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Date: December 2, 2019

She flung open the door and lobbed the Lustball through the gap, immediately darting back out of the way. Brian charged forwards with wild eyes. He hesitated, almost tripped, then caught himself on the doorframe. Fuck. Sam peered back around and into the landing. It was a girl in all white, except for a red cross on her shirt. The symbol of the Hunters. A suitcase was on the floor next to her. It must have been the sister. She had short silver hair, which was right in their faces as she was doubled over, with her hands on her stomach. It didn’t seem like she had been gunning for a fight. Ok, weird turn of events. Maybe good, maybe bad. Just cause Mara had gotten to the lady didn’t mean she wasn’t still on her brother’s side. “What did you do to me? ” she got out through gritted teeth. Sam elbowed past Brian and faced the lady. He could stand there with his mouth open, she was going to take care of this bitch.

Starting down her right thigh and working his way up barely touching her snatch and then back down the other side working his way back to the promised lands for more. Soon he was sucking on her clit getting the most amazing sounds out of her. John sat watching his eyes glued to the screen not knowing what to do or think. It was hard not to look aver at Sara he knew if he looked at her his mind would work its way into thinking about her. But the act of not looking was doing the same and soon he was wondering if she had ever let a guy lick her like that. Oh how he wanted to and how he felt jealous of the guys he thought would get to. He was snapped back out of his daydream by the woman screaming loudly as she shook from her hard orgasm. He pulled away and pressed a button on the frame.

Reaching out, she cupped Jeans breasts and kissed her. This was raw sex from a very aroused and needy woman. Carol loved it. She was being devoured and for her part she had the delicious Jean’s sex at her mouth and the aroma of Jean’s arousal was all she had dreamt it to be. She came; suddenly, violently, and despite her mothers’ warning, noisily. She almost fainted because the sensation was so strong. Jean rolled of her and turned around to kiss and fondle her breasts as Carol murmured that she wanted to do that again and again. Carol needed no second bidding. She had straddled Jean and forced her legs apart before the sentence was fully out of her mouth. She quickly had a finger in Jean’s anus and her mouth hard against Jean’s vaginal passage while at the same time forcing her sex against Jean’s mouth exactly as it had been done to her. The result was the same, Jean exploded into a climax that almost shook Carol off her, but by grasping Jean’s thighs she managed to ride out the storm until Jean subsided into a soaking satiated heap.

“Hello, Robin,” Frida said. Her voice sounding hesitant and unsure. “What do you mean by weird? ” Robin wondered as he continued down the street towards the town square. “Do you know what Lisa has been doing today? “Not in detail, I have been busy at work today. She told me she needed to check her parents house after work since they are away, but besides that I suppose she has been busy working in the store like usual,” Robin said. “I saw her a while ago,” Frida said, and then went silent for a while before she continued. Now it was Robin’s turn to hesitate. His first thought was to rush to his girlfriends defense, but something with how Frida said it made him suspect she was really worried. There was also the risk that dismissing her outright without hearing her out might make their friendship suffer even worse.

I lose my breath and almost my balance. Dita then closes the side room’s door. “Sir, would you like to see? Dita tells the couple. With that Dita and the man help the pregnant woman off with her blouse. The most beautiful torpedo shaped mammaries filled with milk are exhibited. My cock fights the constrictions of my pants. 75 and purchase the chair for them? I’m stunned. This relatively petite woman who is supine in the chair has a huge belly with a linea nigra from her naval to her pubic area. Her torpedo tits lay to each side of her huge belly. Voluptuous would be an understatement for this Roma puffed up-doll. I look at the young man and he seems to be okay with the transaction. Then Dita then steps toward me and unbuckles my belt. I hear the voice of the other Czech sales clerk waiting on another female customer who is outside the door.

This punishment could be any number of things, (let your imagination run wild here). The suitable attire for these pets would only be a collar, or harness that could of course be attached to a leash. The only other thing they were allowed to wear was a pair of high heels, they after all are pets. They, like all pets would have to be walked through the neighbor hood each evening naked so as to get the proper attention and exercise. They, being cooped up in there back yard or left in the house all day would then be ready and eager to play or go for a walk, being quite excited and waiting, just to please there masters. These men would then take there pets for a walk, wanting to show them off as to what great pets they have, how attractive, and how well trained they are. They would have them heel, kneel or bend over on command.

Building her addiction to pleasure this soon in the process would be a strategic mistake. It gives her hope and hope boosts her confidence, undoubtedly setting back her training by several days. He has seen it occur with new Doms. The only hope he wants her to have is hope that she pleases him. This is a one-way journey; a rite of passage for her. These first 48 hours are the most crucial and also challenging because he must break her down until she is exhausted, desperate, sexually over stimulated. She will hit bottom, transitioning into a blubbering piece of nothingness, unable to think or make a single decision, totally dependent on her Master to tell her what to do next. Even simple tasks like satisfying her thirst, it will not occur to her to simply fill a glass of water for herself. Then and only then can he re-shape her into his slave, his slut, his personal whore. Condensation from the cold saline and the warmth of her breast tissue shimmers on her magnificent twin mountains. He cannot take his eyes off them, watching in wonderment as they tremble slightly with each breath she takes.

Shockingly, top U.S. attorney Anthony Acosta said the other day that the highest priority of the Attorney Generals office and the Department of Justice would be going after the (legitimate) adult industry. Its not that I cant believe that that of all things is their top priority. I just cant believe he said it out loud. For some time now Ive suspected that Alberto Gonzales and the DoJ had waged an all out war on pornography; and not just in its illicit forms such as child pornography. But why would a representative of his office come right out and say it? As it is, hes not only put the industry on high alert that the entire U.S. To play devils advocate here, maybe he was indirectly speaking out to certain backers of the current administration that Bush et al. Its no secret (like the article says) that this administration has the support of ultra-conservative Christian groups like the American Family Association.

Richard does everything that he can to hold on to her flaying body. Kelly grips the back of the couch and is rocking it on its legs, while climaxing. Richard finally reaches his peak, as well, and blows huge spurts of cum up her pussy; as he continues to pound his cock in and out of her. The two exhausted sex mates collapse on the couch. Richard is lying on top of Kelly’s tired body. “I have never, and I mean never; been fucked like that,” whimpers Kelly. “You give a whole new meaning to ‘how far can you go’. I have never met a guy with a cock like yours. Richard, also breathing hard, tells her, “You can’t leave yet. With that, Richard sticks his finger up Kelly’s ass. “What the fuck are you talking about? “I never agreed to that. Kelly tries to get out from underneath him but he has her trapped.

Candice licked Doris to get her wet enough and then I slid my cock into her ass taking her anal virginity. That time the tears were real as well as the pain. I was sorry but she had known that it would hurt. The crowd went wild. The more Doris cried the more they cheered. I was just about to pull out when Doris told me to give them a good show. So I pulled on her hair and pounded into her ass almost knocking her to the stage floor. She took it like a trooper. I would certainly owe her for that one. Just as I cum and pulled out of her ass someone announced that it was eight-twenty-eight and that in two minutes Kimberly and Doris would put on a show together. I was also congratulated on setting a new club record for cumming three times in twenty-eight minutes taking the title away from…Jeremy.