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Date: December 1, 2019

I was so horny now I’d forgotten I was within my sister’s domain and shouldn’t be doing that in there but I didn’t really give at the moment. After a few strokes I heard the shower turn off in her bathroom connected to her room. In a panic, I started shuffling my pants to pull and button them, and I accidentally dropped her laptop! “Noah, what are you doing in here? “Yes, fine, but don’t come in without knocking or wait until I come back in next time.” I saw her glance at her laptop with a worried face, hoping I hadn’t seen what she was doing with it. She took my hand and walked me out of her room. Before she turned around to close it her eyes flicked down and caught my hard dick bulging in my pants. I thought I saw her give a naughty smile as she turned away to close the door but I wasn’t sure. I was just glad I hadn’t been caught masturbating to her porn and that she wasn’t too mad at me. While she was helping me with my work, I couldn’t keep my dick under control.

I wanted to be on top, but he was getting ready to cum, so when he told me he was about to cum, I pushed him back, dropped to my knees and slid his dick right into my mouth. I sucked his dick for at least a minute, and when I had his dick all the way in my mouth, he lost it. My lips and nose were pressed against his stomach and his dick was almost in my throat when he started to cum. I swallowed it all and kept sucking his dick until I had all of his cum in my stomach. Once we were done, he helped me clean up, we got dressed, and we started making plans to do it again. So yes we did have sex again, in fact, we had sex a lot. And when I found out that his wife found out about us, I started to freak out because I just knew that she was going to kill me for having sex with her husband.

I picked up the towel draping over my dresser Montana must have used and dried my damp breasts and pelvis before putting on a fresh pair of clothes. I walked from my room to meet Ean coming from his. I pulled myself into his body and just hugged him. I drug my eyes across his shirt to wipe away the wetness and pulled back. Ean let go his grip and stood still silently waiting on me. I wanted to take his hand and walk with him down the hallway to the living room but I didn’t want Montana to see me holding it. I didn’t want to intimidate her. I needed her to help Ean. I walked on alone. The pizzas arrived and because Montana and Bentlee couldn’t agree on one of our movies, we ended up just talking randomly as we ate. I wondered how hard it was for them not to talk about Crystal.

It smells like someone urinated in it about a week ago. “ Yeah, it sure does, it’s pretty rank. “ Gary, let’s leave, I don’t care for this at all. If it was clean, it would be a different story but this is just to much. Just then Roland’s cock came thru the hole. “ Roland, can you hear me? “ Roland, I don’t like this place, it smells and it’s dirty. We’re going to leave. Why don’t we go back to the motel and I’ll suck you off in the room. Is that OK with you? “ OK, if that’s what you would like, I’m OK with that. We left the bookstore and drove back to the motel. I was driving, Barbara was sitting it the front seat, and Roland was in the back. Barb turned around and said, “ are you still hard? Roland un-zipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Barb turned sideways in the seat, reach into the back and started stroking Roland’s cock. “ You sure are hard, I hope you have another big load ready. “ Barb, I do, you’ll see.

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about female orgasms is that they are all created equal. The truth is that not all orgasms are the same: they may all be equally pleasurable but they are generally arrived at through different means. Basically, there are two types of female orgasms: vaginal and clitoral. In this chapter, we’re going to briefly discuss both types. This will provide you with some background that you’ll need when we can begin experimenting with orgasm-producing techniques a little later in the book. As you’ll recall from the first chapter, this type of orgasm was the only type Freud and other men of his time felt to be legitimate types of sexual pleasure for women to experience. Unfortunately for women, only about 20% can receive an orgasm through vaginal stimulation alone. The other 80% need something a little extra. Before we get into that, let me explain exactly what we mean by vaginal orgasm.

She sucked hard enough that one ball was entirely in her mouth while the rest of sac was being tugged. Her hand ran along the flesh of Kent’s inner thigh. He moaned as he put his hand inside Bridget’s skirt attempting to remove it. The thrill of being naked in a limo made Bridget extra whoreish. “Fuck yeah,” she said before resuming her tonguing of Kent’s family jewels and playing with her hairless twat. Moving a bit lower, she stuck her tongue into Kent’s ass while her hand jerked his cock. Meanwhile Bridget could feel Janelle arm as Dewayne was eating that pussy. For Bridget, her pussy was twitching for a hard cock. She got in reverse cowgirl position. Putting her feet onto the leather seats as Kent reclined as much as possible, Janelle and Dewayne had a clear view of the action. Using her left hand, Bridget masturbated her clit with her left hand while she used her right one for balance. Kent pounded her cunt – the first man, other than Dewayne, to do so in over 4 years.

I found a few more of the balls for the game, but stayed in my bent over position for a few more seconds, squeezing and comparing the balls. I wanted him to have a good long look at my pussy, but ran out of reasons to maintain my “pose”. As I walked past him, my eyes automatically looked down at his groin, and now there was no doubt. He was definitely getting bigger. I threw the balls I was carrying into the pool and jumped in after them. I turned just in time to see Jeff toss the ball he was carrying into the water. I got a little closer to him as he bent over slightly and dropped the net into the water, close to the edge. We took turns trying to shoot the balls through the net from different angles and distances. Neither of us was overly good at it. I was trying to make sure the floating net stayed in the shallow end, so whenever I stood up my breasts would be up out of the water and in plain view.

Tina’s shaved pussy looked so cute, I just had to lean down and kiss her on her hairless pubic mound, inhaling the sexy scent, although it was a little fainter now that there was no hair to hold it. As before, Tina’s pussy was sweetish and tangy, and I scooped some of her juice onto my tongue and spread it round my mouth, so I could taste it properly. I ran my tongue up and down the outside of Tina’s shaved labia, licking the smooth skin, and tasting it, then I used my tongue to probe and taste the very opening of her pussy. The taste, and the scent, of my sister’s sweet pussy were making me so excited I could burst, and my cock felt rock hard in my jeans, begging for some attention. I was just about to start getting serious about trying to make her come by gently sucking on her clit, but I lifted my head from her pussy, and said, “Yes?

Where do you like being touched most? What does it feel like when I touch you like this? Would you like me to massage your lower back? Throughout the massage, remember to be mindful of your partner’s body. If you feel it relax beneath your hands, your strategy seems to be working. If it feels tense, check that your partner is comfortable with continuing the massage, and continue asking them what feels best. No matter what happens, the key is to direct all of your attention towards the massage and to keep communicating. Conscious Communication When 15 minutes are up, slowly withdraw your hands. Now, you’ll reflect together and both describe a sensation that was particularly memorable. ”, followed by a word picture of the warm, soft, tingling or tense feelings you experienced. By sharing your perceptions of the massage with your partner, they’ll recognise that you were present for each and every moment – both physically and emotionally. And isn’t that what conscious connection should be all about? How to Make Sex Better through Communication in Touch And there you have it: if you want to learn how to make sex better for you and your partner, all you have to do is to try this simple exercise. Whether you’re giving each other massages or are discovering the world of sex together, the key remains the same: linking conscious communication and conscious touch. By putting this basic principle into practice, you’ll be able to tune into each other’s bodies and experience pleasure like never before. Author Plate Juliette Karaman-van Schaardenburg is a director at TurnOn Britain and a qualified OneTaste coach and Orgasmic Meditation trainer. She works with both couples and singles, teaching them how to make sex better by tuning into their body and intuition.