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You aren’t going to need them,” commanded Dr. Henry. Jim hesitated a moment then obeyed and walked over to where the Doctor was standing near his camera. “Jim,” Dr. Henry began. “Do you remember I told you that I want the husbands involved in this therapy, too? “You mean you want me to . “But I don’t know if I can . “Well, . . . “Listen, Jim. Your wife just completed one of the most incredible acts of sex that I have ever seen, and believe me, I have seen plenty of sex. She didn’t seem to mind that she had an audience. You just need to ignore the fact that we’re here and concentrate on Sarah. Can you do that? “Well, sure, . . “Ok then. When Sarah comes back, I want you to get on the bed and lie on your back. Then I want Sarah to get on top, ok?

That message gave me an instant hard dick. The waiting was awesome but torture. I of course have to go see this. I had seen Megan in the parking lot. She looked like all girl to me, and a sexy one at that. Shelly talked up a 3 some, I’m all for that….but a girl with a dick and a pussy? …this I gotta see. Friday night was here and we went in this Megan’s place. She had on a big white fluffy robe and had wine for us to drink. She looked hot and sexy looking. She sat next to me and said: “I bet your real curious about this, right Chad? ” I said yes but excited too. “I’m the real thing, not a Shemale or trans but a real hermaphrodite. I have both a pussy and a dick. Shall we all go have a look? ” she said with a smile. Into her sexy lit bedroom we all went. Shelly was all smiles as we all got naked and got on her bed.

The cups could only cover half of each boobs. He placed one of his hands on my breasts and was stunned. He pressed it slightly. I took his other hand and placed it on other. Now both of his hands rested on my breasts. His tender hands touched the exposed part of my boobs. I gave him some time to fondle. After that I opened by bra and removed it very very slowly. Finally I laid in front of him my bare chest with the huge set of knockers. He was thrilled. He placed both his hands on my breasts and slowly started squeezing it. He rubbed and moved his palms all over my breasts. “How are they monty? I smiled and placed my hands on back of his head. I slowly pulled towards me and Placed his face on my left boob. He kissed it all over. He kissed the Nipples. He bit it passionately.

“This is wrong, what if dad and Carol find out? ” I asked as the sick feeling returned to my stomach. “Kas, they are never going to find out.” He tried to assure me looking frustrated, however I was not so easily assured. “Fine.” He said after a long pause. “If you don’t want to then I’ll just go masturbate in the living room.” He said. When I didn’t respond he released me and walked down the hall into the living room. I gathered myself and went back into the kitchen to finish the dishes. The ice had melted into water and my iPod had dropped in the floor. I knew I had done the right thing but having him bring the topic back up made me feel guilty. As I placed a plate into the dishwasher I heard something. I paused and it got louder causing me to blush once I realized what it was.

Jenny said it never was a big issue with either of their spouses because they both selected non-possessive partners. Eventually the spouses were invited to join in and all six of them came to alternate their sexual experiences within their little group. Certainly one place could be in the court of public opinion should it ever get there. For most people, what they perceive other people MIGHT POSSIBLY think of them is extremely important and as with many other beliefs, that implicit fear can become very self-limiting. That was not true for Jenny and Max. They grew up not caring about any of that. Maybe that’s an important part of why they became leaders in nearly all their pursuits. I find it easy to make that argument. I confess I’ve read many incest stories on this site and generally find them to be pretty damn hot. I’ve often wondered why that is when the mere thought of incest with my siblings or especially my children seems utterly repulsive. I’ve talked with a notable sexual anthropologist who claimed many cultures outside our own have included sex with extended family members as an acceptable form of sex education.

And since we’re being honest…I couldn’t stop thinking about you when I got home last night. ” she asked with a smile that was more a smirk. I could feel myself blushing, but she giggled. “Mine were naughty.” My mouth was open again and I closed it again. “Well, since we like each other more than a lot, we should start dating each other, don’t you think? ” I said more loudly than I had intended. I whipped my head around to look at the woman at the register, but she appeared totally engrossed in her Danielle Steele book, “Yes” I repeated, but more quietly. “Good. Now you need to introduce me to your parents. And your friends.” She paused for a moment to sip her coffee, and I sipped mine. “Did you really learn how to kiss by watching porn? “Yes” I said after a moment. I was surprised at how easily I could say it. Weren’t women supposed to think that porn was wrong?

Then she asked if she could get pregnant. At the time I didn’t know that she was having her period so I said no it will be fine. She started to get undressed and so did I. I couldn’t stop staring at her tits and ass. I told her she looked gorgious. When I whipped out my cock she gasped. I told her that theres a couple different kinds of sex. There is oral and theres regular below the belt sex. I replied. She started blushing and asked if she could suck my penis. I couldn’t believe it. I told her to go ahead and use her tongue. She started to pump my shaft with her mouth. I could feel her tongue circle my head. I started to play with her tits and they got hard instantly. I started to harden so I asked if she would swallow my cum or spit it out.