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Date: November 27, 2019

John was talking to Mary about Lisa, a secretary in his office. She was about to resign and no one really knew why. John had checked her employment history and found that Lisa had not stayed more than a year with any company. One of her friends, perhaps the only one, told John that Lisa is a thirty year old virgin and resigns annually to prevent any man from trying to date her. According to ‘second hand’ information Lisa was raised with classic, Victorian upbringing with supervised dating when she reached 16. She was prohibited from any kind of self-discovery or self-pleasuring which was considered religiously immoral. Also, her mother, a victim of sexual abuse by her husband, transferred her hatred of men to her daughter. Mary, never having met with Lisa, wanted to help her and consulted with the neighbourhood coordinator. Lisa’s problems are compounded by her age. He can help you formulate your plans.

” she asked giggling. “Jeez, like you have to ask! ” said Leila lying back against the pillows again. ” “Ah…yes good, good it’s fucking awesome.” She answered breathlessly as Fallon expertly thumbed her clit. Fallon wasted no time bringing her sister back to the boil, applying pressure to the sensitive clitoris nestling at the top of Leila’s very red and blood filled pussy lips. “Ahhh….oh…ohhhh… ahhh…shit…shit. I’m nearly there, don’t stop…yess…yesss…fuck meeeeeee…” Leila wailed as the intense pleasure from Fallon’s fingering quickly became just too much for her. I’m fucking coming again! ” She moaned as yet another orgasm broke over her lithe body even more powerfully than before. Fallon reached forward and with her other hand picked up the jelly. The fingers with which she had just been rubbing Leila’s clitoris now quickly spread her sister’s engorged pussy lips apart and she very deftly slid ten inches of the jelly deep into Leila’s over heated pussy in one go.

After it, a tipsy Jake said we got a second video. The women told us to put it in. We explained that it might be a little racy. No problems, they said. The first scene was of a woman sunning herself in the backyard. Her husband comes home to find her. They start to make out and remove their clothing. Kay said, “Wow. This is pretty exciting.” Soon, the actors were fondling each other. After the scene was over, Marc turned out the TV and announced it was time for bed. Kay and I quickly brushed our teeth and ran into the bedroom. We got naked and started to fuck. Through the wall we heard Jake saying, “You want my cock, don’t you!” Kim replied, “Yes. Give me you big hard cock now!” We also heard Marc and Cynthia above us going at it. Kay and I smiled and went back to our own sex. I got Kay off and she had me cum on her tits. We both licked up the cum. We lay there for a while. The house was quiet. Kay got up to get a drink of water. When she returned, she reported something interesting. The glowing TV drew her to the living room. In it she found Cynthia watching more of the video. The scene was of the three guys and one girl. Kay saw Cynthia masturbating. She had her pajamas off. She was squeezing her tits with one hand and fingering her pussy with the other. When the movie showed the guys Cumming on the woman’s face and in her mouth, Cynthia whispered, “Yeah. Take it all, slut. You love it, slut. Cum in her mouth.” Cynthia came.

I was struggling to contain my desire, and when I felt Nancy tease my secret entrance I couldn’t stand it any longer. I pulled Nancy to me and tried to get her to lick my sopping wet pussy. But Nancy was not concerned about my urgency and continued at her own pace. I pushed myself onto Nancy’s face and I knew that this was what I wanted. I needed this beautiful Japanese girl to lick at my sex, to explore me with her tongue, my hidden crevices and taste my juices. Nancy movements were unsure at first, knowing only that she wanted to taste my womanhood. She knew I was encouraged by my murmurs of pleasure that her actions caused. Nancy had an overwhelming desire to touch and feel me and she brought her hands up to caress my buttocks. She kneaded gently at my smooth flesh, spreading my cheeks until I knew she could see the deep shadowed cleft between them, and my puckered amber ring that nestled there. She startled me when she reached for it with her tongue, licking, and running the tip of her tongue around it, feeling my tight muscles react to her probing tongue.

Her tongue couldn’t penetrate my ass, but she sure did act as if she wanted to. We stayed is this position for over 10 minutes while our guy’s watched and hardened up for us. After Jennifer had got through with my ass hole, we all got offstage and walked down to our awaiting men. We didn’t know their names for protection reasons, but I had nicknamed them Mr. Thick, Muscles, and Shorty. All were quite cute and all about 40 and under. I went to my man and sat down in his lap. The next song had already started and we were going to dance on them while we tantalized them. We had them so turned on and in my man’s eyes was nothing but lust. When the next song started we kicked it up another step. We changed men and then we started showily dancing and stripping their clothes off.

Miles noticed that her fur box has been cleanly shaven ever since her arrival at the clinic. He wondered who was shaving her labia on a daily basis. I miss them playing their games with me. I miss them rubbing and kissing my honey pot. I can let you do the same things to me that my daddy and grandfather’s do with me at home? I’m pretty Doctor Spencer? I mean all the long hours that we have spent together alone in this big office of yours, you’ve never thought what it would be like to be inside of this (she pointed to her vagina) Doctor Spencer? Miles thought to his self, ‘She has no recollection that she has been here only a couple of months and in her mind she feels she’s been here for years. Kristen giggled and said, “You are a liar Doctor Spencer. ’t lie to me.

” Sara asked as she rested her hands on his chest. “What took you so long jackass! “I never though you would be into me. “I have wanted you since the third grade. With that she rose up onto he knees and with her right hand she reached back grabbing Johns prick. Sara rubbed the tip of his cock around her labia spreading his precum over her shaved lips. She pressed his tip against her clit and with a little pressure slid it back between her lower lips. Once she reached her opening she held it there for a second seemingly mentally preparing herself for what was to come. Sara lowered herself over his shaft slowly until she reached her maidenhead. John the whole while looking on in awe as she slowly teased him. With a decisive thrust down Sara forced John’s manhood through her hymen. Sara bit down hard on her lower lip.

You can call up the fuckin’ distributor! Carrie: Did someone say fuck? Charles: OK, people, calm down. Bob, you want to tell us how your week went? Bob: Ah, hi, my name is Bob and this is Sheepy-Poo. I guess I’m a sex addict. Group: Hi Bob, welcome. Charles: It does not hurt to admit it, Bob. That is the first step to recovery. Bob: Yeah, um, anyway, my week was pretty good. I bought a new schoolgirl outfit for Sheepy-Poo but it only came with one pair of knee socks. I tried to explain to the guy on the phone that I needed two pairs of knee socks. I don’t want Sheepy-Poo’s hind legs getting cold. Sheepy-Poo looked sooo good. Pete: Will you let up, it’s a fuckin’ inflatable sheep! Carrie: Did someone say fuck? Calm down. Let’s act like civilized humans. Bob: Thank you. Anyway, Sheepy-Poo looked so good dressed as a schoolgirl in her plaid skirt that I took pictures of me and Sheepy-Poo and put them on the net.

“No I guess they’re real Maddy. That’s probably why they work in porn. “But I’ve never seen one as small as yours. “I’ve never thought of mine as small Maddy. “Oh no David darling. I just mean small compared to the guys in the porn films. I just didn’t know such big cocks existed until you got me to watch porn films with you recently. I wonder what it would feel like to have such a big cock inside my little pussy. “I guess your pussy walls would stretch. “Oh wow. But giving birth hurts. It doesn’t seem to hurt the girls in the films, although some moan quite a lot. David, do you think any ordinary guys have cocks as big as these? “Now how would I know Maddy? “I’m just interested David. After all, when I married you I was just seventeen and yours is the only cock I’ve seen since I played with Peter when I was twelve years old. David you seem excited by all this sexy talk.

She was twenty-seven years old. Her dead husband was a good architect and he earned big money. Her husband died at a work accident a half a year ago. He was inspecting a construction site, when a metal rod fell off the scaffolding that was above them. It went through his chest and he died instantly. She got two large insurance settlements. So she was still staying at home with her daughters, but she planned to teach again next year. Her in-laws helped her quite a lot. They babysat for her and comforted her. We talked about our next dates and arranged three dates in case of an unforeseen emergency. Before leaving we told each other how glad we were that we met and we planned to correspond by E-mail daily. I knew I would never be bored with her. She had a fantastic personality. In this minute my present marriage was forever dead. I continued the robot life at home. My children noted something first that I was drifting away, but they did not know how far I had drifted from their mother.