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Date: November 28, 2019

If Eric would not meet her needs, she would meet them some other way. Tonight was to be the beginning of her sexual odyssey. “Eric…” she said, nudging him awake. His eyes opened and he looked up at her groggily. “Eric, I have to go to the college library to do some research in the periodical files. For my paper. I’ll be there pretty late, so don’t wait up.” A part-time graduate student, Kimi was doing research on education theory. “Okay, darling. Be careful,” said her husband, his head falling back again. Kimi smiled inwardly at the irony of his comment. Careful was the one thing she could not and would not be tonight. Kimi walked to the elevator of their high-rise condominium complex, and rode down to the parking garage. Getting into her Acura sedan, she reached into the back seat and retrieved a gym bag she had left there earlier in the day.

It all sounded so practical and everything would just ’go away’….only….it didn’t work out that way. …..I lived with my boyfriend and when we had sex, I found my self closing my eyes and pretending it was Mark and I having glorious sex. Each time it was the same thing only it got better. …..I decided to just change my thinking and stop this desire for him…..but…this was just not working, I wanted him and I knew he wanted me. …..Why was I checking the clock and putting on my long house dress with no bra or panties then.? I knew Mark was home alone, so I just walked over there. Ok, snap out of it and just sit down with him and draw the line with us. ’go away’ somehow. I went in and there he was doing homework as usual. He put his stuff to the side, and smiled at me.

I wiped my right hand against the blue shirt, got up and went into the bathroom. There I washed off the remnants of semen from the hands and washed my face with cold water to refresh myself a bit and subdue the currents of lust running in the background of my head. Then I looked at myself in the mirror. Uncombed short dark blond hair. Light green eyes. An elongated face with a straight nose, pale cheeks, thin pink lips. I looked good for my age. Not spectacular, but not ugly either. I smiled at my reflection and then left the bathroom. My parents usually worked from dawn till dusk, so I had to make breakfasts, lunches and dinners myself. It wasn’t a particular problem. There always was something frozen in the freezer; the only required from me was to put the stuff into a dish and then heat it up in the microwave oven.

Laura walked over to Sarah, carrying a thick robe and hand towel. She offered her hand to Sarah who took it and rose to her feet. She took the robe and slipped it over her shoulders covering her naked body. Pulling the robe around her, she loosely tied the belt around her waist. Once the robe was secure, she used the towel to wipe small dabs of semen from her lips and chin. Laura put an arm around Sarah’s shoulder and guided her a few steps away from the others. “Sarah, that was truly magnificent to watch,” Laura began. “You are an incredibly beautiful woman and it is amazing to watch you with a black man.” Sarah was embarrassed by the praise and lowered her eyes. Laura continued, “The sight of his dark penis entering your tender, pink lips thrilled me to the marrow. And when he came in your mouth, did you know you were mewing like a little kitten?

She caught a glimpse of herself the mirror and admired her soft, tight body. She ran her hands over her hips and complimented herself on the contrast of her blue panties and light milky skin. She winked and blew a kiss at herself before pushing her panties down and kicking them into the corner. She pours yourself a glass of wine and decides to treat yourself to a relaxing bubble bath. She has a sip of wine before running the water. She proceeds to get ready for her bath. It takes a minute or so to get the water temperature adjusted before she can close the drain and allow the bath to fill. You have another sip of wine and catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror again. Pretty good for a 32 year old divorced woman, she tells herself. Her mind drifts back to the office incident, she had seen me glancing at her, then she recieved a plain black envelope with her name in gold calligraphy. She picks it up, and the weight surprises her.

Shat what can you do if youve shared your dilemma with your family and theyre going nuts? My husband and I have now experienced swinging with two different couples. The first happened slowly over a long period of time with a couple that we were very close to. The second couple we found through a swinging website. We met them a few times to get to know each other and then met them for a sexual encounter. Ever since then, things have been a mess. We shared with the first couple that we had been with the second couple. They did not handle it well at all. They felt hurt and betrayed, especially the woman, whom I am extremely close to. I thought that our friendship was in jeopardy. I ended up talking to my father about how upset I was about this problem that I was having with my friend. I ended up telling him about my swinging experiences- BIG MISTAKE! He was very upset and my stepmother, who he told, was even more upset. So, my husband and I are finding a way to rebuild our relationship with the first couple, minus the sex. I am working through things with my dad. My stepmother is still concerned that we are going to rot in hell. With all of this happening, I am really struggling with the idea of swinging again. My husband wants to, of course. I am seriously struggling with whether it is immoral and sinful. Besides, with everything that has happened, I dont have a good feeling about preceding forward. How can I make my husband understand this? He is extremely disappointed that I am not interested in continuing to swing, at least for now, and maybe forever. I know that this is long and complicated, but I am really in need of some advice.

I let him keep going and before long I was really enjoying the sensation again. I closed my eyes, and just lost myself into the feeling between my legs. I then heard Mallory orgasm from being ate out followed by Jennifer about 30 seconds later. I once again called for a man change. Oh shit I thought as Mr. Thick was once again back to me. I was afraid of that dick, it was just massive. I got ready for his dick then I felt it inside of me. I was kind-of shocked I felt that it was going to rip me open but it went in fairly easily. He then started to move in and out of me and the pleasure I was feeling was the best ever. I had never felt such intense pleasure before. His dick was hitting all of the right spots and I was falling in love with it.

“Hot damn, you’ve gotta nice dick,” Cookie said as she bounced up and down on Nick. At this point, she had taken off her jacket and lifted her shirt over her head, allowing her large DD breasts to bounce up and down her chest. Nick stared at them like a prospector who just struck gold. He immediately reached out to touch them. Before Cookie could object, he started sucking on her nipples and began to motorboat her big titties. “Damn boy. Suck my big fat milk sacks,” Cookie moaned. Nick was having lots of fun with Cookie’s tasty breasts but wasn’t feeling much downstairs. Cookie must have used an industrial strength condom because Nick felt nothing. The heat that radiated from Lizzy and Stacy’s pussies during his last sex sessions was nowhere to be found this time. Maybe if he fucked her doggie style, which was quickly becoming his favorite position, Nick would find the pleasure he needed to get off. “I wanna do doggie,” Nick said. “Sure, sure,” was all Cookie said.

Farah picked up a photograph of Sal sitting upright against the headboard of the bed with six rather large bullets to his chest and head and his body was covered in his blood. Her fingers caressed his image and a small smirk crossed her face and she put the photograph down then put her finger to her nose and said, “See now you’re getting it Agent Murphy. Now you understand why I wanted to run away. Now you understand why I wanted to switch places with anyone and if that meant Kristen then so be it. I never wanted anything like bad to happen to her honestly. I never expected her to be killed that night she was only supposed to fuck Sal and then go home. I was just CYA, you know cover your ass, and I had a plan to get the hell out of the United States. I figured that Adam probably knew about the place in Taos because Adam had been there several times before with my parents; but like nobody knew about my parents little hideaway that they had on the left bank in Paris.

Like a female cat in heat, I present my openings. Like the feline I am not in the least selective about who the male is. In fact I’m probably even less selective than my animal sister. I will fuck any man anytime any way he wants. My feline sister only fucks when she is in estrus. Like Jenny, I can and will fuck even when I’m not fertile. Unlike Jenny I always know whether I am fertile or not. For me, pregnancy will never be accidental. I will never be that lucky. My lover touches his tip to my vaginal opening again. He is wet from my juices. In this doggie position I feel him tease my slit and smoothly enter me where he just was until his bulge again touches my vaginal lips. I do not know whether he intends to again enter my vagina. I know little about beta males, except that being more intelligent they are also more imaginative.