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Date: November 22, 2019

That’s not my fault is it? Shall I continue with my story? So when Gerry arrived, he was full of compliments and kept saying how pretty I looked. We kissed for ages before I took him up to our bedroom. He’s a really good kisser as well. I’d almost forgotten how much I love kissing. We stood just over there and Gerry eventually removed my dress. He went crazy when he saw my underwear and even made me stand on the bed so he could take some photos of me. David, Gerry is really jealous of you being married to me and having had exclusive access to my body for the last four years. “I am proud of you Maddy. “David, that’s not what your dick says. How big is it by the way? I’ve still got the plastic rule here that I used to measure Roger and Gerry’s dicks. Oh dear it’s only just four and a half inches David.

Which made Diane moan in her sleep for real as she was in a sound sleep and dreaming of the fucking that her son should soon be giving her? Danny very reluctantly and very quiet as not to disturb his mother as he got out of bed. He quietly got dressed and let himself out of the flat. He left a note for his mom telling her that he was doing the morning papers and should not be too long. Joan was just packing his paper bag for him when he came into the shop through the rear door. She smiled at him then said to him. Danny smiled back at Joan he then said to her. Joan just smiled at him. She was then very surprised, when he picked up both of the paper bags. She looked at him and he knew what she was thinking. He then said to her.

I reached down and grabbed his soapy slick dick and started jerking him, he in turn reached down to my pussy and started rubbing me. It felt so good and it was hard to stay standing as I felt the orgasm starting to build up. I starting jerking him harder and faster and with-in moments I felt his cum shoot all over my torso as I started shuttering with my own intense orgasm. Jason had to catch me as I fell into him, to weak fro my knees to withhold me. We then washed off and got out to finish getting ready. I looked at the clock, it was only 8:15. I decided that since we had set no official time to meet that we would wait until 10am to arrive at Jennifer’s. We arrived at Jennifer’s at 10am and knocked on her door hoping that she wouldn’t turn us away. “ Hi Jenny” Jennifer said as she opened the door. Jason. Her expression looked like a mixture of being scared she had been found out and confusion that he was there. “ Hi Mrs. Stevens” Jason said.

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Bentlee wasn’t the only one in complete shock. Montana and I were too. Both of us could step in anytime to defend the little girl he so casually undressed but we didn’t. I trusted Ean. He wouldn’t do something bad, especially right there in front of me and that girl’s older sister. Montana did nothing either. I knew she wasn’t so mad at her sister to let that happen to her. She had to trust Ean as well, or at least trust me to control him. “Do you want me to kiss you now? ” Ean asked Bentlee. She remained silent not looking to him but to Montana. “Do you like me? I like you. My sister, Maeghan, she likes me. I undress her like this when I’m about to have sex with her. Do you want to have sex? ” Bentlee was trembling as Ean slowly dropped his right hand down her body and cupped her vagina. Gently, he began pumping it. “I want to have sex right now,” he continued, “I know you can feel my penis in your back.

Could it be my Charlie? I doubted it, but whatever. Hey is this Charlie, from the party? I’m gonna be bored tomorrow, wanna hang out? Yea sure, wanna go into the city? XxCharliexX has signed out and is now offline. I reflected quietly in my PC chair. I could have her, if I wanted her enough and was determined enough. She was gorgeous and with the effort she could be all mine. Tomorrow would be critical. I withdrew two hundred bucks that my father had given me a few weeks before for putting a PC together for him from the ATM outside the 7/11. By the side was a hobo lying on he floor, muttering. I shouted at him, “What kiddo?” he shouted back. I approached him and I made a deal with him. He’d go in there, buy me two bottles of cheap ass vodka and I’d let him keep the change.

Gerald did just that, his phone recording him kneeling behind Gia, still on all fours and licking all over her ass. He pried her butt cheeks apart and licked all over her asshole. He re-entered her, his camera phone, recording real sex, real incest between Gia and Gerald. After her climax, she pushed Gerald away, went to her back, held her tits together, and Gerald sprayed her with semen. She rubbed it into her breasts, licking a few droplets that landed on her lips. Later in the shower, they were kissing and talking. Gia leaned in close, licking his ear. Gia nodded and kissed her son in the shower. Later, Gerald created an account on the popular porn site. The footage from his phone was grainy and not high definition, but it was real and incredible. Gerald guided his mother to her back in their new home. The kissed, their tongues swirling around one another’s.