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Date: November 27, 2019

A little more time and I shuffled my jeans down to my ankles. I held my feet up for him to see. I said, grinning back at him. As I lowered my feet, I kicked off my shoes. He continued watching the TV with a grin on his face. I was getting really turned on now. I don’t know why. I was never attracted to Jake and I’ve never been attracted to any guy before or since but there was something hot about this. It felt naughty and wrong and I think that’s what made it good. That and sharing an experience with my best friend I guess. It was great watching porn together and commenting on it. I replied, still Joking around. We sat in silence for a few minutes. My cock was so hard and pushing against my boxers. Eventually I thought “fuck it, there’s no need for Jake to know” and I pulled the flap of my boxers to one side and pulled out my rock hard dick, allowing it to be free under the quilt. My cock stood straight up to attention, causing the quilt to poke up. I wrapped my hand around it tight and attempted to keep it pointing at my toes. It seemed to get even harder after being released from my boxers. I held it there still for a few moments and then very slowly and discreetly began pulling back and forth on it and trying to hide the fact from Jake. After a while I began to notice more movement going on from Jakes lap. It seemed like he was wanking in a similar fashion to me. After a little while, Jake suddenly let out a little grunt. I knew now he was definitely getting himself off. He froze and looked at me in embarrassment. I decided to just break the ice. Should we take our boxers off?

“Ok sweetheart, you just relax.” She said reassuringly. And with that, both of them sat down on the sofa right next to me in unison. It almost as if it was rehearsed. My mom was on my right, Lyla was on my left. Without a word, Lyla took my face in her hands, turned me towards her and kissed me. It was rough and wet and excited. Like we were tasting something amazing for the first time. My mom took my cock in her hand and begin stroking slowly. I then I felt her stop, she reached up and turned my face towards her and crushed her lips against mine. Lyla took up stroking me. Then mom took her hand from my cheek and wrapped it around my shaft, above Lyla’s hand, and they began moving up and down together. Lyla grabbed my hair and pulled me away from my mom and kissed me again, just once, then she turned and kissed my mother! I sat and watched as the two of them made out inches from my face, while they each still had a hand jerking me off.

To my surprise, he started rummaging around in the glove box, which was completely full of crap and difficult to navigate. To help, he let go of the porn mag and used both hands to search. When he did so, the magazine slid off his lap and to the floor. His hard cock was clearly outlined in the crotch of his pants. At the sight of it I felt my cock stiffen a bit more and I, almost without conscious thought, reached between my thighs and squeezed my own cock, briefly. I quickly stopped the car and leaned across to the glove box. He’d really messed it up and I was awkwardly trying to use one hand to shove the junk to one side and dig for the jar of lube in the back. At some point I realized that my right elbow was grazing his thigh occasionally, but thought nothing of it. Finally I glimpsed the lube and reached for it. My reach and necessary repositioning caused my arm to bump into his cock, which elicited a surprised gasp from him.

You want them to have time to speak with you. You dont want them to have a reason to leave the room/house. Dont ask while he/she is driving and of course: dont ask while children are present. Before you actually confront them, ask simple, non-invasive questions to get an idea of their general attitude and willingness to talk in general. You will do this for the same reason that a person operating a polygraph machine might: to establish an idea of their “baseline”. So, for example, ask what they want for breakfast, or they have planned for the day…or anything else that they can respond to easily. Then just observe their general behavior. Once you finally confront the person, youll need to carefully observe their behavior. You can expect him/her to be defensive. They may become evasive and reply with something like, “What makes you think that? ” (trying to see where theyd slipped up). Or, they get indignant, “Why on earth would you say such a thing? ” or “Im offended that you would say such a thing! Often, innocent people will respond directly by saying, “Yes” or “No”. Cheaters are generally very uncomfortable about addressing the issue and may “explode” and become very defensive and angry. When confronting them, if may help to inquire about specific occasions when you -know- for certain what the truth is, so you can see if they are lying. This is where a private investigators documentation and report can come in handy because they can provide undeniable truth that can reveal their lies and deceits. Finally: Do not resort to violence. I cannot stress this enough. Criminal charges and possible jail time will cause you to suffer and will keep you from making sure the cheater gets what they deserve.

Kiki works away on the Sheriff, who moaned and thrust his hips spasmodically. Kiki let his dick out of her mouth and it spurted cum all over her face. She strokes the dick some more, and more cum went over her face. She looked just like she did in that video which started all this. The scene changed, and Dee said, “This is my favorite bit.” On screen, Rod was standing, arms outstretched as Dee menaced him with the axe. Dee was holding the bloody axe high and just about to strike, when Rod said, “Sis, its me Kevin!” Rod was playing Kevin, Maya’s (Dee’s character’s) sister, it had been more than hinted that they had an incestuous relationship. The camera focused on a close up of Dee’s face, which was mostly expressionless. Suddenly, realization dawned on Dee, the camera pulls back, Dee looks at the axe in her hands shocked, and throws it away.

She asked him if he was fucking her, and she didn’t remember it. He said, “Fuck no! Man you are getting so pathetic, I wouldn’t stick my dick in you, especially when I can get that new stock girl Julie to put out for me. You’re pregnant, so who the fuck you been getting dick from? He got mad at that, “You little cunt, I bet your spreading your legs for every guy in the neighborhood, and you fucking can’t remember it. I’ll teach you.” With that he punched her hard in the lower belly. She grabbed her stomach and when she could stand again, she went at him. I heard them argue a lot before but I never saw them in a physical fight before. She was a wild cat coming back at him again, and again. But finally he just laid her out with one final punch. I heard the crunch and then the thud as she hit the floor. He went over and kicked her hard in the head, just for good measure. After that she was still.

It weighed in at just under thirty minutes. “The Adventures of Brittany and Ted” Stephanie said. “How come it isn’t Brittany, Brandy and Ted” Steph asked, feigning jealousy. “Because we are the main characters” Holly said. “But I am pretty important too” Stephanie said, smiling. “Maybe we don’t want your name on it” I said, playing with her. “How many of these can we really make? ” Holly asked. “Well. We can do girl on girl with you two. We can do anal, just blowjobs, cumswallowing, strapons with you two, all the various sexual postions, tons of possibilities with the three of us, sex in the shower, in the kitchen, in the living room. We could get other people, like the sex club, or from the internet to join in in various ways.” I rambled on. “Okay we get it” Steph said. “Oh and masturbation” I persisted. “We get it” They all three said. Holly and I set up the two cameras in our bedroom. They have remote controls, so if we wake up in the night and want to have sex, we don’t even have to get up to turn on the cameras.

It was like watching porn live! My dick had softened, but as I watched and became more aroused, it sprang back up again. After several minutes of indulging in each other, they pulled apart and looked at me. “How’d you like that? “It was so hot! “Do you need a break or are you ready? ” My mom asked, as motherly as ever. “Oh I’d say he’s ready.” Lyla was looking at my re-hardened dick. She stood up and pulled down her thong. Her hairless snatch glistened. Mom moved over a little bit. Lyla stepped right in front of me and climbed onto my lap, putting her knees on the sofa on each side of me. The tip of my prick was pointing up, less than an inch from the entrance to her pussy. Mom scooted closer to me, so our arms were touching. She started lightly rubbing my chest and stomach, both our eyes were locked on my dick. Then Lyla simply lowered herself, and I slid inside. I have to admit, I thought it would feel just like being in a woman’s mouth, but it didn’t.

I then went down on him sucking his dick slowly. I didn’t want for him to come just yet. I wanted him to last and I wanted a really good sexual experience this time. After a few minutes he push me over onto my back and got me into what I now know is the 69 position. We ate and sucked each other for at least 5 minutes. Then I told him to stick his dick into me again. “ What if I hurt you again.” he said… “ I have a feeling that it will be better this time. He took his dick and entered me slowly. At first it did start to hurt but then it started to feel really good. With-in a few strokes I was totally engulfed in sexual bliss. We went at each other for at least 10 minutes and I had another orgasm. This time though I didn’t want him to cum inside of me. I asked him to come all over my body, and he did.