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Date: November 28, 2019

Her forehead crinkles in consternation. Her lips appear frozen into a forced smile. Her fists open and close as if stretching her fingers. Yet, her body ekes arousal. Her hips sway provocatively searching for a cock to penetrate her loins. Her nipples are erect, long, thick and reaching out, screaming for attention. Vines of sweet woman-juice ooze from her cunt and slowly slide down her thighs. It is essential in these early stages to teach her that unacceptable behavior, any bending of his rules, any deviation from his desires will be swiftly and brutally punished. Actions have consequences. It is a lesson he hopes she learns quickly. As he walks back to her, he again examines the impressive array of BDSM items laid out for his use and pleasure. Opening his bag, he pulls out his collar, leash, blindfold, and faces her. He buckles the collar around her neck, tightens the blindfold around her head, and then attaches the leash.

And you were originally a housecat? Do you recall the actual transformation? No, Momo was asleep when it happened. How did you react when you realized what had happened? You weren’t… concerned that you had transformed into a person? Momo, tell me about your day. How do you spend your time? Momo first wakes up in bed and plays with Master. Then Momo goes downstairs and has breakfast. After Momo is full, Momo brushes her teeth, and then takes a nap. After napping, Momo will draw or play on Master’s computer, but Momo usually just plays with herself until Master comes home. Then Momo curls up with Master on the couch and watches the news. Well, Momo, it’s been a true pleasure to meet you. Doc, what the hell? What could possibly make you think “vet” is an ok word to say around her? Momo, would you be willing to let the nice doctor give you an exam?

Me and Mallory find a guy to join us sometimes, and when we do we make them wear a condom. We keep a few large boxed down in the bottom drawer Mallory’s Dresser, feel free to use them.” I said to her. “So I got something to talk to you about. I have been having sex with Nathan for the past 3 weeks.” I told her. Waiting to see her reaction before going further. “Oh wow, I guess I never expected that. How did that happen? “Soooo are you like dating him? “No baby, we are not a couple. Its just sexual and we are just having fun. He knows that and honestly more than that is happening. Carrie came to Mallory first and was upset. You know your dad and her was having sex and although you got made about it, Carrie liked it and honestly she told Mallory that not only was she missing it, but she also was hurting from being too horny.

This twelve inch long piece of plastic fantastic had it all. Bulging head with simulated blood vessels, twenty degree curve – even a rather crass set of bouncing balls at its base, this was the mother of all dildos. Even came with a three-speed variant. Shame really that Maria, given her sheltered upbringing, had never even heard of such an item. She never saw it coming. One moment Nina was showering her with kisses, the next thing she new, someone had shoved a throbbing V8 Buick driveshaft up between her legs…..and only on low revs too! To say she ‘yelped’ would be an understatement. Nina had first to calm her down before starting-in on lesson one in the ways of the big bad world. Just how big and how bad she had yet to discover. Taking but a second to weigh up her options and aroused greatly to hear this woman use that forbidden “c” word when referring to her pussy, she nodded her acquiescence. “Yes, please fuck me with that thing…I need you to do it to me,” She suspected too that Carlos would be deriving even greater pleasure watching her being physically fucked by another female.

Gerald clicked the related video, another sex scene in this movie. The camera slowly panned to a steamy shower. Gia was on her knees before Paul, her hands running over his chest, her head obscuring his crotch. Gia rose to her feet, Paul’s hand slid over her lower back. Gerald looked to her bare ass in the shower. They were kissing. Paul suddenly turned Gia around, her hands on the steamy shower door. Gerald looked to her breasts, gulping. He watched hands grope and grab them from behind. Gerald having a good, slightly steam-obscured view of her body. The clip jumped to Gia turning around, in the shower, grabbing Paul and kissing him. The clip ended with Gia guiding him down into sitting position in the shower. Gerald exhaled slowly. “I shouldn’t be watching this,” Gerald stood, leaving his room. Ten seconds later, he rushed back into his room, sitting at his laptop searching for another video. This was a definite R-rated, straight-to-DVD, release. Gia’s character, a college senior, was sitting around a campfire with other people who, like Gia, looked to be in their 30s – a bit older than college students. They were all drinking booze.

I didn’t wash his cum out once we were through. It drips down my legs, bit by bit and awkwardly. I had to wear three varied-style panties, just so to stay off from making a noticeable scene. She sighs out in relief. Julie coughs unexpectedly. I think she is mocking me. Miguel sounds over the moon with his latest accomplishment. I am happy that I have at last fucked a beautiful creature like you, Phoebe. You played hard before I was finally able to sneak my dick into your pants. Now I have made my conquest. You are mad, dude. Yes, you have finally succeeded in sneaking—or is it sticking? —your handsome dick into my pants. I didn’t know your dick tasted sweeter than sugar. What must I call it: Sugar Miguel? He snorts back at me, rudely. Sugar Miguel: That is your moniker for my penis? Girl, you are so dumb and low at the same time. Why don’t you call him Sweet John or Sweet Jake instead?

“No,” she said, “This isn’t right,” but her feeble pleas didn’t stop me. She was so fucking wet, I had never tasted a pure ecstasy. If I could have bottled it up, I would be rich. He hips rocked. Between her baby’s sucking and my licking, her orgasim took her to unimaginable heights. She screamed so loud, I was afraid the police would come. How she didn’t hurt the baby, I will never know. It was amazing to be apart of. She begged me to stop, her breathing was so fast. As I backed away I sat across from her, watching her as she switched the baby to the other side. She watched me finger-fuck myself in silence, lust in her eyes. I was so turned on. I wasn’t done when she put the baby in the baby swing and turned on the TV and motioned me upstairs. When we reached the top, I tossed her against the wall, moving my hips in-between her legs, grinding my dripping pussy over her knee.

He nodded again as she lay back and slid two fingers deep inside, moaning softly as she pleasured herself while drawing inspiration from the knowledge that Dean was watching intently. His hand wrapped itself around his slick shaft as if were independent of his control, and jacked slowly but firmly along his length, a bead of pre-cum oozing from his slit as he reached the head. Katie easily inserted a third finger, moaning again as her own flow increased to ease the passage of her hand as she slowly stretched. She drew her hand back and folded her thumb into her palm before sliding back in, making it as far as the base of her knuckles. “Oh my fucking God! ” She hissed. “SO…FUCKING…TIGHT! I’m not sure if I can do this with the plug in my ass… tight! “Do you want me to slide the plug out Katie? ” Dean asked softly. She shook her head vehemently.

Dad took mom in her lap and gave her huge and tight hug for tonight treat. They both lied and grabbed each other like a mom is giving sleeping hug to her baby. Both are nude. Dad’s leg on her waist and he hided his face inside her huge boobs. Mom was gently squeezing his ass cheeks and sometimes creasing his ass lining too. I think they did fuck session before I reached and this was treating before sleep. As usual I need your valuable comments? As I discussed in my previous story, my mom Linda (my sweet mom) turned to a slutty bitch. She was always ready for my dad and whenever they got chance they begun to start playing their sex games. I saw them many times being fucked, sleeping in each other’s arms, talking nasty. It all played huge role in making more tempted towards her. Dad liked eats her ass most and this was the reason that I saw her nude ass more times as compare to her pussy.

She nodded and began to hump back against my strokes. Within a minute my penis swelled even more as I shoved all the way into Sue and fired cum ball after cum ball into her. That caused Sue to have another organism during which her vaginal muscles squeezed and milked me for every last drop of cum. Sue and I were completely spent and drifted off into our own spaces to enjoy the afterglow. Jen licked the extra cum off of both of us, got dressed and then helped both of us get dressed. We put the rec room back together, collected the pizza remains and headed off to my bedroom. We spent much of the night discussing our feelings and reactions. When I was 14, my parents and I had several discussions about my sexual orientation and how I might plan to live my life. We had already decided that since I looked like a girl, I should continue to dress and live as a girl.