew back, and it felt like her pussy tunnel was trying to swallow my dick. She was having an orgasm, her first one too. The tight grip her pussy was having on my cock, and the flow of pussy juices made my orgasm speed up by about 10x! I shot my hot, sticky cum deep into her pussy and she moaned even louder, and fell on top of me. We laid like that for about five minutes, until she sat up, and pulled my penis out of her. I love u so much and I always will for ever and ever! ” Mindy gave me another fantastic kiss, then we both ran naked through the rain, into the house where we showered together, dried the other one off , and went to bed happy. The next morning I feared that somehow we would get caught, but we never did, and to this day we both grew up got married, and never told a sole about our rainy day experience!

He liked cumming his mother’s body – either in her womb or her rectum – but it was just as much fun to unload on her body too, especially her pretty face. Jake whipped his iron-bar of a dick from his mother’s guts and got up. Debbie turned and sat on the sofa, leaning forwards, head tilted back with her eyes shut and her mouth open. Jake stood before her, pumping his prick in his fist. His fist a blur, Jake jerked himself off all over his mother’s face. With a long and satisfied sigh the teenager unloaded his sperm, obscenely thick and ropy wads of cream exploding from his cock and lashing over his mother’s face. It seemed like a never ending flow. Jake groaned as his cock blasted this big wad of jism onto his mother’s face which was already drenched with thick sperm. Finally it was over.

Rachel broke away from her victim moving on to Adam after she changed washcloths giving him a fresh rubdown. Beginning with his face she washed him thoroughly; ending up on his raging cock she wiped him down quickly then sucked his cock into the back of her throat. Becky, having kept her cool, released Eddie and slipped under Rachel’s hips pulling the hot box down onto her tongue. That was enough to trigger the melee. Charlie jumped right on Becky jamming his tongue into her open box. Donnie attacked Becky too sucking one tit into his mouth and wrapping his hand around the other. Ben and Eddie were a little slower but arranged themselves on either side of the girls and got Becky to grab their cocks while they played with Rachel’s butt and tits. Dan watched as the pile of bodies wiggled and giggled around on his monitor, stroking his hard cock wishing that Becky was with him. He had not encouraged her to join the kids but he was powerless to stop her once she decided to go.

I mean I want to in the worst way but what about mom and Jen. Don’t worry baby. Your mother is very busy and won’t be bothering us for a long time. He then pulled off his suit so that both of them were in bed naked. She had seen a couple of cock before but not one as big as her fathers. She reach out her hand and started to stroke it. He could not believe what a slut his daughter could be. He loved it. “Sure baby, I’ll teach you how to suck and deep throat my cock.” He could tell she was still new a sucking cock but had some practice. After some instruction she started to take it further down each time. Damn she was a quick learner. It did not take long before she was able to suck down all of his cock. He could feel the head of his cock moving in and out of her throat.

And while it was slim it didn’t have the strength he desires. That made sense in a way. A race in perpetual slavery and the mindset to match would look the part presumably. And the same breast size restriction seemed to apply to the male as well. But he couldn’t really be sure because the male wasn’t hard. Time for a test, john thought. He imaged what he wanted to happen. Pressing a strong will power against the reality he was in. The same opening appeared the column as the last two and the elf stepped out. John sat down in the chair, still naked himself. The elf stepped up to within a couple feet and began to stroke himself. The elf slowly began to harden and show his size. The max that would go was probably about 8 inches with moderate girth. Bigger than himself john thought but it did keep a pleasant ratio with the rest of the body. Not what he wanted to be. He wanted to be more rugged, to show some strength more appropriately. John left the elf standing there holding his own hard cock and stood in front of the human male. Going through the edit process John settled on a form he liked very much.

When I had fantasies, I was the female being ravished by one or more very male studs. But being the male in real life was still much better than not having sex. I often wondered if I would like a homosexual relationship. But I was never tempted to find out. I could fantasize about being a sweet young girl having her pretty ass reamed. But I didn’t think I wanted anything to do with a man who’d find my hairy old ass attractive. And I didn’t feel any temptation myself to fuck other men, even young attractive ones. Toward the end of the twentieth century they had developed sex change operations, with some interest in the male to female direction. I never heard much about women being given artificial penises, but the creation of an artificial vagina was practiced. Breasts were relatively simple. Give a guy girl hormones and “she” grows breasts, functional ones. With about the same prep as a regular woman who hasn’t had a baby, these breasts can be made to lactate.