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Date: December 3, 2019

I looked at the contours of Jean they were very nice great size tits well toned body equal to my Mary. I was stroking myself watching as they rose to a climax higher and higher until they both screamed I thought the windows would shatter they rolled off each other turned and were kissing. They were fondling each others tits pulling twisting and more moaning they screamed again as they came then Jean seen me and grabbed for the blanket to cover herself with. “Yes Mommy I am coming,” and I walked across the room with my hard seven inch cock hitting my leg side to side. Jean said, “Is he really fucking you? “Jean is like my loving sister what do you got to say to her? Jean used her hands felt my ass cheeks them reached her hands down between my legs feeling my balls and then up my shaft causing me to moan. “Yes Mistress Jean.” That is where I learned my wife was a sub a true sub to this woman.

After staring at the one on her wrist she looked at the cross on her finger, the clover inside her arm by her elbow and the dragonfly that was paid for by her first gang rape. For a few moments it was hard to breath. Her very quickly planned decision to run away so far had gone pretty well, one puzzle piece at a time. She thought about the dragonfly she had wanted. But the firefly tattoo that she had wanted so badly for so long would forever be a reminder of the day, three men gang raped her. Men who she knew little or nothing about. Now the permanent tattoo would likely forever be a reminder of having three men use her against her will. But even as she thought about that, Roger’s words filled her thoughts, “”Don’t think Holly, don’t question just experience it Holly. I know you’re sore but your body is still responding.

All of this was apparently for my benefit. With her pussy being so tight Reggie knew that I had never touched the depths he was going to reach in the next few seconds. He saw it as a moment that could only be described as amazing. Reggie was experiencing sheer delight as her body accepted his invasion. I was in total anguish as my wife responded positively to everything Reggie did to her body. After several minutes of slowly pushing in, pulling part way out, and pushing in a little deeper, he was finally to the half way mark. It wouldn’t be long now before he was completely in her, balls deep. Their eyes never broke contact. She was looking into him, not just at him. Although she had a grimaced look on her face, she also had a look of passion, love, lust and pleasure all in one. Reggie touched bottom and held himself in her for a few moments to allow her to adjust to having him inside of her. Kate told him she absolutely loved the feel of his big cock in her.

I stopped once I was a little ways down the hall from Hammond’s office and turned to face her although I wasn’t sure what I was going to say. “Thanks” she said. “I look forward to being mentored by you.” Then she giggled. I had to turn away from her because I started getting a chubby. I was hoping she hadn’t noticed. My chubby was gone as soon as it came, thank God. “Who do you have? ” I asked turning back around. She showed me her schedule for the semester. We had almost all the same break periods. I showed her mine. “We can eat lunch together” she said, and it sounded like she suppressed a giggle. “Sure, if you want.” She said she did. We walked out of the humanities building then split up and headed to our classes. We met up at lunch and watched anime on my phone together. We met up again before heading home, then I called it a day. I got home just ahead of my parents. I suppose I should mention my dad is a Lutheran pastor and my mom is a nurse practitioner.

I started to fuck Tina even harder, although it was nowhere near as hard as Steve had fucked our mother, but I was going deep, and I could feel my cock pushing harder against the front wall of Tina’s pussy. I kept thrusting for a few moments and Tina said, “I know what Mum meant about a sweet spot now,” and she made that throaty sound again, and said, “That’s amazing! ” She bowed her head, and said, “So deep, so good! I could see my hard cock thrusting in and out of Tina’s tight little pussy, and her arse looked so sexy, as I fucked her moderately hard from behind, and I wondered if I could hold on much longer. I just wanted to let go, and come inside her, but then Tina said, “ Jason! The feelings subsided, and it was over. I felt totally satisfied, and I stopped my thrusting. I withdrew my softening cock from her and Tina turned over and lay face up on the bed, her open pussy a disaster area of leaking come, and swollen labia. With no hair to soak it up, the fluids were leaking all over the place. She gave her pubic mound a gentle rub with her right hand, and smiled at me. I flopped down next to her, on my back on her right, and we lay there looking up at the ceiling. “It was,” I said. Tina and I dressed, and went to reheat our dinner, lovingly prepared for us by our mother. We had both seen her in a new light that evening, and as we ate, and talked about what we had seen that night, and where it had led, I wondered what the future held. Tina and I had twice crossed a forbidden boundary now, and I wondered if we would cross it again.

Her strokes were deep, fast then slow, always twisting and always turning. While her mouth drove Jessie’s clitoris insane with ecstasy, Dianne’s fingers began searching within Jessie’s spasming vagina. She felt Jessie clench and gasp as her searching fingers found the sensitive tissues of illusive ‘G’ spot. Using the soft tips of her slick fingers, Dianne began to press and knead the hyper exited area. A forth finger joined in on the plundering of Jessie’s seething passage. The twisting fingers stroked inward and withdrew to spark the ‘sweet’ spot again and again. Ecstatic lightning bolts of joy shot throughout Jessie’s sexual being. Her body bucked and thrashed as her hips arched and ground her exploding sex onto Dianne’s suckling mouth and lunging fingers. Her frothy juices were spewing out past the loving fingers as her vaginal muscles clenched and spasmed. Jessie squealed as her first orgasm was unleashed. Dianne skillfully played the rhythm of Jessie’s orgasmic spasms like a symphony conductor.

She slowly stood, but stayed where she was, some 10 feet from me. I was rooted to where I stood; trying to find the words I had been practising during my run. Before I could speak, her hands slowly went to the knot in the towelling robe she was wearing. With the knot released, she slowly shrugged the robe from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Now completely naked, she looked even more perfect that my glimpses of her could have possibly predicted. Even though she was only 5ft 3inches tall, she looked slender and elegant. Her skin glowed with the kiss of the sun and it was stretched taught over a flawless figure. Her tiny waist accentuated the soft flare of her hips that led to long athletic legs. Her shoulders were narrow and well defined which made the roundness of her perfect breasts seem large for her tiny frame.

Chills went down my spine, and I got goose bumps on my ass and legs. I told him he could fuck me harder now, and he did. He started pounding away, so hard that I started moaning. He said “yeah thats it, moan for my cock” which made me moan even louder. I have a very sensitive prostate, I figured this out long ago by stuffing things in my ass. I couldn’t even touch my cock or it would have exploded, he was hitting my prostate so hard. After banging me like that for a while he picked me up and put me on my hands and knees and slid back in me. I was in bliss, my first big cock sliding in and out of my ass and pleasing it with my body. He grabbed my ass and spit on my hole while he was fucking me, it felt so fucking good, I moaned really loud.

It was amazing. It was contagious. I slithered up Brandi’s back until my chin was resting on her ass, looking down her crack at Tom’s plunging member. He pulled his dick out of her gaping asshole and thrust it up her groove, into my waiting mouth. I sucked on it hungrily, tasting the bitter persimmon flavor of Brandi’s ass on his shaft. He pulled his cock back down and stuffed it into Brandi’s dripping cunt, then brought it to my mouth again. I slurped it in, this time tasting Brandi’s pussy secretions mixed with Tom’s seeping pre-cum. His balls tightened. I could feel his cock getting harder, vibrating. Brandi reached between her legs to feel the dripping cum with her fingers. I licked and sucked her fingers clean, then licked the warm cum off her ass and back. She turned around and we both knelt on the carpet, cleaning Tom’s big cock with our tongues and sharing his slippery sperm with deep, incestuous, mother-daughter kisses.