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How hot am I? ’t believe him Sara! What do you like about my tits- she continued to have a hold on me? We continued to hang out and finally Sara had to go home we said our goodbyes and she told me she would come tomorrow so we could hang out some more and have lunch together. Kim proceed to take a shower I did the same we had some dinner and then I found myself sitting in the couch in front of the huge TV with Kim at my side. She took the remote from me and started surfing channels again- Do you wanna watch some porn? She put the porn channel and it was once again a very hot movie, this time it was a petit girl taking in a huge cock, after a while, I faced Kim and spoke- can I ask you a question? Sure baby, what’s on your mind-? … you know- I told her feeling a little bit embarrassed, it was my older sister, she was 10 years my senior but still.

A younger brother finds himself involved with his older sister. Conley is my name. I have one older sister named Roxie. My dad just shakes his head and says she is a ’wild one’. She has long black hair and big titties. I’ve seen her naked before, and she liked me looking at her. She never told on me…. …she made me come in her bedroom and then she shut the door. She stood with her back to the door and just smiled at me. She then pushed me down on her bed and laid on top of me. She asked me very quietly: “Do you like my titties? ” I was young and admitted I did. I figured she would tell dad on me peaking at her. Instead she started feeling my cock. I got a hardon even tho I tried not to. “She said: “…Conley…you’ve got a hardon.

This time there was no apprehension on their part. They definitely wanted to get their rocks off again and they looked forward to another session with Jerry. The girls swam back from the raft and stood up by us toweling off their shapely naked bodies. I looked at Nancy and for the first time I felt a stirring in my loins. Her petite delicate Japanese figure was so enticing with her small breasts and curvy ass. Her fair skin was accented with her jet black long hair and the black tuft of hair just above her pussy. I knew that I would have her before the day was done. I told her and pointed. Joannie as she took off across the sand with Lori and Nancy right behind her. About 30 minutes later they all returned to our area. My son Jerry was all smiles again as he walked right past us and headed for the ocean.

She let out a moan as I continued. Soon I exposed her right breast and kissed my way down her neck before sucking on her nipple. Her milk exploded into my mouth. I was surprised as to how much was left. I slowly walked her back towards the couch. I could tell she was a bit apprehensive as she sat and I lifted her gown above her hips. “Relax dear. You need this.” I said as I ran two fingers up and down her panty covered lips. She bit her lips as the look of lust came into her eyes. I kissed her lips before kissing my way south, her hands rose to rub her tits as I grabbed her panties. She raised her hips allowing me to slip them off. She let out a big moan as I licked her sweet, juicy twat. Whatever fear and intrepidation she had experienced had left as she rocked her hips in rhythm with my tongue.

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They also exhibit signs that they desire to be with a person they care for the most like a boyfriend, girlfriend, father, mother, brother, sister, aunt or uncle. Miles prepared his self as he really wanted to nail down once and for all if Kristen was a seductress. Miles’ cock was still throbbing under his khakis as he began to flitter around his office like a fly setting a calming atmosphere for Kristen’s regression. Using soft lighting, soft orchestra music playing in the background, he even brought in scented vanilla candles to create a soft warm and welcoming ambience to set the right mood for her. Miles knew the next few sessions are going to be critical for his theory to have some form of believability in the Psychiatry circles. Kristen was ushered into Miles’ office by her orderly and seated comfortably on the couch. As usual she was wearing one of her thin and very sheer almost see-thru sundresses.

Her father sported a prodigious phallus, supported by an impressive set of swinging balls, with the scrotum neatly shaved or plucked. The imposing organ was nearly ten inches long, and two and a half inched thick. The glans stood out like the head of an anchor, fully circumcised, and the opening on the end was large enough to host a ball point pen. The man, in his late forties, was an substantial stallion. At last the thrusting was too much for her, and it made its way deeper into her, so that it was threatening the integrity of her stuffed colon. She tried to arch her back, and as she did so the merciless boys pushed hard, and the rounded point on the shaft split her intestineand entered the pack of her guts. The boys were not nearly through. They stood back and watched as the father responded to the new pressure inside his daughter and her erotic pain-driven response.

“Umm… Like I’d never ask you to do that, it’s more like I get excited about you and I doing that someday.” Kamala kissed him and John realized happily that he must have given the right answer. When they broke apart again John tried to explain more. “But yeah, I’d like to do that someday and with you. Of course it’d be nice to be that sized too.” He nodded at the nine inch prick in the porn star’s hands. Unconsciously Kamala looked down at John’s crotch and did see a bulge. She couldn’t draw her eyes away from it. She’d felt it before pressed against her side back or abdomen but only briefly and she never stopped to consider it. It took John a moment to realize it was him that she was staring at. He kissed her, opening her mouth with his lips as she accepted his tongue willingly. Her hand wrapped around his neck holding him to her and her other hand she placed on his thigh. She slid up to cup his crotch.

He wasn’t skilled at fucking either, but his long cock reached deep inside of her, and his eagerness and energy were incredibly pleasurable. Billy fucked her fast and hard. He didn’t know how to pace himself, and Mrs. J knew he wouldn’t last long. Billy never even attempted to kiss her but concentrated instead on her boobs. Just as Mrs. J predicted, he came far too early, but at least he came in buckets. She felt his cock jerking over and over as it shot his cum into her. It felt wonderful and wicked, and wild to be fucking this virgin young man, but she realized that he wasn’t a great lover. Just young and eager. Still, the feeling of that nice long teenage cock stroking in and out had been worthwhile. He just needed to settle down and relax. She sucked him back to hardness and then lovingly taught him how to please a woman. Scott soon realized that Billy was taking an unusually long time with his Mom and sent Jamal to check on him. Jamal had a good idea of what was keeping Billy from returning, but he wasn’t about to share his suspicions with Scott.

She couldn’t do much to erase the redness of her eyes which prompted Jason to ask, “Hey Heather, have you been crying? ” There was genuine concern in Jason’s voice as he stood up and looked into her eyes. Heather jumped at the sound of her name. “Oh Jason, I didn’t know you were here,” she said as her eyes began to fill with tears again. Heather took a couple of deep breaths and fell into his shoulder, her body once again racked by sobs. Jason encircled her with his arms and held her close feeling the swell of her breasts on his chest and the warmth of her breath on his neck. Once her crying seemed to lose its intensity, Jason took her arm and lead her to a chair at the table where he had been waiting. “Tell me what’s going on. Is there anything I can do? Can I get you a drink?