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There can be different reasons why you would like to share your wife with other men. It is noteworthy and interesting to know why this fetish is enjoyed and is found pleasurable by some men. If you want to share your wife with other men, perhaps you have the fetish they call cuckolding. Originally, the word cuckold refers to a man whose wife has been unfaithful to him. Thus, being a cuckold seems to have a negative connotation. Apparently, times have changed; a word that was once demeaning to men is now a term from which some men derive their pleasure.What The Pleasure Of Sharing GivesDifferent people have different preferences and fetishes. Some men like their women to wear costumes and role play. Some men also find pleasure from other unusual things like feet, underwear, etc. Yet, what many of us will find really unusual is the cuckold fetish. This type of obsession occurs in men who are into a heterosexual relationship. These men feel pleasure and sexual excitement when they share their wives with other men; i.e. when they see their woman or wife having intercourse with another man.

The girls came and the girls went. The babies were all beautiful and they went to very good homes. Even though I had gotten older the girls hadn’t, they were always between fourteen and sixteen years old. By the time that I turned twenty-one I had fathered seventy-five babies by seventy-five different girls. Debra came back to us when she was sixteen because she was in love with me but Stella told her to go away. It had just been a job and that her services were no longer needed. Truthfully she was my first true love too and I had thought about her often over the years as I had fucked other girls. I told mom and Stella that I would stick around until I was twenty-five and then that I was going to look for Debra and start a family of our own if she would have me. A few weeks later Debra was back and became part of the staff. She became my fuck toy when I had no one else to get pregnate. She never complained once.

When our kiss breaks we both look over and watch the porn while I’m riding him. Seeing a girl riding a guy cowgirl we decide to try that. I get off him and he sits on the couch as I turn my ass to him and sit down on his dick. Now we both have a perfect view of the porn on TV as I start to go up and down on him. A minute or so later the porn ends with the guys cumming all over her face as we are still going at it. I reach down with my other hand and start to rub my clit very fast as his hands are on my breasts. I speed up on his dick and can feel another orgasm building inside of me. I lift my knees to my chest and lock my other arm under one of them and he locks his arm under the other leg.

The company does have a strict sexual harassment policy, I’m sure a lawyer sweated over it. They didn’t want to ban sex at work, it was part of the company culture, but it had to be done right. It has clauses like, “Except in performance of duties, affirmative consent must be given.” I was alright there, my duties were to serve the women, so I didn’t need to give consent. I liked that. Then there was “Unless a prearranged safeword is in place, ‘No’, means no.” I did have safewords in place, but I don’t remember ever wanting to say “No” though. But anyway, Jade lies back, and obviously wants me to fuck her, her legs are open, inviting me in, so I do. Her humongous boobs are on display, she’s looking overall, very tasty (and she is, I’ve already tasted her!) and tempting. I’m really turned on (from eating almost every girl I’ve met since I woke up this morning) and I still haven’t cum yet. This is not going to be a marathon.

Jade had a copy of the “Graduate Residential Handbook,” it had the rules including the one about no visitors (of the opposite sex) after one A.M. I guessed they didn’t know about the porn, or the lesbian sex. We didn’t stay long, Jade collected a few things and we drove back to the motel. That was a relief; the atmosphere in her apartment was really not conducive to sex. I had this image of Kiki and Jade sitting on the bed (fully clothed) holding hands and kissing like virgins. That’d be about as much as the rules allowed them. At the motel, Jade went to freshen up in the bathroom, as me and Kiki looked around. It was pretty spartan there, but it had a big bed; this was going to be fun. We were sitting on the bed (fully clothed), kissing, not quite like virgins, waiting for Jade, when we heard a splash and “Shit!” From the bathroom.

My own bra was itching me now, as my tits were so aroused and stiffly rubbing against its confining fabric. I uncoupled it and tossed it aside, but I kept on the last remaining parts of my school uniform – my white knee-high socks, and my flat-soled black shoes. I took a grip of Diane’s gorgeous ripe ass, kneading her butt-cheeks before sliding my hands down to their soft pale under-flesh. I leaned forwards and hissed softly in her ear, my breath caressing her cheek: ‘What d’ya want, huh? Tell me what you want, you fucking bitch, and maybe you’ll get it! Beg for it, c’mon you dirty lesbo cunt – beg me for it, you filthy lezzie pussy-slut, fuckin’ beg me to do you! Oh, Jesus, you’re so hot – you’re as hot as your fuckin’ Mom – so do me, yeah, like she does, fucking have me! You know what I want – please, please, do me, oh please! Yes, do me, hard, I want it hard, fuck me so hard, make me fucking scream!

Authorized by this, and thoroughly turned on now, Kelly stepped up to the plate. “Well if you want sexy, Big Boy, it’s right here in front of you,” cooed Kelly. John is cute. “Watch this! ” Her shirt undone in the front, tantalizing him with her bra still on, she undid her jeans, moved them ever-so-slowly over her hips, revealing the lacy ebony panties. She stepped out of the jeans and lifted one leg on the bed beside John. “Are you sure you’re okay with this? ” she asked again of Mary. “C’mon, look at me – what do you think? ” said her friend. Kelly turned again to John. ” she teased with her sexiest leer. Kelly decided at that moment that, with her friend stroking herself so openly and apparently so pleased, she’d act the most experienced tart in town. “I’ll be your whore. Do you like your Toys dressed in panties and bra like this?

He inflates the plug several times. She moans at how good it feels to have something inside her body. Although his words frighten her, she is happy that he is touching her. His voice is deep, throaty, and memorizing as he continues. “During the second phase, you will obey my commands out of fear. I expect you to obey me and failure to do so will be punished, and, as you are beginning to realize, I do know how to punish. I know what you are telling yourself. You think that this will never happen, that you will resist even getting to the second phase. The realization that he does not allow any infringement of his rules and lack of compliance is dealt with extreme repercussions is sinking into her addled brain. Zero tolerance. And his punishments are severe regardless if her mistake is purely accidental or intentional. “Your future is a foregone conclusion.

In self defense, Angella kicked up at Rachael’s bent torso, and brought her heel blades down with all her might into the exposed tops of the naked bitch’s thighs. Now both girls had their spurs dug deeply in the flesh of the other, and by shifting their weight onto their legs, they were able to do the damage to the other they were attempting. The audience loved the rending of living naked female meat, and they were getting their fill of it in this violent sex sport. Suzette was still jerking and twisting as her intestines and organs dangled from her wide open belly, and Rachael was wagging her blood-spurting stump of an arm, while all three were leaking crimson blood from their deep gash wounds. Rachael’s heels pushed down as she raised her hips, and the vicious blades sliced into the huge bulging tits with devastating effect. They cut down through the fatty tit meat and silicone, releasing thick strands that dangled obscenely from the deep slashes.

At the same time I swallowed the long, thick shaft deep down in my throat without gagging. Of course, I could no longer breathe. But I can hold my breath long enough. I would rather have passed out than shortened this pleasure for my lover. I must have more tolerance for this than human females. Jenny is amazed that I can swallow such a large erection at all, let alone so easily. Fallacio is not common, and Gemric is pleased. Neither of us is in any way concerned with the possibility that he might cum in my throat, however. For him it would be unthinkably bad manners. For me it would be extremely miserable. Even a vaginal discharge is barely acceptable. Yet when a man discharges himself in my womb, I do get a rush. It may only be a tenth of what I experience when he shoots himself into my fanny, but it makes sex worthwhile.