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Date: December 2, 2019

His cock stood 14 centimeters out from a tuft of golden pubic hairs. Goldicock stroked his cock hard and slow at first, but gradually started wanking it faster and faster. When Goldicock turned a page and saw a centerfold with an unusually sexy hunk across it, his cock turned bright red and some precum came out of it, dripping on the magazine. But Goldicock did not want to come just yet, so he stood up and wondered what else he could find in the house. While stroking his cock, Goldicock walked into the next room which was a bed-chamber with three beds and three bureaus in it. Goldicock went to the biggest bureau and pulled out the top drawer. In it were various pairs of underwear, and also a pair of jockstraps. Goldicock took all of his clothes off and tried the jockstrap on, but it was way too big for him, so he stepped out of it and opened the top drawer from the second bureau.

Ron lunged at her neck, kissing and biting away as he picked up some pace. His hands reached out, one for her clit and one for her nipples. Working furiously on both of them her could hear Hermione begin to pant. Oh that’s its. That’s amazing’ She cried out ‘Don’t stop..Nearly.. Ron felt her pussy clamp around his cock as he carried on thrusting into her. She reached out and with her arms and legs pulling him closer to her as tightly as she could. She was still panting in his ear as his thrusts carried her orgasm for longer. The added lubrication from Hermione’s juices, as well as her pussy tightening as she came had got Ron close to his end so he pulled out. On your knee’s Hermione’ he ordered as she gladly obeyed. He began to stroke his cock quickly, pointing it towards her face for his big finish.

On her other bathroom adventures, the magic had stopped here, but with her recent growth she could finally implement her last idea. She flipped through her spellbook until she saw a flash of scrawled ink. She’d found the spell in an old volume at Betsy’s place one lazy summer afternoon and quickly scribbled it down. “Petulans corpore separata.” She uttered it in anticipation. A strong magical pull drew energy to her hands before she stretched her fingers and let it fly. Her knees weakened at the release. Green and purple circles of energy made a miniature tornado around her body and then constricted until they went into her. It tickled, and she coughed into her elbow to replace a laugh. Wow, that had taken a lot out of her. She felt depleted. Luckily, she was about to top right back up on Lust energy. She turned her head and peeked down over her shoulder. She saw two hearty, pale hills with a valley in the middle.

Heat expanded from her hooded nub as she touched herself. She wondered if the creature noticed her nails, coincidentally painted with little horned devil faces. In seconds, there was a virtual horse cock above her. The little member had turned into a purple, veiny, monstrosity. “Holy shit,” she mouthed. The creature reached down and pinched each of her brown nipples. Electric rippled out from the contact. It was using magic on her. Her hands went up to cover her tits and squeeze tight to chase the pleasure. The Demon used the opportunity to drop to its haunches, grab her arms, and press them above her head. It beared down on her with its cock in position. Its tits hung above with big, swollen tips as it entered her without hesitation. Its incredibly long tongue lolled out of its mouth and wrapped itself around one of its hard nipples. Sam’s walls stretched to accommodate the girth of the purple rod.

My heart was pounding with excitement and I had a very wet pussy already. I could see Candi all ready for her ploy to make her dad all horny and maybe…..get some sex play from him. Here was daddy in his robe and I handed him my lap top. I was naked of course under the covers and my clit already tingled. He got in position. “Kiss first”, I said. I pulled him down hard over to me but this time let my tongue go wild in his mouth. Oh my god…..he let his tongue return the tongue play. I put the covers over him and threw my leg over him. I rubbed my pussy on his leg and kept going. I ended up on top of him and my pussy felt his big erection. He put the lap top on the floor and put his arms around me. It was pure heaven as I slid my pussy back and forth on his warm cock. His robe was now open and his cock went between my legs. My wetness made it slick as I rubbed my clit on it.

“Thank You, Master” The two boys were stunned again. My master said: “It is not about being a faggot or not, you can have cock sucked before you go home, or not. Josh was the braver of them two, “Do it” he commanded. A new cock to suck. I couldn’t have been happier. I used all my skill from the training I’ve had. It did not last two minutes before he shot a hot load down my throat. I didn’t wait for Peter to say anything, I just went down on him right away. He too didn’t waste any time to give me his cum. Cum always tastes like cum, but I would say every guys load tastes just a little different. After I had swallowed the third load, my master told me to bend over. “You can fuck him in the ass if you want to.” Just a moment later I could feel Josh’s dick pressing against my asshole. He pushed in hard started to fuck me, while my master put his dick back into my mouth.

Her ‘Lover’ never eased up on her breasts, nipples and clitoris. Her orgasmic wave was building higher and higher. Susan’s hips became blurred as they counter thrusted like a pistoning engine. Suddenly her ‘Lover’ lunged inward and froze. Susan could feel the gigantic head enter her cervix and then flex wildly. Her eyes flew wide open and she felt her vagina muscles clamp tightly around the worm’s engorged phallic as it swelled and pulsed. A deep throb in her spasming womanhood was accompanied by an upward surge of the worm’s mass between her legs. She felt an ecstatic flood of a warm, liquid pressure, boil and gush into her cervix and milking passage. Her eyes snapped opened as her body started convulsing with her ecstatic orgasm. The sensations were mind ripping she gasped and moaned, her hips swung madly around the worm’s erupting hardness. The worm quickly withdrew and then bored back into the depths of Susan’s sexual being, its ejaculating member unleashing torrents of hot thick ejaculant. The delicious sensations spread explosively throughout Susan’s ecstatic body. Susan’s orgasmic scream echoed throughout the room. Bright colors swam in her vision as she spasmed and shook. Every cell vibrated with ecstasy. Tears streaked down her face as she shook uncontrollably. It went on and on, as the worm’s thick essence spewed into her clenching vaginal passage. Her ‘Lover’ pulled back and its thick flexing head concentrated on her hyper- excited ‘G’ spot. Susan felt the sensitive tissues explode and her second orgasm melded into her first or orgasm. She drew in deep heaving breaths as her body went into an ecstatic hold. The worm again stroked deeply into her enraged sex. Susan’s orgasmic rail echoed around the bedroom. Will you come back?

She brings her lips to the tip, then slides them back down his shaft. She plays with his nuts, and while doing this she pokes one fingertip up his anus. “Oh…Baby.” he moans. She’s done this a few times before, she’s milking his prostate. She knows he came inside Alyssa, just before she slugged him and sent him falling backwards off the bed. And she knows this will surely make him cum again, this time in her mouth. She wants to make him cum, she wants to swallow his seed. It’s her strange, but satisfying way of apologizing for hitting the man she truly loves. Jack doesn’t speak, feeling her finger shoved up his rectum he begins slowly fucking her mouth. Fingering his hole with the middle finger of her left hand, she uses her right hand to fondle his testicles. His nuts were loose when she first began sucking him, now they’re tight.

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