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Do you want just a bed buddy, or do you want more? “ Barb……. Right now I think I want more, but I’m scared……. So many what if’s…… what if I can’t give you what you need or want……. Or I do and it’s not what you thought it would be? “ Look Josh…… I’m not Deb…… I’m not about to do that to you……. “Why would you say I wouldn’t want to be seen in public with you? Look around this place……. You are the prettiest one here……. I have always enjoyed being with you outside the bedroom.” He said. “Look Josh…… I am not asking for a commitment tonight……. Josh sat there and thought to himself. “Damn…… Why does life have to be so hard at times.” Part of him wanted to end dinner right then and there and take her to her apartment, and then just go home. But then, he did like her, liked her a lot. Probably more so now, then when they were together before. Not much was said after that. They both ate in relative silence, except how the food was and little banter about Amy and Brian.

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She was not very used to wear suspenders underneath her dress but it really made her feel sexy and a bit sluty at the same time. After managing to get a pass from hubby, she set off and aimed to reach her final destination hopefully in time, fortunately she had the Sat Nav that pretty much took her there without problem. When she arrived at the car park she could see in front a beautiful massive old Manor that was all illuminated in the dark. Being so intrigued Davine asked Vinny:” What is going on with all this fancy dress code”. Vinny calmly replied to her: “Well you see Davine tonight is a very exclusive meeting where people of the high society come to meet and have fun together. This is why there are some very specific rules that have to be respected at all times. You are not allowed to take your mask of and ask people who they are, everybody tonight is anonymous.

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I was shocked with I started getting ‘friend’ and ‘let’s chat’ requests from many young ladies in their early and mid 20’s wanting to hear from me, but none were really close or my age. Some included sexy pictures, some headshots and some no picture. I answered each of them and said that I would like to get to know more about them and maybe meet sometime. Ashley was the one that caught my eye the most. She was an attractive girl in her mid 20’s and she said that she preferred older men the most. We exchanged several e-mails. I sent her more pics of me and more information and ideas. She said her camera was broken so no more pics from her other than the one headshot that was in her ad. She promised more later. Ashley tended to ask more questions than she answered or than she would give me more information about her, but things still seemed to be going in a positive direction.