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Date: December 3, 2019

She would definitely make an effort to write to him this summer, and hopefully they could spend some more time getting to know each other. Hermione waited until she was alone in her room before she gave in to the tears. Hearing about Harry’s summer just made her so angry! How could anybody do such horrible things to an innocent child? Her tears spent, Hermione sat back up and made a promise to herself. Harry Potter was her best friend, and she would stand beside him, always. She was glad that he had gotten out of that situation, though it was a blow to her belief in authority, to hear that Dumbledore had left him there, and then not even bothered to check up on him. She pulled out the book Harry had leant her, and smiled. Harry had sworn that Potions Making for Dummies had taught him more than Snape ever had.

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Her lucidity hangs by a thread and when Khan penetrates her, will break completely. The chances of her recovery from this single act of deviancy are zero. Rational thoughts no longer exist. She is irreversibly broken. Only physical needs remain and become her sole validation that she is still a human being. She knows she should somehow resist the animal from performing this unnatural act, yet her body demands that he continue. Ravished by Khan’s glorious tongue, she floats in a cloud filled with sensations that sparks life into her shattered mind. Scooping his food from her body, he digs his snout deeply into her canal determined to consume every bit of nourishment hidden within. Long licks inward to locate the food are followed by even longer strokes outward, curling his tongue like you would curl your fingers to scoop something up. His saliva thickly coats her buttocks and rolls erotically down between her crack and onto the bed linens.

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‘Yes. Yes. YES.’ Cum roiled through her overused sex, and then the nightmare’s bizarre twist engulfed her. She squealed as a demonic baby grew inside her. Amy awoke covered in sweat and realizing she had peed herself. The degradation seemed worse than ever. Early morning sunlight barely filtered in through the bars of the basement windows when the two Argenistani army officers tromped down the concrete steps. Both men were wearing their uniforms even if their morning hard-ons were evident for anyone to see. “Rise and shine, little cunts. Did you have a good rest? Anatoli frowned. “The two sluts both peed the bed.” He shook his head. The two soldiers proceeded to untie the girls’ restraints. Anatoli pulled Amy from the bed while Karzec took Vivian. The two girls were so stiff from being tied in the spread-eagled position for an entire night that they could hardly move. The men dragged their captives upstairs, turning on a shower in a dingy bathroom with faded, yellow tiles. As the two girls stepped into the shower they handed each of them a bar of soap and a small vial of shampoo.

“uhh Hello” I said. “Your early” she said. The girl was about five eight, my height. She had curly brown short hair, and green eyes. She had small tits, and a completely shaven pussy, something Holly didn’t ever do. This girl was completely naked, and aroused judging by the stiffness of her nipples, and the glistening of her pussy. “Who do you think” she cut me off by attacking my mouth with her tongue. She jumped onto me, wrapping her legs around me, and holding herself up with her arms, aggressively kissing and licking my mouth. After only a few seconds, she pulled back. “What the fuck are you waiting for? ” she said. She released her grip on my body standing in front of me now. “but I’m not who” she cut me off again “Fuck me now damnit! ” she almost screamed. I don’t know who she thought I was, but now I didn’t care.

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Do you want to know the sex of the child? I think it would be good to know that, don’t you? Easier to decorate the nursery, isn’t it? Okey-doke,” Dr. Salinzki said as the image of Anne’s uterus appeared on the screen. Salinzki studied it for a moment, and he frowned. “Um, Mrs. Williams? What’s the problem, doc? It appears to be that way. But the baby is still developing, so it might not come out that way. If you look here-” Salinzki pointed at the screen, “-you can see the penis, and here the testicular sac is forming, but it appears to be forming around a vaginal opening. So, if the baby is equipped completely like a man, you’ll sew up the woman parts? That’s one way of putting it, I suppose. And that, actually, is exactly what it looks like. Your baby is forming male genitals just fine, so the female genitals will not be fully formed when it’s born.