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Date: December 3, 2019

Jake hopped off of the sofa too, his dick sticking straight upwards, slick with his mother’s saliva. Debbie said, getting onto the sofa. She knelt up, sideways along the sofa, and leaned over and gripped the armrest, wiggling her cute bottom in the air. Her anus was slick with saliva and was easily accessable between her spread cheeks, just above her cum-leaking slippery hot cunt. Jake said as he got back onto the sofa, kneeling behind his mother. He stroked Debbie’s buttocks, lightly squeezing those delicious globes, savouring the anticipation of journeying into his mother’s bowels. Her arse looked even more beautiful being framed by the white lacy garter-belt and stockings. Jake then lightly fingered her arsehole, easily slipping a digit up into her bum, making his mother shiver with pleasure. Jake pulled his finger out of his mother’s rectum and sucked on it, tasting the musky earthy taste of butt-juices on the digit.

It is the place you have always believed in. Even if you didn’t know it. Before you begin there are a few things you must know. First is that there is no law and order. You decide the law by what you know it should be, not by what you think it is. No physical sensation, good or bad, is blocked in The World. Nor is it limited by your gender, physical ability, or lack of understanding. There is no going back once you determine your identity. Only the truly wise will find a way to change it. Many thought they were but none have yet. No one is liable for your actions and the consequences but yourself. Your actions may or may not catch you. But we will not help you. No world agency will come to your aid either. A pleasant looking woman said all of a sudden.

“ I have done it a few times, but it isn’t the same as having a guy inside of you. It usually just leaves me wanting a man even more.” I said. “ Follow me Jenny, let me show you something.” she said as we preceded back inside and then up the stairs to her bedroom. Once we was there she removed a shoe box from under the bed and opened it. “ These are what they call dildos. They are shaped like a mans dick and come in different sizes and thickness’s. They also come in different colors. These along with a little lubricant like this bottle, will help you feel like you are having sex with a guy. It still isn’t the same thing, but in desperate times they defiantly do the job.” she said. “ Now I want you to strip down naked for me.” she said.. I was kind of floored by what she said.

Fear is a useful emotion. Growing impatient I took hold of her skirt and pushed it up. With her belt gone it was a simple matter to push the cloth away so I could see her underwear. It looked like she would start to object but I took hold of her hips and lifted her up. Watching her eyes as she again was reminded of my superior strength, it felt great. She started back at me like a scared rabbit as she felt my cock probing her sex, the only thing separating us now was her thin silk underwear. Supporting her tiny frame in my arms was not a real effort for me, but I had no free hand to do anything about her underwear. Smiling I ignored the underwear and thrust into her sex not caring about the cloth. Silenced like she was she could not make any audible noise, but I could see the surprise in her eyes as she felt more and more of me invading her sex while stretching the silk cloth wide. It took some moments, but eventually the silk gave away and I felt my self slipping deeper into her sex.

My fingertips rubbed across her nipple, I heard her take a sharp intake of breath, I carried on, figuring she will either push me away or she won’t. I pinched her puckered bud between my fingers, twisting slightly before transferring my attention to her other breast. By now in the video the old man had the girl naked and spread on the table as he stood over her stroking her cunt. Carol’s eyes were glued to the TV but she was breathing faster. My hand wandered lower, the shorts she was wearing had twisted round revealing at least half of her beautiful smooth pussy because of the gaping leg hole. I tentatively reached down, my fingertips lightly stroking her inner thigh but swiftly moving to her vulva, she moaned and pushed her hips upwards, my encouragement to venture further. The screen now showed the old man finger fucking her, with the volume up, his aggressiveness as he fucked her was loudly obvious by her moaning and squelching. Carol moaned and quietly said just ‘please’, I plunged two fingers into her soggy cunt to the knuckles and started mimicking the actor.

Mom was snorting through her nose as she sucked my dick as hard as she could. Finally, I was done and I did my usual woozy “Thanks, Mom” and collapsed back onto my bed feeling as if this was peak gonzo. Mom sat back gasping and licking her lips before she took another sip of water. Flat on my back, I gave her a thumbs up. I was completely exhausted and had no idea how the fuck I was going to get through my classes later on that morning and into early afternoon. Every limb quivered. Every muscle ached. My dick felt twice its normal size and completely numb. My balls weren’t aching any more but they sure as fuck were sore from the amount of spunk they were producing. The world around me felt strange. Like everything was in slow motion and had this weird hippy vibe to it. Don’t get me wrong.

Unlike any other addiction pornography is a secret addiction. And if your friends and family somehow come to know about this, it will be equally disappointing for you as well as them. And it has a long lasting negative effect on your attitude. Anyone from a student to a white collar executive, they might be bachelors or married, some want to check on their addiction and some dont want to get out of their addiction until its too late. It needs professional help as well as strong will to stop porn addiction. Pornography addiction is in addicts mind. Some people are consciously aware about the addiction while others dont. For addicts, pornography is like a hobby to watch and read porn material. There might be many triggers that kick start the desire to get involve in porn ranging from lustful thoughts, feeling of loneliness, insecurity about sex, curiosity about sex, and everyone have their own reasons. To overcome your addiction of porn you should involve in other activities that you love to do like music, dance, fitness, etc. Learn to utilize your time when you are feeling down, get involve in housework, or study, or exercise. You need to control your thoughts and divert them when you feel like watching or reading porn.

He gathers one entire breast into his two hands and twists it like wringing water from a towel. Winding it tighter, the skin rippling and her cries of pain encouraging him to twist the entire breast into a tight cone, and still the teat cup retains its hold on her nipple. When he releases the tit, her flesh unwinds and shakes violently; dark finger bruises and angry-red creases mark the pale flesh. He repeats on her other breast, then back and forth, twisting, squeezing, slapping, compressing, the pain in her chest is intense, overwhelming. If only he would do something else, give her breasts a break. They hurt a deep penetrating pain. But he continues. His obsession with cow teats is his only mission for the next few hours. And when he finishes, disconnects the tubes, and releases her tits from the table-vice, she cries at the sight of what he has done to her lovely breasts. He admires the roadmap of finger bruises and bright red stripes, and is particularly intrigued with her blackish-red plum-shaped nipples. He pinches them, compressing them between his fingertips, and she holds perfectly still but her facial expressions speak volumes.

It was their secret. Nickie had some interesting desires. My wife took Nickie into our bathroom, had her lie down in the tub, and then she squatted over her as she started to pee. Nickie was introduced to her first golden shower and she liked it. When my wife was done Kay peed on her own daughter from her breasts to her pussy. I just stood near the bathtub and aimed my stream to at her breasts. Nickie opened her mouth and pointed at it. I let a few drops enter her mouth before I pinched off the flow. She swallowed, looked up at me, and opened her mouth again. I peed in her mouth several times allowing her to either swallow or spit it out. She enjoyed a full bladder of my piss that evening. Nickie found out that evening that she could ask us or tell us anything, that she could try anything sexual, and that we would not judge her. At her request I finger fucked her and rubbed her clit until she couldn’t stand it any longer. Then she asked my wife and her mother to do it too. In the end she said I had given her the most pleasure.