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He didn’t know but he knew he had to make things right somehow. Harry got home around six o’clock that evening. He had got James a present which he was fairly happy with considering the circumstances under which he had to buy it. He was sure that James would appreciate it and was satisfied with what he’d got. When he arrived at the front door, he noticed something peculiar. At the foot of the door, there was a brown paper bag with a note attached to the outside. Harry bent down and cautiously picked the bag up. He eagerly peeled off the note, the tape catching slightly on the paper bag, ripping it a little. He began to read the note, interested to find out what it said. Harry, I dropped by earlier today to give this to you but there was no answer so I assumed you were out somewhere.

He couldn’t imagine whom it may be at 8:30 at night. Had it been Amy, she would have just come in, since she had a key to the place, and the code for the smart lock he had put in place a few months back. When he opened the door, he saw Ronnie and Barb standing there. He hadn’t even changed from work yet, so he didn’t look his best. When he invited them in, he apologize for how he looked, since he wasn’t expecting company. As they came into the living room area, Ronnie told them both to sit on the couch. Josh though, offered them wine or beer, or anything else to drink. Ronnie stood in front of the couple and began to speak. “Ok you two…….First off I am happy you two have finally saw the light, so to speak…….. Look I love you both……. I love what we all share together, but now that you two are a couple, or at least, working on it, some things have to change……..

As I was looking at her hole that was like a leaking faucet I could see she was flexing her muscles and with every movement of my fingers her legs would tremble. It was at this point in the back of my mind I wished there was another guy here with us. Many times while watching porn I would jerk off watching a guys cock inside a woman and wondered what it would be like to suck his dick after he pulled out of her. I didn’t consider myself gay but I would definitely say I was bi-curious. Not only did I want to taste her but also I wanted to taste him. I always envisioned myself in a 69 position with a girl on top of me while a man was behind her sliding his cock in and out of her pussy. I would beat off with that image in my head thinking about licking her pussy and his cock and balls as he slid in and out of her.

Kelly has never seen anyone so crazy and vocal about sex. Peggy has no problem taking all of Richard inside her. She is whipping her head around and red hair is going everywhere. Richard, in the meantime, is grabbing her huge swinging tits and squeezing them with all his might. “That’s it, baby,” Peggy growls. “Mama likes it rough. Fuck me hard. Come on now, HARDER.” Peggy Bundy is having the ride of her life and she is really enjoying it. Once she’s had five orgasms, all in less than 15 minutes; Richard decides to stop. He hasn’t shot his load yet and wants to get on with things; so he can get Peggy out of here. When he explains his next intention and pokes his finger up Peggy’s rear end, she lets out a squeal. “Oh goody, there’s a bonus prize. This IS my lucky day. Without hesitation, Richard grabs some lube and greases up his tool. Peggy’s ass is fairly loose and he has no problem getting it in. As he drives more inside her, there is no resistance from this woman. “Yee Haw,” she screams.

Once he was done and pulled it out of my mouth, I rolled my tongue around in my mouth, tasting his come. I stretched my neck out a bit, braced myself and swallowed the come that remained in my mouth. ” I said, as I reached down and started to finger myself. I heard him leave and a few seconds later another man walked in. This cock was about the size of the first one. I was able to swallow a couple shots of his come, but most of it still ended up on the floor. Number five was smaller, about five inches, and uncircumcised. It was interesting, but not really much different than the others. I swallowed probably half of his come. By number six, my mouth and jaw were getting cramped. Luckily, he was also only about five inches. I decided this was going to be the last one, and it was now or never.

I moved away from the jet, and taking his left hand, put it right in front of the cascading water. He just stood there frozen, except for his right hand, which looked to be getting much more active. I removed his hand from the jet and repositioned myself, again beginning the rocking motion of my hips. The cascading water was doing wonderful things for me, I could feel my orgasm approaching. I looked over at Jeff. I was panting now. His jaw dropped, his mouth agape. His hand in the water had changed motions so that now even his upper arm was moving in a steady rhythmic motion. He looked at me in awe. He was now blushing, although it didn’t seem to affect the movements of his arm or hand. His blush deepened as he became more and more flustered. I began rocking my hips more and more forcefully against my wonderful water lover, and watched as the movements of his hand and arm became faster and faster. My breathing became harsher as I felt my orgasm rapidly approaching.

” Silva purrs. She is wearing a microphone so the crowd can hear her question. “What do you want me to do? ” I ask knowing it is no use to resist or protest. Better the known debasement than letting Eddie get creative. Silvia drags the chair to the front of the stage but confuses me by facing it away from the crowd. I blush bright red but comply and let Silvia pose me like a store mannequin. She puts her hand on the small of my back bending me over the back of the chair so my tummy is resting on the top and my hands are on the seat. “This is so humiliating! ” I whisper as Silvia moves her hand to my inner thigh encouraging me to spread my legs amid a chorus of wolf whistles. I am sure they can see my pussy from behind but thankfully the lingerie covers some of my butt. I’m not sure how I have any modesty left but somehow it still matters.