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She looked down her body and saw the smiling face of her Lover. She reached out her arms and he stood up and moved between her spread thighs and then leaned over her body. Their lips, mouths and tongues met and they kissed deeply and passionately. Soon the loving embrace was broken and he stood up. She saw the massive, erection jerking in front of his body her heart raced in anticipation. Michael again knelt down between her spread thighs and brought his face within inches of Lisa’s enflamed labia. Through dazed eyes Lisa could see her Lover crouching between thighs. She could feel the flat palms of his warm hands pressing against the softness of her inner thighs, pushing them further apart. Again her slick treasures were wide open to his gaze. She cried out loudly, her body convulsing as his moist hot lips closed over the soft mound at the apex to her thighs. His face disappeared from her view as he planted wet suckling kisses on the swollen, engorged furrow and his long tongue stroked at the quivering opening.

Can I come to your room now and explain? Yes I rather think you better, you parents would be annoyed at you and personally so am I. If I don’t see you in the next 5 minutes I will be forced to tell your parents’. Mary logged out, I logged out too, I had to get her statement sorted she had dreamt of fucking me for ages, I had no intent on her she was my granddaughter. This crush had to be nipped in the bud, but more than that who else had she messaged, and why? I did not have long to find out. Having Sophie in my room even with Raymond and his wife my daughter Sally around was not new. I had babysat Sophie, often. We had so much fun together we were nicknamed the gigglers. If my wife had not died of Cancer, I would not be living here now.

He said “I’m gonna cum soon” I said “shoot it all over my face,” “you want it on your face? ” he asked. I said “yes, I want you to cover my face in your hot cum! ” he pulled out, tore off the condom and told me to suck it. I sucked it so hard, I was jerking my cock really hard now. He groaned, and said “you ready? ” “ give it to me” I begged him. The look on his face was so hot, I could tell he was very turned on knowing he’s in his 40’s and he’s about to cum on a young 21 year old face. His cum felt so warm, I loved it immediately. It came out of his cock string after string after string. If I had to guess now, I’d say he dropped 8-10 strings of cum on my face. I came immediately, my cock exploded all over the place. He looked down at me, naked on his floor, on my knees, asshole gaping, and face covered in cum I could tell I had pleased him well. I used my shirt to wipe it off, even though I didn’t want to wipe it off. I made a little small talk but he rushed me out, which I kinda liked. As I walked to my car I had a huge smile, because I was soaked in cum from a big cock.

It was definitely an interesting contrast with the slim, pale, Kiki lying between Jade’s voluptuous dark thighs. Jade was definitely a nice shape and color; I hoped we’d get to do this again sometime. Between playing with Jade’s boobs, which Jade (and me) were digging, and Kiki licking Jade’s pussy, which both me and Jade appreciated (in different ways), I was getting turned on again. Which reminded me, what about Kiki? Kiki was happy to do whatever her partner wanted, and in Jade’s company she was restrained and not-assertive, her demeanor also changed with her partner. So she hadn’t voiced any desires, and I do get a bit wrapped up in myself sometimes. I was trying to be more attentive to Kiki, but it can be difficult where there’s another porn star or two to fuck. So I got behind Kiki, and I unbuttoned my shirt, Kiki does like me in just an unbuttoned shirt like that.

The sunset was dark purple, she was pretty sure the very air was an aphrodisiac, and it looked like there were at least three suns. Who knew what tomorrow would bring. Esther made herself comfortable in some long, pink grass. The Realm of Lust didn’t seem like such a bad place to find herself. “You got everything Bri-Bri? “Apprentices, apprentices, please settle down,” Betsy broke up their argument with her stern, lesson-teaching voice, putting it on in jest as much as for effect. Brian couldn’t believe they were finally making the move. The last few years of college had been such a blur. Mostly due to the fact that he was a Warlock on the side, not to mention in love. After it all, he’d chosen magic. And it was a choice, he’d found out. At some point, Magi tended to either become normal people with normal jobs, who happened to know some fun tricks, or moved to Witchtown, and left normal behind entirely.

” A little disappointed you agree you just want to get out of here and take her with you. “Yeah good idea I need to clean up a little.” and you start for the bathroom door. Entering you walk towards the urinal and realize that the bathroom door opened wider just after you came in turning you see her standing there the door closing behind her. She has a devilish smile on her face moves toward you takes your hand and leads you toward the stall at the back and you follow willingly. You both enter the stall and close the door behind you. Even though there is not a lot of room and she moves closer to you kissing you and locking the stall door behind you. Your hand snakes around to the back of her head holding it pulling it forward to force her to take you deeper into her throat. It feels so good and again for a brief second you cannot believe this is happening.

I also know what happened, and if you ever want to talk about it, I’ve been told I’m a pretty good listener. I feel pretty guilty for not taking the time to get to know you before, since I think you could be a great friend, so I’d like to try and change that in the future. I mean, we’re sort of like godbrothers, right? Anyway, I’m inviting a few friends over this week, and I’d like you to come as well. It’ll just be you, me, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny, and maybe Susan Bones. Her aunt Amelia has been visiting a lot, so I thought I’d make the offer. Please let me know if you can come, the Floo address is McGonagall Castle – it’s a long story, I’ll explain when (if) you come. Harry sent off his letters, and picked up his Potions for Dummies book. Now that he understood more about why ingredients reacted the way they did, and why stirring and chopping a certain way was important, the subject was so much more interesting.