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Date: November 26, 2019

To stay out of sight from the soldiers we had to settle for a routine where Elenore used her skills from the Inn to keep the household running while I did trading in the role of Navore’s personal trader. Lady Elisabeth Navore had on my instruction rehired two elderly servants that could help Elenore to keep things running and the household was running quite smoothly with three servants available. Myself I was trading in used armor parts without any real hope to make any money from this trade. The motivation for going for armor parts was quite simple. I wanted a fitted armor, but did not want anyone to know my real occupation. In practice I was investing quite a lot of money on armor parts I would never try to sell, but the true goal was of course to get myself a full set of armor. My last armor had been destroyed by the demon and it was bound to happen sooner or later again, but until then I could enter combat without having to fear getting injured like I had been at the robbers hideout.

It truly was a master stroke, she admired. Minerva also looked pleased, and proud. Harry looked down, embarrassed. Minerva’s only response was a quirked eyebrow. Harry looked up when he didn’t hear any disgust in her tone. That caused Amelia to laugh, bringing their attention back to their visitor. Amelia shuffled her notes on her lap, and brought the meeting back to the business they had to attend to. Minerva and Harry shared a knowing look, before Minerva excused herself for a moment. Harry nodded. “I’m sorry for your loss,” he said compassionately. And Amelia knew he really understood. He had lost his parents as well. If anyone understood the crushing weight of grief, it would be Harry Potter. Harry shifted in his seat. Harry looked a little embarrassed. Amelia was impressed, and she said so. Harry’s face turned a light pink color, though he also seemed pleased with the praise. The moment was interrupted by Minerva, returning to the room looking uncharacteristically nervous. Trailing in behind her, looking grim, was wanted fugitive Sirius Black.

She went to the other rooms to explore under the mattresses, there was nothing under any of the 4 beds. She came back into the room, he was still out cold, she felt under the mattress and under the bed, nothing. She heard him call her name, she walked back in and said she was just in the toilet and he should sleep. He sat up, looking at her again and telling her he was tired so will call her a cab so he can retire. She looked mortified, she stated she was planning on staying, winking at him but he laughed saying he was an old man and once was enough, but also it was a week day and they had work. He proceeded to call the cab, she felt used, like he was throwing her out after fucking her, even someone like Bernard treated her like a whore – that was an all time low.

This time his finger did not startle me……..until he started to push it up my ass! At this point I was close to cumming and did not want him to stop so I did not protest. He buried his finger in my ass and began to wiggle it around. Actually it felt quite good and added to the pleasure I was getting from his blowjob. I felt the familiar tingle in my balls. “I’m gonna c..c..Cuuuuuummmmmm” I cried out as my cock twitched and began spraying cum all over the back of his mouth! He immediately picked up the pace and force of his head thrusts, going up and down my cock. His head was almost a blur it was going up and down so fast. He was slamming his nose into my pubic bone like a calf trying to force the last bit of milk from its mama’s udder.

He did the usual grabs at his sister as I just watched. We both giggled and told him to stop. He had his sister in the corner trying to feel her tits. I watched this little show and it began to excite me a little. She would giggle and then push his hands away, giving him just a quick feel. I moved behind and said: “Brad, be nice.” He turned around. He blinked as he saw me with my hand on my own tits, smiling at him. I had bigger tits than his sister and his eyes went wide open. He just looked but didn’t make a move on me. “They’re just tits Brad.” I said as I squeezed my tits while he watched. ….You could see he was trying to figure a way to get his hands on my tits,…but without getting in trouble. He smiled at me and walked back to his bedroom. I got a warm rush by doing that little feel up right in front of him.

As I crawled towards Sarah she said, “This is exciting! I was surprised when, after only two or three minutes, I had Sarah moaning as her orgasm swept over her. A few short minutes later Wendy was experiencing as good an orgasm as Sarah’s. Was it the sex-slave role that I was playing that made it so exciting? It was the same with the men. Len was squirting his cum down my throat almost as soon as I had his cock-head in my throat, and Ken did not last much longer. I moved over to Andrew and reached for his cock. “So, slave, you seem to have a magic touch tonight. Are you enjoying yourself? “Yes master. It is almost too easy tonight. Are you pleased with me? “Yes slave, very pleased. I quickly sat on his lap and wrapped my arms around him. “You know slave how I’d like you to be naked all the time, don’t you? “Well. I’ve decided that I’m going to bring my next client here to meet my ‘hostess’. “Nothing else. We’ll get someone else to cater for, and serve a dinner. “I’m starting up a catering firm.” Wendy offered, “I could do the catering for you and Les could be the waiter. Would we have to be naked too? The smile on Wendy’s face told me that she was happy with the idea of exposing her boobs for some stranger. “Wow, Wendy, you’ve changed since our first nude, pool-side barbeque! “I’d say that we’ve all changed since then.” retorted Wendy, “For instance, I don’t remember you wanting to be a sex slave back then. I happen to like the way that I’ve changed.

It was switched on and George was visible on screen, after saying how much he was enjoying the show he added “I want to show you a couple of screen shots”. Shagger and Chopper laid either side of her on the bed thinking the impossible does happen. The hunks had gone and left them alone she was ready to be fucked by them both; she caressed their backs as each took one of her breasts. They were just ordinary looking guys; but because of the warm communication she had had with them she wanted them to use her body however they wished. Shagger loved all the cumm and began moving both his hands all over her body massaging it in. She lay back letting him enjoy what he was doing; Chopper meanwhile was enjoying the taste of her nipples moving back and forth between each of them. She moved her hand down and took a hold of his stiff cock; although it was not porn size she was becoming desperate by the hotness of the situation to have it inside her.

He began thrusting into her hard, trying to get off, and pushed her to her own orgasm in the process. While Nicole thrashed and wailed. Her tight little pussy clamped down on his dick, and Todd briefly wondered if it would ever be able to be resuscitated. Then he felt his own orgasm erupt. He couldn’t remember the last time he had cum so hard, he was convinced that he had burst the condom and Nicole would have his sperm pushing her eyeballs out. Gasping for breath, Todd sat back on his heels while Nicole lay lifeless on the sex cushion. They both moaned at the same time, bring a weak laugh from each of them. Todd leaned down and kissed Nicole on the cheek. As Todd returned to his own bedroom, he realized that he felt a spring in his step. As he showered, he felt like he had more energy than normal. When he came out of the shower, Michelle was fixing her make up in the mirror. “What do you mean? ” Todd wasn’t quite sure where this was going, but he could sense the danger. Todd was surprised. The time and flown by. Michelle turned to face him. “Todd, I know that I said that I want her to learn to enjoy sex for sex sake, but you need to tread very carefully here. Todd was a bit exasperated at this. “Well that certainly hasn’t stopped you from enjoying it, has it? And she turned around to continue applying her make up. Todd silently groused a bit, but remembered the old adage, “Happy wife, happy life”, and bit his tongue. He walked behind Michelle and briefly rubbed her shoulders.

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