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In a few moments the worm lifted its head and slipped over to her left breast and paid homage to the eager left nipple. At the same time, the end of the worm curled around her right breast with a pleasurable massaging and kneading action. Mira closed her eyes, cooing and mewing as the worm pushed all the traumatic memories from her mind. The worm’s purring and pulsing thickness slipped away from her breasts and slithered down across her abdomen and onto her inner right thigh. It then slipped inward toward her labia. Its open ‘mouth’ widened and Mira could feel a warm moist breath bathe her labia and then an incredible suckling sensations gripped the folds as the ‘mouth’ moved onto her sex. Internal cilia nubs pushed the folds further apart and Mira gasped in joy as the ‘mouth’ caressed and teased her clasping inner lips. At the top of the ‘mouth’ a small cylinder like tube formed and Mira’s hips bucked and jerked as the ‘throat’ suckled its way onto her engorged clitoris.

We jumped backwards with chills running down our spines, and we had goose bumps that tingled throughout our body. “What the FUCK was that! ” I said, with a look of fright and shaking at the sword. Dana covered her mouth and widened her eyes in shock. We ran back towards the metal door, and it automatically closed and made a clicking sound. We grabbed the handles and pulled with all our might and the door would not open. “Oh shit, we’re fucked! ” I said, while we were pounding and pulling on the door. Suddenly, we heard some noises behind us and turned around. Some of the coffin lids slowly slid open, and we saw some feminine dark blue arms and hands reach out. One by one, several monsters crawled out whom we were unable to identify, but they sort of looked like vampires. They were all females with fangs, dark blue skin, long green hair, red nails, were tall, and had bodies built like goddesses. They were all nude, and had three size J breasts with dark purple nipples that were about the size of pancakes, and hairy jungle-like blue cunts.

She still carried the dreamy smile from her climax. Ronja cringed as Maria’s words about a ghost rapist, but luckily they were not assaulted again by the horny ghost. “We need to leave before we attract the bastards attention again,” Ronja said and instantly regretted that she had called their abuser for a bastard. Luckily there was still no response. “Shall we dare the window again? Ronja shrugged and moved over to the door. Like she had expected the doorknob worked perfectly well now when the ghost was done with them. They hurried outside and moved over towards the exit of the backyard. Halfway to the exit Ronja registered that Maria was stark naked. Every bit of the clothes except the socks and shoes had been shredded. She motioned Maria to hold her step as nodded towards her body. “If you had any worries about too much dildo play might make me consider to have a boyfriend this experience was very sobering,” Maria commented as she hugged herself in discomfort. “How horrible was it?

The weird part is that her mother enabled it. She was regularly left alone with him on weekends! Her mother was a famous slut around town. She just loved to fuck. Like a dope I didn’t realize that “Like mother, like daughter.” After a year I found out that Carol had been fucking her husbands’ best friend. It almost broke up his marriage. That was exactly her mothers’ routine, also. Carol told me that in High School, another girl asked her to keep Carol’s mother away from her father because it was causing a divorce. I read about women that had been molested. Some women become sexualized and follow the pattern for the rest of their life. That is Carol. She has serious needs. I was happy to fulfill them, but after the first year I noticed some changes. Like unexplained absences. And guys’ giving me funny looks at social functions. Or worse, laughing. Carol denied everything. Now it gets weird for me.

She had to invite him to her house so that her revenge to John would succeed. The more she and Steve talked the more suggestive she would try to be. She would try hard to hide her true intentions. They now sat right next to each other and their legs touched. Tingling sensation was sending impulses in between her thighs. Barbara could feel the moisture building up in her white cotton panties as she imagined how another man’s cock would insert itself into her pussy. It wasn’t the looks of Steve, it wasn’t his personality even. What got Barbara more and more excited and aroused was the realization of what she was going to do. She would cheat on her husband with another man, a man she barely knows and her actions would be justified to her. She could feel the hormones rush through her blood in waves, making her feel bad and slutty, and she enjoyed it.

Barb giggled, “ You have no idea how bad I want you in there too, naked and ravishing me……. But you are right……. I promise I’ll make it up to you tomorrow.” she said, then they kissed. A long, good night kiss that lasted a few moments. Then she got out of the car. Josh was going to get out too and walk her to her door, but she told him to stay put, or she was going to pull him inside and do nasty things to him. He just chuckled and said good night. The next morning, Josh got up and did his normal weekend chores. Grass cutting, then clean up the house a bit. A few years back, he had a cleaning service come in and do it. He even got to screw the one lady for a few months, until her husband made her quit, so she could be home more on weekends. Around noon, he got a text message from Barb.

One cool day they met at the boathouse, I was along with my sister (the only boy in the group) and they decided to go for a swim to see how far we could swim along the deserted beach. Both Monica and myself were life saver qualified and had trained to swim long distances. In the cold water the other girls cut their swim short while Monica and myself swam side by side for over a mile to find when we got back to the boathouse all the others had left and gone home. As the wind was cool we were shivering and so decided to both go into the boathouse together to dry off and change out of our swimmers. To save embarrassment we thought we could each face the other way to change. Then Monica said,”I have never seen a boy nude, could we face each other while we change instead of turning our backs? ” So we turned and looked at each other as we took off our swimmers. “Can you feel my stiff cock?

John now opened the lower lid of the casket to expose Rita Lynn’s sensuous lower body. The pin was removed from her white blouse and he opened it to remove the bra from her big breasts. Jeff stepped to the other end of the coffin to check the view up his wife’s short black skirt. He could see her red crotchless panties and her exposed pussy past where her thigh hi stockings ended. Excellent view; this should give the fans something to really remember. A short time later; the fans and customers over 21 began to crowd into the room to view the Rita Lynn’s beautiful corpse. As the line filed past the coffin; they were treated to the view that Jeff intended; Rita Lynn’s black hi heel clad feet, sexy stocking clad legs and exposed well used gaping pussy. After Jeff had left, the funeral director closed the lower casket lid and retired for the evening. Amid some controversy concerning her lifestyle; the next morning Rita Lynn Ayers closed casket funeral was held at the local Baptist Church and she was buried in the Church cemetary. Epilogue: As Jeff had hoped; Rita Lynn’s last performance turned into their biggest video seller. In fact he couldn’t turn them out fast enough to meet the demand. Jeff has recently begun dating a local stripper named Candy. He has posted a series of her pictures on the Web and has talked her into to doing a video. Only time will tell if she makes him as much money as Rita Lynn did.