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I would have to tell Ean the truth. He was locked in a gaze with Montana. They stared into each other’s eyes, her hand still around his neck. They both were smiling hugely and then they turned to me. The buck naked girl sitting on the cock. The fourteen year old girl who was probably just about to get pregnant. Trust Ean. He said to do anything and he would fix my mistakes. I was fourteen. I wanted to take responsibility for my actions so badly but it was so much easier to trust Ean. If I did get pregnant, it would be his. I had to trust him. It was the easiest way. I had to suppress everything, hope for the best and if it was the worst, then I would cry and ask for forgiveness. I was fourteen. Just a little girl. I smiled to them and gently fell forward to my brother’s chest. Bentlee seemed to still be asleep. I couldn’t hear her breathing over Ean, Montana, and I’s but there was no screaming and taunting. She was asleep then. All three of our heads were less than a foot apart in a triangle, all eyeing each other before letting out hushed giggles or laughs. I pushed the feeling inside me down and only focused on us three. As the penis deep inside me slowly shrank, I knew that everything just had to work out. It had to. I didn’t want to think of any alternatives. Montana looked deep into my eyes smiling. I looked back into hers. They were so pretty, she was so pretty.

With all these girls, there are pictures and videos galore. Kelly, in the meantime, has regained her reputation. One evening her throat finally opened up enough; and down Dick’s dick went. She couldn’t have been happier. To her, it was her greatest accomplishment in life. Richard congratulated her with dinner at one of Chicago’s finest restaurants; and later a fancy hotel. Ironically, it was while they were in a 69 position that Kelly swallowed him down. I guess it was the perfect angle for her throat, and with Richard chowing down on her pussy, that finally got her there. Richard has been regularly feasting on Kelly’s pussy, in the meanwhile. He’d be a happy, happy man even if it wasn’t for all the cash that he is pulling in. He’s actually exceeding his monthly paycheck at work. As the months go by, the word is finally spreading around about the size of his cock. It’s getting harder to find girls who want to give it a try. 750, trying to recruit more girls.

My step father works and he takes care of the bills and mum cooks. I always thought the ladies did everyrhing. But i guess not. Soon my cock softend up and i sighed in relief and moved back over to the bed. I mean i could of jacked off with maybe one of Blake’s shirts but that would of been weird if he walked in on me. Plus i never done that beforwle, so it would be embarresing. I laid there on my back, looking up at the celilng. Well i liked it over here. It was peaceful and quiet. Finally. At home it was full of me and Gabe fighting all the times. I mean thats what brothers do. At least its words, and not fists. I looked around tue room. Blake had a nice organized room. Posters of bands were up everywhere. His bed i knew could possibly fit two. His floor was covered with black carpeting. He had a desk with a computer in the corner of the room. I opened up the laptop. Strange, it didnt need a password.

This time when I leaned down, she did exactly what Allysa did, she opened her mouth wide and she stuck her tongue out until she had it rested on her chin. And as I slipped my tongue into her little mouth, she pulled her tongue back into hers, licking the corner of my mouth as she did. She moaned and pulled my hand off of her boob and led it to her pussy, all while Allysa took pictures. She and I both moaned into each other’s mouths once I felt her soaking wet little slit. She started to stroke me through my sheer silky boxer briefs as I stroked her little slit through her sheer silky panties. We licked the insides of each other’s mouths and swirled our tongues together just like her mom and I did regularly. “I’m so much closer to saying yes.” I sighed after we broke the kiss.

The wanton look on her face boosted his confidence, she really wanted them to go all the way. They ended in a close hug while still standing and he could feel his stiffness pressed towards her nude skin. Suddenly she wrapped her legs around him, trying to align his cock with her pussy. He did not slide inside her, but felt the wetness of her pussy as she grinded her hips towards his member. The sensation was marvelous, but Robin was unprepared for the added weight and stumbled forward even with her partly leaning towards the door post. They hit the bedroom floor with a bang, and Robin cringed on how his full weight slammed her body to the floor. Lisa did not seem to notice, without any moments of hesitation she again pulled him towards her and this time he ended with cock touching her sex in slightly better angle. Robin marveled at the moans of lust from her as he entered her sex, probing her inside to get deeper and deeper inside.

Still in her sleep she moved closer to him and wrapped her arms around him. It was damn close to foreplay as she asleep grinding her body slowly towards his body. Robin tried to get free himself without waking her, but every distance he gained was soon lost as she crawled closer. Finally he gave up and just tried to sleep with her arms wrapped around him. Sleep came, but halfway falling to sleep he realized he was dreaming, Somehow he knew it was a dream, but it felt weirdly real even through the dream happened at a location he never had seen before. In the dream he was in an ancient looking hallway. Actually it looked like some kind of medieval castle from a movie. In the middle of the room Lisa sat on the floor wearing a white ankle length gown. Lisa looked around confused like she didn’t know where she was, then they heard laughter from one of the big doors at the far side of the room.

We went back into the cage and as she watched, I unclipped the sling from the cords and replaced them with fur-covered straps. Using the remote in its various modes I rolled the shoulder straps winch backwards and the hips belt winch forwards and upwards until I was once again able to spear Alice’s vagina with my erection. Once I was deep inside her, I raised her shoulders until she was at an angle of approximately 450 and then played with her tits and nipples as I gently fucked her. “Oh I do like this, it’s bloody sensational. Faster Alan, please go faster and harder. This is good, oohh this is so fucking good. I unplugged me from her and picked a pair of soft handcuffs from a hook and handcuffed her hands behind her back and then resumed my position and began to fuck her again. Using my hands to push against her breasts I started a pendulum motion so that all I had to do was stand there as she slid up and down my cock and fucked herself.

An inch wide support strap was then attached across his back. Two leather loops were pulled over his feet and up to his knees. These were attached to the shoulder loops and adjusted so his bent legs were pulled back toward his hips and spread apart. His wrists were not secured to the thigh loops. Andre reached in and lifted Tyler’s Testicles and penis. Andre and the men backed away and Tyler looked with pleading eyes at the smiling villagers in front of him. A sinking feeling filled his mind when he saw Andre looking at him and then nodded his head at the two men. Another rope was attached to the thick leather strap that supported Tyler’s back and it was pulled over the top of the tripod. Tyler felt himself being put in a forward, reclining position. The rope was then tied to one of the structure’s supporting posts, holding firmly in that position. He lifted his head and looked toward his audience.