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Date: November 26, 2019

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The bulbous head was clearly outlined. Damn it; I had that thing in my throat. Tabitha arched upward in a half sit up, rubbing her tight stomach. My boner couldn’t be hidden. I took three long strides and dove into the pool, swimming under the water all the way to the far end of the oval pool. When I surfaced, gasping for breath, I threw my arms over the side and hung there. The cold water hadn’t done anything toward shrinkage, yet. My bowed erection stood straight up. I pulled the elastic waistband out and freed the top half of my cock. This was not what I had expected. I thought Mark invited me over so we could talk a little bit about what happened yesterday. We’d figure out where things stood between us. Instead, the siblings put on a freak show designed to make me horny enough to fuck anything. Mark popped up behind me.

As she felt her head getting pressed forward, she turned her face to the side, so that only her right cheek ended up touching the moisture sweating, yellow speckled, back wall of the putrid urinal. Then he pushed on the back of her neck, firmly, and shoved her full red lips flush against the back portion of the sticky, stained, wet wall fixture, effectively making her kiss it. A couple of minutes later, as her lips were hotly smooching the back of the soiled urinal, she heard the door open behind her, then heard the sounds of several shoes shuffling into the tiny room. These newcomers all looked to be even younger than Pablo. They were all of the same diminutive size, were cheaply dressed and, if anything, looked even less appealing than the ugly youngster who now had his thumb up her ass. “But, before we get started on your body, let me warn you that you’re located in a part of the building where none of the head honchos ever come, so, if you scream, probably no one will hear you. “Now, understand that we don’t plan to hurt you, in any way.

Minerva guided him back to the couch, and everyone took a moment to regain their composure. When she felt he was ready, Amelia leaned forward, taking out a piece of parchment and a quill to take notes, and asked Harry to tell them a little about his childhood. Harry nodded, looking at his lap, and began to speak. His voice was quiet and hesitant at first, until Minerva took one of his hands in hers, and leant him whatever comfort she could. He gained confidence from that, knowing with that one small gesture that she didn’t think it was his fault, whatever his relatives may have told him. And with the comforting presence of his new ‘Aunt Minerva’, and his godfather, he knew that eventually, their hold on him would diminish. It would take some time, but he could begin to understand, now, that everything his uncle had done was wrong. It wasn’t his fault. It was a liberating experience and a new outlook that Harry knew would take getting used to. For over half an hour, Harry spoke about his childhood.

My girlfriend Kate (not her real name) and I met when we were nineteen years old. Like most new couples, we spent most of our time together in the bedroom. We were always adventurous when it came to sex. We were quite honest about our desires. After some time we began fantasising about having another girl join us. Then after some more time we started fantasising about having another guy join us. Then, after a few years of being together, the latter could well of become a reality. It all started one night when my friend Jake (not his real name) was at our place. The three of us had been out drinking and we were all pretty wasted. I suggested we put some porn on. Not something I would normally do with a third person present, but I’d watched plenty of porn with Kate before and I’d watched plenty with Jake before and plus I was drunk!

I was just 10 years old when I was introduced to sex by my uncle. He was my first lover and remains to this day an occasional sex partner. He pulled me and my brother into the bathroom one day while visiting him. My Mom and Dad had no idea this had occured, but later you will see, it played into the whole scene. My brother Paul, (not his real name,) was like me, very well developed even for young boys of 10 and 7. We both were curious, as boys were at that age, and occasionally checked each others cocks out. We shared the same bedroom and once in a while would get into a wrestling match and the inevitable would happen. We would start touching each other and exploring each others bodies.But nothing really happened sexually, it was just play. Back to my uncle johnny, (not his real name either.) Uncle Johnny was skinny and had very bad teeth. He always played with us when we came for a visit.