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Kimberly’s mouth dropped open, fear of being outed sent cold chills down her spine, she begged. “Alyssa. Please don’t tell my father. The girls fearful plea hit home with Alyssa. She knows Kim’s ultra conservative homophobic father would surly freak. Keeping her eyes on Mary, who’s still sitting on Kim’s lap holding her bloody nose. She told them both, with sarcasm in her voice. I won’t tell your father’s…. She turned and walked away, before opening the door she gave some advise. “Hey Mary, put some toilet paper on that nose, then tilt your head back. It’ll stop the bleeding. My dad taught me that. She walked from the bathroom grinning from ear to ear. It wasn’t so much about the fact, she just got even with Mary and Kimberly. But seeing Kimberly leaning back with her legs spread, letting Mary eat her pussy. It provoked her curiosities of experiencing another girls, lips tongue and hot breath between her own legs. As she walks back to math class, memories of the night she and her mother sipped wine, and watched DVD movies from her stepfathers porn collection come to mind.

Alison began sliding her cock in and out and it got a little more insistent as we deeply kissed and our hips moved in unison to fuck me deep. Harder and harder, until Alison started to pound my wet pussy. “Ooo wonderful” I moaned, as she replied “Yesss the end of the phallus inside me has my pussy tingling”, as her pace quickened. I noticed out of the corner of my eye, that Joelle was still sitting, legs akimbo, still taking photos, BUT, I stared at the pink cock that was sticking out between her thighs ! “God,… look, Al” and she gasped when she took in Joelle’s rigid phallus. “Oh Jenni…you may be in trouble here, and serves you right…… holiday lover indeed! And so she did, pounding away at my cunt, my legs high in the air, my own strap-on filling my insides. We both moved, and I sat on top of Alison impaling my fuck- tunnel on the cock.

Mike was tempted to fuck her as soon as they got home, but that wouldn’t be the best thing to do right now. He needed to give her new pleasures and he gave her pain, it was the only way she could learn to associate pain and sex, a needed component in a master/slave relationship. Mike told her to go to her room and await his arrival. He made her wait almost an hour before he came up. “ There is a room that connects to this room through that locked door. We need to go in there now.” Mike said. Taylor for the first time was scared. She knew that this time was coming, but she had but it out of her mind. As they entered the room, she saw special tables, wall and floor chains, a machine with a dildo on it, and lots of other BDSM torture equipment. Mike took Taylor over to a wall that had restraints coming down from the wall and from the floor.

“Well….I guess boys think we care if they have a smaller penis, but most are about five or six inches when erect and that’s more than enough to feel good inside a woman. In fact, a penis that is too big can hurt. “Does it hurt the first time….I mean…when you go all the way? Ok. Cindy’s mom was now certain her daughter was still a virgin. She had heard Kim ask her if she was and heard Cindy say she was, but now she knew for sure. She looked at her daughter with compassion and love. “Cindy, it might hurt, but under the right circumstances it doesn’t hurt much at all. Cindy was in awe of her mother’s calm and compassion. Here they were taking about the most intimate of acts, and her mom was actually not embarrassing her or getting angry or anything bad at all. This was great. “Um…what do you mean prepared properly?

Thsi was too much and I could feel that ominous tickly dick and balls feeling we blokes get before we start totally losing all our faculties. Helena could taste my precum as she started to suck harder on the end of my dick. I wanted to fuck her again and I pulled away and lay on my back. “Hop on” I said and she speedily hopped up onto my cock. At last I had the opportunity to suck on her tits and her wonderful small nipples were a joy. Helena was busy bouncing up and down on my cock when Paul said something to her in her native tongue and she smiled and started to dribble huge globs of spit all over his cock. He rubbed it into his cock and then walked behind her, spat into his hand and rubbed it into her arsehole. She smiled again at me and leant forward resting her head against mine.

She may see it less a mark of your ejaculatory prowess or manhood than a mess to clear up. Like we said before, a good lover makes the effort to make sure his partner is satisfied before he is. A man who gets up after he’s done the business and sets about his daily routine is probably top of most women’s sexual dislikes. For her, this is a special time when a woman feels very close to her partner. She takes much longer to come down from sex than a man does, she wants to know she’s loved and special, and she wants to feel adored by the man to whom she has just given her most precious asset. The very least you can do is to spend a half hour or so cuddling her while you relax after making love, even if you’re not going to spend the night with her. And since sex inevitably involves a certain amount of fluids, keep the tissues handy for afterwards. If you feel like being chivalrous, offer her a warm towel to clean herself, especially if you aren’t using condoms. And if you’ve got any more sexual tips for sexual success, send them to us at the email address in the box below.

My cock started to throb! I sighed and gasped as I looked at her. She just smiled. She handed me her digital camera and said, “I want real pictures this time”. I began to take photos of a sexy girl that I couldn’t believe was my sister! She began to pose as I took pic after pic of her! She took her robe off as I watched in awe of her absolute beauty! I said as I took pics. She smiled as she took one strap of her top and began to slide it down her arm! My mouth was watering. Then she took her top completely off! That was the day I fell in love with small tits! I love them small! I just looked at her small pointy brown nipples as she looked at me with so much lust! She did so many sexy poses that I was hard as a rock, and didn’t care if she saw my growing bulge!