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And there is many other ways to „earn“ this title,“ I explained. But I will say frankly: Amanda didn’t understand my explanation. She was solid as a rock: I am not a slut! „You know, sex is a pleasant thing and I am not responsible to anyone, if I am not in relationship or married. It is nobody’s business how much I fuck! “ she shouted so loudly, that I was even afraid neighbours to heard this „statement“. Drinking is always harmful for health, sex is not! Amanda began more and more to visit my friend Rein, of whom I wrote already in the first part of recent story. The most bad thing was, that Rein – even not officially married – was a father of the two children and living together with the great woman, mother of his son and daughter. Now he began to cheat her with 13-year old girl and likely said at home before going to bed: „Dear, I am tired today, sorry! Because Rein was a taxi driver, he found many places for fuck. Even in the car or in the room of the little warehouse, situated in the territory of the taxi company.

In fact most children play with their genitals fairly regularly by age 5-6, both boys and girls. Ultra sound evidence indicates boys at least may actually play with themselves in the womb. Playing Doctor and other childhood games are a normal part of development. They do not represent a perversion on the youngster’s part, just human sexual development. By the time society deems it proper for us to discuss consensual sex with minors (age 16 in most areas), 40% of kids have already had sex. “You’re next.” If I was to write of the inexperience and fumbling’s of that encounter, I would have to make the participants over the age of 16 (18 on some boards). Readers laugh when they read of an 18 year old male getting his first look at, taste of or feel of pussy. They may better relate understanding the real age of the characters in the story, but they cannot read the truth as it cannot be published with a mention of underage participants.

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Although we stopped at a restaurant on the way for food. “ I want something that will be really sexy on me. I want to look older than 13.” I said. “ I set up for us to go to the beauty shop first if it is okay with you.” Jennifer said. “ Really that would be great, what are they going to do to me.” She said. “ They are going to give you a total makeover. Hair cut, nails, make-up, and pedicure with toenail polish.” Jennifer said. I felt so special. I was being pampered today, and I couldn’t wait to get my makeover. I was finally going to look older. Once at the beauty shop Jennifer and I told the beautician what we wanted and she went to work. Then the nail tech, make-up lady, and the rest went to work on me. I couldn’t believe it. I could hardly recognize myself. I also looked at least 1-2 years older.

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