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Date: November 28, 2019

«Summary – After what happened last week, will things ever be the same between Chad and his hot, young daughter? «After the parents decided they need to prepare their children for the real world. «The step siblings’ game continues after their first sexual encounter. A New Day, A New You part 3 by P.O.I. A Massage For Mom! Tales of Eros Crystals Ch. «A world powered by Eros crystals and sexual energy. «a very sad and romantic story. «Kidnapped and bound Jennifer must find a way to escape before it is too late. A very unexpected memory surfaces that explains much about her healing powers and gives a possible way to escape, but is she ready to suffer the consequences? «Two unlikely best friends leave their dystopian society for a fantasy game world. «Jennifer is free again, but something bad is about to happen. Only by pretending to be a slave can she find the villaint.

She caught me. “Daddy! ’s not what it says! ” I said: “Why don’t you have your boyfriend read it to you? She said in her little pouted voice:…. He can’t tell it like you and his voice is all wrong. I looked at her and I gave in to what she wanted. I got up and made sure the wife was sound asleep. I got back in bed with Candi…oh god,….I quick glanced…. Now she snuggle up to me sideways and I felt her bare pussy on my hip. I imagined hand cuffs and me going to jail. I decided to read her a little and then this: “Ok, I start reading this for real…but then how about we wait until mom goes away this weekend to visit her folks? I’ll read it to you anyway you like it…ok? Damn, I thought I was being attacked my own daughter. She was all over me, but said ’ok’.

He filled me in on what he found. I grabbed a travel bag, and threw in some clothes, and my shaver kit. I took the first plane that was going to LA. I grabbed the first taxi cab available, and told the driver the location that the PI told me to go to. He met me there, and took me to where she was staying. “Thanks, I will take it from here.” I told him. She was in a nice beach house on Malibu Beach. I knocked on the door, and she answers it. “Hi, can we talk? ” I asked her. She nodded her head and opens the door for me. “Nice is this your place? ” I asked as I walked about the beach house. “Sort of, I own it with a friend.” She replied. I sat down on the couch, and she sat down next to me.

It tasted so much cleaner than city air. This was a fresh start, a new adventure, and he couldn’t be happier that he was embarking on it with his three favorite girls. The man tried to open his eyes for a very long time and he could not. He tried to move his fingers and he tried to open his mouth, he could not. He existed as nothing more than a collection of thoughts for some time. Then he sensed something. Something that wasn’t him. It dangled in front of his awareness. With all his focus, he latched onto it. He bit it and did not let go. Something he could not remember, some urge, some purpose, it kept his mental grip on the thing strong, and slowly, painfully, like a fish on a line, he was dragged back into reality. Pins and needles came before sight or sound, and then he could taste the top of his mouth, and then, then he could see again.

But what happened next alarmed her even more! Then, she felt her wrists buckled tight, and restrained also by firm leather belts! This was followed by yet another belt as it was placed over her tiny waist just above her hips and tightened with a firm tug! Deanna first said what? What are you doing, oh please I can’t move, as she struggled, now in a panic with the realization that she was naked spread wide and securely bound! Joy the nurse again reassured her with a soothing voice, by saying not to worry that it was all,..just part of the required exam, and that she would love it? I would love it? For her kinky sex this way was almost like a drug, and one that was an incredible turn on, and again kinky thoughts were racing through her head especially now that she was naked helpless and unable to free herself! Joy the nurse, with my wife helplessly bound then said, oh by the way a magazine that is just starting to publish interracial stories called Black Bred.

Kathy took a sip, it was a bit strong, but she thanked him and parted her legs as she felt his hand on her inside thigh under her apron. “I could really do with a good wank” he said as he removed his hand and started to undo his shorts. Kathy took another swig of her drink then placed it on the floor beneath her chair. His shorts were now around his ankles and his fattish uncut dick was standing up from his groin. He lightly bit and then sucked on her nipple as she wrapped her hand around his meat and started to stroke him. His finger had parted her slit and been inside her wet hole for only a few seconds when the doorbell rang. “It’s ok, I’ll go” said one of the other two white guys who were making their way towards them. Kathy increased her grip on his cock and then, pulling his foreskin closed, squeezed it between her thumb and forefinger to catch the pre-cum that had started to spew from his pee-hole. She raised her hand to her mouth and licked it as she watched five guys and three women enter the room.

This is serious thing. This is normal now in my life. Now I too cannot live without all this. Tell me if I can do something for you to take you out from all this. Sara: No Julee. Now I am used to it. Now what I am doing is with my wish and I have no complaint for any one. I need it daily and I tell my pimp husband to arrange male fucker for me and he does. I am very happy now. But I knew that she is not happy. But I could not do anything for her. It was 7.30 in the evening and the time of arriving of her hubby with three foreign friends to fuck his wife in front of him. I do not what to call her hubby. PIMP is a very soft word for him. I left the hotel with some heavy mind and immediately, I have decided to write this in next part of my sexual autobiography. This part of MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY is may not be with a lot of sex and spice of my sexual life, but this is another face of sex which I wanted to share with you. According to me every female has a right of sexual satisfaction like every male have and it is duty of the male partner to take his female partner up to the level of sexual satisfaction. Sex is a very very important part of the life. Sex can make your life heaven if it gives satisfaction to both the partners and it can make your life hell if it is unsatisfactory. Unfortunately, it is mostly females who left unsatisfied in sex by her male partner.

The apartment was too open for anyone to be hiding, and yet I still felt the urge to tighten my towel around me. Upon entering the bedroom area two odd things struck me at once. The first was the large mirror directly across from my bed. I was almost positive I’d told the movers to place it in the living room, and I blushed at what they must have thought as they positioned it across from my bed. It was a gold framed giant and had a back support so it was free standing. It was another of my whim purchases at an antique show and as I moved to sit on my bed I couldn’t help but blush at the very clear view. I might not have positioned it that way, but I was sure when Adrian came over to visit he wouldn’t mind it too much. Maybe I’d keep it for now.

It started that weekend off on a sad note but Paul’s Mom certainly made up for it. She was inventive and had very few boundaries. She welcomed me into the house with a hug that turned into a make out session with Paul watching. From there it was a blur of sex. Mom (who she hadn’t really spoken to since we moved away). We arranged a Skype call. During the call she told my Mom to get into something sexy. Mom was a little confused but she eventually got into a set of underwear. We ended up putting on a fairly explicit show for her which was enthusiastically received. Paul’s girlfriend Katie was not what I expected. She was pretty, tall and skinny with long blonde hair and freckles. She had an insatiable appetite for sex. On the morning I met her it was obvious that her and Paul had just had sex.

Then it withdrew part way, and seemed to wiggle slightly as her ‘phantom’ Lover adjusted his position behind her. An intense wave of ecstatic joy surged through her highly excited vagina and shot outward, connecting with her clitoris and then up to breasts and bullet- like nipples. She wailed as the flexing head teased and caressed her excited ‘G’ spot, stroked ecstatically across the sensitive tissues. Her Lover quickly lunged all the way into her spasming passage and then came back to tease her magic spot again and again. It was incredible. Lisa was almost overloaded with raw pleasure, and realized that she was rapidly climbing again towards another incredible orgasm. The massive member continued to enrage her enflamed vagina, sometimes sliding all the way in, filling her completely, once, twice, three times, before pulling back and sparking the sweet spot again. She gasped and groaned, unable to fully catch her breath. Her body was frozen, fully open and lewdly thrust back, unable or unwilling to move, not wanting the fantastic connection be broken. Her eyes snapped open and her mouth opened wide as her body exploded. The orgasmic lightning struck inside her ecstatic body and she screamed.