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“I got my psychology degree! “Over twenty years ago ….” Todd muttered, but decided to let it slide. “So how would this work? Michelle was still miffed, but slightly mollified, now that Todd seemed to be on board. “So what if I’m horny and she isn’t around? “I’m still trying to picture this. So we go out for a nice romantic evening, we get home, you go to bed, and I go to Nicole’s room? Todd shook his head in disbelief, but knew that arguing with Michelle over this was a losing battle; she had already made up her mind. “Where is she now? “And you came back to come to bed with me? “Yes. Like I said, I enjoy the companionship. They continued discussing it, and while Todd wasn’t exactly sure about how it would all work out, he had at least agreed to give it a try. When they arrived home, he immediately went looking for Nicole, and found her by the pool. “How do you feel today? ” She asked him.

As she did, I removed my top. When she turned she was surprised. When we got to her room, she moved to her closet, and I took off my jeans and wet panties. I was on her bed, rubbing my lips when she returned in shock. I padded my hands on the beds. I kissed her again before she could finish and then offered her my wet fingers that moments ago had been inside my cunt. “No problem. See…whatever you want.” (A sneaky little trick I play to help relax newbies.) I kissed her neck and then her right breast, hoping for another taste of warm milk. I love first-timers, they are so sensitive and wanting. I moved in-between her wide open legs. I turned on the cute pink vibe and slide it in me first. It purred nicely inside. I spotted a look of disappointment on her face. I smiled and winked back and removed it from me only to place it immediately inside her waiting, wet, fuck hole. She moaned as I slipped it in and started to gently fuck her with it. “Harder” she said. I increased my rate.

My sister came to me while watching the erotic scenes on TV and of her brother, she put my cock in her hand and embraced me, then she started kissing my lips. My sister pushed her tongue deep into my mouth and sucked my tongue and I sucked her red lips and tongue while she was pressing my big cock. After a long deep kiss, I took off her shirt and her bra. And by seeing on the tag I came to know that she had got the tits of (c-cup) with the size 34, her narrow waist was about 28 and her butts were about 36 in measurement. The two beautiful boobs of a teenager girl, who is my own sister, were before me. They were not very small and not very large rather they were perfect sized boobs. The nipples were pink and her areola is bigger than a coin. I sucked one nipple in my mouth and pressed other with my hand. She moaned and sighed, “Ah, Ah, Ah, Sunny bro, suck and bite my nipples”. I sucked and bit her nipples hard, chewing them with my blunt teeth’s.

I stood there, still dazed, and watching my sister get attacked. I began removing my armor, and I dropped everything onto the ground until I was in my underwear. They tore her clothes off, exposing herself in her panties and bra. One monster took its hand, and placed it against Dana’s heart with an evil smile. Dana’s eyes widened while the other monster still held her arms, and the other ones held her legs. The monster pressed her fingers at Dana’s heart, and she looked down in worry. The pressure was getting intense, and she began to scream in horror. The monster’s fingers slowly dug into her chest, drawing blood out. Dana squint her eyes and screamed in agony while the cold fingers continued to burrow into her chest. The fingers slowly sunk into Dana’s chest, and she began breathing fast and watched with a shocked look in her eyes.

The other night had been a little different, Nicole had been upset, and he had been comforting her when things just happened, but now, with Nicole just sleeping there, it seemed … wrong. Michelle reached around from behind him and began stroking his cock through his underwear. “You feel pretty sure. And with that, she turned and left. Todd laughed to himself over how surreal this was. He climbed into bed behind Nicole and pulled her pants down before maneuvering her legs open to expose her pussy. He pulled off his underwear and tore open the condom wrapper before unrolling it on his cock. He lay down behind Nicole, and tried to push his cock into her, but she was dry, and too tight for him to slide in. Shit. What was I thinking? Todd briefly wondered if this was too much trouble when Nicole stirred and looked over her shoulder at him. Todd grinned sheepishly. “Yeah. “Don’t be. That’s why I’m here.” She pulled her pants all the way off and threw her legs wide open and rolled on her stomach before closing her eyes again.

Four weeks go by and Kelly has yet to deep throat him, but she is getting close. Kelly and Richard have also been experimenting with role playing. Kelly is sometimes a little girl in pigtails with a large lollipop, or a school girl who has been bad, or a candy stripper nurse. They’ve also played the babysitter role and the exchange student role. It’s all been quite a lot of sexual fun for both of them. One afternoon Kelly shows up at his house again. “Yesterday my girlfriend just showed me a porn site on that new computer internet web thing. The porn site is called ‘Kelly’s Playhouse’ (oddly enough),” she tells him. “She said that the girl in the pictures and videos looks just like me. I told her that she was crazy. “But I’ve got to be honest with you. It was me and you on that porn site. Who could have taken those pictures and videos? Richard pats her on the head and tries to calm her.

” was all that slipped between his lips before she planted her back in place. With her hand still wet from her own juices she began to slightly move her hand back and forth along his cock. In no time he was moaning into her mouth the feeling growing in his groin, having been so close to coming before she showed up, he felt he could pop at any second. Sara must have felt his dick begin to grow in anticipation of spurting and released her grip on him as she pulled her lips back. “Not just yet I’ve waited a long time for this and I’m not going to let you ruin it by Cuming that easy.” She declared as she dropped to her knees. “Oh Fuck Sara I’m gonna cummmm! ”john yelled throwing his head back in ecstasy. Johns cock exploded with rope after rope of hot spunk into Sara’s eager stomach.