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Having it deep in her throat. Her fingers began to move faster and faster, working her pussy hard, she began to tremble and moan, but then she was snapped out of it by a heavy knocking sound. She jumped, startled, crossing her legs, and staring at the door in front of her, then she heard it again. But it wasn’t coming from the door, it was coming from the next cubicle over. Her eyes darted to the other wall, the same. She lent forward and looked into the hole, she could see all the way to the end cubicle, she looked the other way to see how far it went, but she couldn’t see. A figure obstructed her vision. She could only see one part of him, and assumed that he had seen her masturbating by the fact that he already had a throbbing hard on. Her heart began to race, ‘oh fuck’ she thought to herself, ‘what do I do? She was panicking, but her pussy had other ideas, growing wetter and wetter at the thought of the guy in the next cubicle.

Her body trembles, feeling his thick member spreading her open. Once all the way in, he makes love to her. It isn’t lust this time, that’s what it was with Alyssa; although he does love Alyssa. The love he feels for her mother, is much stronger then his love for her. When he’s with Grace, he never calls it fucking, he calls it making love. He loves Grace, the word fuck seems to vulgar of a word to use when he’s showing his ultimate love for her. Grace feels the same, she craves their moments of passionate love making. And now tonight, more than any time before, she needs this feeling. She gasps feeling his thick shaft drive deep, then pull back, deep then back again. His cock strokes her deep within, a climax rolls over her body like a warm Gulf of Mexico wave. Her cunt tightens around his cock, her toes curl, her nipples tingle, her ears buzz.

He sucked gently as he let his juicy lips slide up and down Harry’s smooth shaft. He made use of his tongue, using it to sensually massage the pulsating organ. ” Harry moaned in ecstasy as he felt a wave of hot, slippery saliva drip slowly down his cock when Adam’s lips slid off of him and gasped quickly for air before getting immediately back to work. The pleasure was amazing. Harry and Adam were enjoying every intimate second of this steamy encounter. However, Harry still wanted more. He wanted to be fucked! After all that begging earlier he had built up an appetite. He loved getting his dick sucked but right now, he wanted nothing more than to feel his boyfriend’s hot hard penis, throbbing inside of his tight ass hole. The next time Adam came up for air, he made his move! Harry felt the head of his cock slip out of his boyfriend’s tights lips. It twitched with excitement. Before Adam had a chance to take his next gulp of Harry’s delicious meat, Harry latched his hands firmly onto either side of Adam’s pretty face and pulled him upwards.

She fears that her sadistic Master will force those objects in her for the first of many times if he sees them. Her tits throb as she connects the IV setup so he can super-size her breasts the way he likes them. She can imagine the “pin prick” as he inserts the IV catheter needles into her tit meat, and the sensations as the cold drops of saline begin to fill her breasts. She dreads it when he slaps her saline-engorged tits, slamming them into each other; the pain is a thousand times more intense. She lays out the breast pumps and connects the power cables but secretly hopes he will not make her pump. The pumps shape her nipples thick and long and wide making them extremely painful to be touched yet alone sucked or whipped or restrained. Her butt cheeks involuntarily clench and unclench as she setups up the enema equipment.

And wrapping both arms around her waist you lean forward on to her back. Drained yet still wanting more. Giggling you both help each other redress once again for the second time in less than half an hour. Smiling she touches your cheek and kisses you on the lips. “I’ll buy you that beer now. You take your time in the men’s room knowing she will be a few straightening herself up. Walking to the sink you wash and look into the mirror. Looking at yourself thinking really twice in half an hour shit what a good night. You leave the bathroom the bar has gotten more crowded as the two of you have been busy. “That blonde you joined bought you a beer and left you this note. “Thanks” you take the beer and the note. Disappointed that she is gone and didn’t say goodbye scared what the note will say and yet in the same token excited as to what it might be. You take a sip of beer and open the note and it reads….. Thanks for the great evening. I really enjoyed myself hope you did too. Babe on your way home please stop and pick up cream for the morning coffee as we are out. Smiling you take another sip of beer wave goodbye to the bartender and head out of the bar towards your truck. Wondering what is in store for you when you get home if she was that frisky at the bar tonight. Getting in the truck you smile fuck the cream she can drink it black it’s not the first time and you’re sure it won’t be the last. You race home to see what’s next and pay some attention to those waiting nipples.

Anyway I didn’t need porn when at school, I was wanking, cumming and generally being a sex pest with girls from school. I fucked a few of them as well. I went to college in my home town, so even there I already had my favourite spots to go to where I could carry on doing the same and quickly found out others in and around college too. As I was in a new to Manchester, I didn’t know the city, the parks or the people and it was a steep learning curve. I did find a very cheap pub near to my room where the beer was very good and very cheap but its patrons were all old men in flat caps but bereft of sexy girls. It would be a month or more until I was able to continue what I could do at home. I still needed to masturbate but after a couple of days of wanking over Sam Fox’s tits instead of some real flesh, left me frustrated to say the least.

” I looked down at her. “He has already seen them and watched you suck cock. I’m sure he would enjoy them as much as I do.” She rolled her eyes raised her shirt and squat down to the level of the waiting hand. He cupped and squeezed one then the other. Complementing her as he began to play with her nipples. She began to stand and you could hear the disappointment in his voice “Wait. If you won’t suck me will you at least give me a hand job? ” I’ll never forget the annoyed look on her face because it’s the same one I get when I want to fuck and she isn’t in the mood. She sighed giving an annoyed “fine”. It didn’t take a moment and an uncut cock came through the hole. She knelt down and began jerking him off. I soon became aware that I had never put my own cock away as I hard again and I began stroking as I watched.

Mimi walked around the house and marvelled at how massive it was. The producer walked over to her with wine. Mimi took the drink and smiled at him. “Would you mind if we took some pictures for your modeling? “Do you think that is ok? “Trust me it is going to happen. “Oh ok should I find some other clothes? The judge grabbed a camera and Mimi smiled. Mimi paused for a moment but did as she was told. She leaded and arched her back. She moved on all fours and flashed her cleavage. She slowly crawled forward very slowly. A bulge began to appear in the judge’s pants. He panted as he photographed her. “Try dancing a little Mimi. The judge put on some music. Mimi closed her eyes and smiled. She began to dance around the room gracefully. With her eyes closed she moved around the room as though she knew it perfectly. Her body floated like a feather to the music’s beat. She was completely calm. Dancing always made her feel like she was on another world. The music turned off and she stopped.

The cabin of the truck was quite large with a bench seat. He drove north out of town, across the interstate and up a two-lane blacktop. It was a winding road, with hairpins and switchbacks but finally we got to the top. There was a small parking area at the top. He pulled into to the edge of the hill. Apparently this was a popular area to come and watch the city’s submarine races. Laid out before me was a view of the little city, yellow lights flickering in the haze as if one was in an airplane coming in for a landing. “Some view isn’t it? “Yes, it is great.” We turned to one another and kissed. There in the little park atop the hill we necked like a couple of teenagers on a date. I opened my shirt and he sucked my nipples. The he took his shirt off and I sucked his tits.