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Date: November 22, 2019

Agent Murphy hopes that the psychiatrist Dr. Miles Spencer of Camelot will snap her out of her Catatonic state and she will be able to tell them what happened that evening. Meanwhile the background story deals with the FBI and the LA Police department who are looking for the person or persons behind the multiple homicides. One of the other survivors of that evening is a one Farah Johansson and she has just been taken into protective custody as a precautionary measure to protect her well being. We pick up her interview also already in progress as well with Agent in charge, Special Agent Tom Murphy. So, there you go that should give you some help as well as some background. I understand that this chapter will be about ten pages longer than other chapters but I wanted to bring this portion of the story to a head. So without any further adieu…….. We return to Kristen Foster’s therapy session already in progress with her therapist Dr. Miles Spencer.

But once I grabbed my breast and started playing with them, he became mesmerized. He stood up and took off his shirt. I saw that he was sporting a hard on. I looked at his shorts and reached between my legs to rub my pussy. Giving him the final courage to take off his shorts and underwear leaving me with a delicious view of his young teen cock just a few feet from my face, fully hard and about 6 inches long. But I couldn’t just attack him. “Come into the tub baby.” He came into the opposite end of the tub and after he was settled in, I leaned forward and he came up between my legs, his manhood just inches for my pussy. I leaned in and kissed him. His taste was so good and he smelled so good. It went new life into my pussy and I was once again on fire.

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Watching me take a cock really turned him on. We agreed to continue with Frank as we both were enjoying it. From the way Frank fucked me I knew he was enjoying it also. All this talk about sex get us both horny again and hubby gave me a quick fuck. I still had all that cum in me from Frank’s fuck and hubby’s load filled me to overflowing. I had cum gushing from my cunt and running down to the crack of my ass. Thinking about how good it felt with two dicks in me at the same time I knew we were going to be doing Frank a lot. The next time Frank came over he was still nervous and did not seem to know how to act. He did not want to look me or hubby in the eye and made no mention of what went on the last time he was here.. Hubby kept trying to convince Frank he was OK with me getting fucked.

He held his legs together, hoping it wouldn’t pop out. Mainly because there was a woman sitting on him, straddling him. She was naked and avoiding eye contact – his mother. An assistant poured warm water on them, practically drenching them. It was to make them appear sweaty, as I they had been fucking all day. The scene was to start in the middle of Gia’s orgasm. Gia looked at Gerald, her hands on his shoulders. Gerald stared at them, mesmerized by them – his mother watched him and waited for the director. Gia startled Gerald by squatting up and down, screaming out. Gerald, kissing him, then continued squatting up and down, pretending to ride his cock. He didn’t do anything other than hold her waist and watch her tits jiggle. Gia cried out more, pretending to cum, throwing her arms around Gerald. A few seconds passed, Gia sat up, grabbed Gerald’s head and pushed his mouth to one of her breasts, “Come on, baby,” she whispered. Her nipple raking across his lips, Gerald quickly grabbed her breast and sucked on it as hard as he could. Gia threw her head back, moaning, while Gerald’s hand squeezed the other one.

We got chatting, he was telling me how busy he was with work. I asked him about his boyfriend, he said things were going well, then he told me that he was away for the weekend. He was home alone! I knew that if he really really wanted it, I could end up visiting him. If this was to happen I knew he’d have to get really horny. We got into some horny chat, I put on the cam and let him see me. Then I told him I was home alone. He started teasing me with the idea that I would go to him and be his boy if he wanted it. The fact that I was online for about 5 hours now, getting hornier and hornier allowed me to be more open than ever.. It was so hot. Also knowing that it would be completely discreet – no one would ever know.

I went to my job and we solved the problem after three long hours of hard work. This was the last problem before starting of the final half-year test period. I was sure we could begin the work on the Central IT System in January. We went home happy because my staff knew the fourteen hours a day and almost every Saturday hard work was over. We could do the half-year testing in ten hours workdays only. I returned to the barbecue, which was still going strong. I met my children, who were glad to see me and I started searching for my wife. I walked towards Rob’s garden and was stunned to find them behind a big bush hiding from the crowd. As I neared I heard them talk. Linda told Robert, “On Monday we can meet when you come home from work for lunch. I’ll go to our regular place.