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On the other hand, she had less freedom than any other woman in the household also. David liked his girlfriend to keep close by, practically at all times. Since first becoming David’s slave and girlfriend, Virginia’s expertise in giving oral sex had increased many times. This was true in both the female and the male oral enjoyment. All but David’s mom desired Virginia’s mouth between their legs. And she was used this way more than any other by her boyfriend. David groaned pleasantly while holding Virginia’s head above his lap as it moved rhythmically up and down. The older woman smiled towards her only son and pulled apart Samantha’s buttocks so he could see between the youthful crack. There was no “Toilet Water” in the air and the mature mother used the young teen more for her son’s visual enjoyment than her own sexual pleasure. Sitting back upon the couch, naked and looking sexy, David’s mom had strapped on a toy they had purchased a few weeks ago.

So I looked down and saw that it was completely out there, and when I looked at my boyfriend, I saw him looking at it and felt his dick throb a little. He helped me cover up at the same time I started to kiss him again and when he pulled my sleeve back up, he brushed his fingers over my boob making me moan in his mouth again. When we stopped kissing this time, I just looked at him and grinned, it was just in time too since our appetizers and drinks came out. I wasn’t twenty one yet so they weren’t alcoholic which was perfect because I wanted to be sober. “So, what’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you, it has to be sexual.” I sighed while we started to eat our appetizers. “You really wanna know? “Of course, if you want I can go first.” I said making him smile. “Sexy women first.” He sighed while we ate.

I have the edge- I almost yelled -I’m wearing jeans! Who got the edge now? Perhaps I am sexy instead of slutty da? Sara caught me staring at her- what? Sara asked- are you gonna stand there all night? I looked at Kim and then at Sara, wtf? I fixed my jeans and sat down next to Sara on the floor; she opened another beer and passed one to Kim. Hey -she said, – I asked what do you think? Oh so it’s natural and there’s nothing wrong with it right? I don’t know I thought one thing would lead to the other and you know.. I was going to let you have sex with me? Kim and at me . Take it easy Sara- Kim said, she hadn’t moved and I couldn’t quite read her, she was calm. What do you mean it bull? Have sex with him! You know I love you right? Do you want this? We continued to have sex on the floor, I held her tight and she did the same. Well your dream came true didn’t it? Well did you like it? I did,I loved it, it was excellent, best first time sex ever! I touched her and laughed as well, I was getting horny again. This is the end of the first chapter in my life, a lot of things happened between my sister and me, she taught me a lot when I was a kid. The sex continued and eventually it involved some unexpected members of the family, but that’s for another time., give me your comments and tell me what you think If you like it I’ll continue .

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“Morning Alice” I said as I bent down to kiss her head. She turned slightly to offer her check rather than be kissed on the head like the younger children. My lips touched the softest skin I have ever felt and she smelled of fresh flowers and youth. “You smell nice” said Alice as she gently inhaled close to my neck, “you smell like lemons” she said quietly. I told her she smelled lovely to and turned a little red faced in search of food. I half wanted to say that I smelled nice because I’d just eaten out my wifes pussy. The day was fantastic and the Italian countryside lived up to all expectations. We all managed to get to the right village in our convoy of cars and spent a great morning exploring the back streets and buildings. I had lost track of Martin, Sue and the kids before we left and it was only in the main Church that I caught up with them.

“Shove it to the back of your throat. Shoving his fingers inside her rectum, he lifts her buttocks up higher and kicks her legs farther apart. Swinging long, the leather crashes into her delicate female parts, pushing her forward and shoving the cock down her throat. “More. I want more Master. Please don’t stop whipping me.” Her cries are muffled and distorted by the butt plug down her throat, but he understands every word she said. After the plug is buried deep inside her rectum and inflated to its max, he dries her hair, brushing until each strand gleams under the bright lights, and then fastens it into a pony tail on top of her head. He massages exotic oils with millions of gold specs deeply into her flesh; every part of her body is carefully oiled, revitalized, and with a sensuous golden glow. She is ready to begin her training.

Possibility of air getting into (and out of) the vagina – referred to in some parts of the country as fanny farting. On a more serious note lax muscles and ligaments can lead to a prolapsed womb Things you can to do to help tighten a loose vagina? Pelvic floor muscle exercises are one most favored option among women. Tighten the muscles at the front of the lower part of your body – as if trying to stop yourself urinating , hold this contraction for 10 seconds then relax – repeat and keep up for 5 minutes. Do these 4 times daily. If at any time you feel pain stop immediately. In contrast we have women who believe their vagina too small. Statistically this is most unlikely. Problem with tampon insertion After an examination has been given for the above mentioned symptoms, women find much to their amazement that their vagina is of normal-size. Cause for this confusion is nearly always connected to a condition called vaginismus. It is a regular condition that makes the vaginal muscles contract when intent to make contact with the genitals is made. You may be given an internal examination to make definite prognosis. 5 Pain when inserting a tampon, finger or penis The frightening thing about this condition is the woman can do nothing to stop it because the symptoms are entirely involuntary. Whereas the size of the vagina we do have control over.

It is time to get up because she has to go to work. Obviously Davine loves her pampering in the morning and makes sure she is always looking good especially now she had to ensure she looked very sexy just in case the same situation with Vinny happened again. Like always she ended up doing daily tasks and she always make sure that things are done right because she is the perfectionist type and she does not like disappointing her boss. Around 10.30am the phone rang so her first reflex is to pick it up on the other end was her boss. “ Hi Davine I just got a phone call from last week client Vinny I think he is called. He told me that you have not fully finish to sort out the issue you were working on so he said that he will be poping in an hour to try to finish the file”.