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Date: November 24, 2019

The men were fucking the girls and squirting cream all over them. There were other photos of girls with penises in their mouths and cream on their faces. They appeared to be sucking on them. The girls squealed whenever they saw something new. To say they were excited was the understatement of the century. Barbara was very proud of her collection. When the other girls asked where she had obtained the photos, she told them she had downloaded them from the Internet. This really excited Linda as she had just received a computer for her birthday and it was hooked up to the Internet. Barbara gave her several web addresses and told her what to look for. Barbara’s mom knocked on the door and announced that the rest of the family was going to bed, and they would have to keep the noise level down. The girls all told her mother goodnight and when she left Barbara locked her door.

Katie smiled because it was gym and she didn’t have to participate because she was pregnant. Everything went smoothly that day and our walk home was nice. I made love to both girls and was lying naked on Mom’s bed when she came home. She smiled and sat on my erection. All she did was slip the crotch of her panties over a little so that my cock could enter her. She looked down and told me how much she needed that. I helped her out of her maternity top and her bra. Before we finished the girls came in to ask about the adoption. Mom had called a lawyer, he had called Katie’s mother, and basically it was just a matter of doing the paperwork. Mom’s lawyer said that it could be a couple of weeks or a couple of months. Either way it didn’t matter. That evening and for the rest of the week we stayed in, ate whenever we wanted too, and rested a lot.

I told her once we were in the room I tipped the girl for services, sort of like a gift and that was all there was to it. Carol asked. I was forty five, divorced for the last eight years and was not seeing anyone. I kept busy with running a construction company and found that it was easier to go home than to look for a friend I could connect with. Having tried dating a few times I was a little pickier than I used to be. My daughter Carol was seventeen, in high school and I would get her for every other weekend. Carol kept bugging me all the time to go out and find someone but I put her off saying I would when I found time to date. Carol was dating off and on but had no steady boyfriend. I enjoyed her time with me and we’d go out to dinner or the movies a lot.

If you make a move too early here, she will think that you joined the group for the wrong reasons. If you join a group that you hate she will notice that you are not involved in any discussions and will see you for the weasel that you are. As weird and boring as it can be, one of the best places to meet girlfriend material is at operas or Shakespearian type plays. Just make sure that you arrive early so you can “mingle” before the play. This works really well if you can get another guy AND girl to go with you. Go to all BBQs, parties and weddings. These are great places to meet decent chicks. More recently meeting people online is the new thing to do. “perfect match” turns out to be some kind of a psycho/stalker/etc. Now we will cover making contact with your potential girl. The first rule of thumb when trying to grab a girl is that you can NOT come across as easy.

“ Barb, I’d like you to re-meet Roland. Barb extended her hand for a handshake but Roland took her hand to his lips and kissed the back of her hand; “ glad we could re-meet Barb, I was hoping this would happen. Barb smiled and said, “ well Gary, it looks like we have a gentleman on our hands. Everyone kind of chucked a bit and Roland said, “ a true gentleman, completely at your service, any thing you two want. Barb said, “ well we’d like to watch a repeat of the show we saw last Monday evening. “ At your service, and where would you like to have this happen? Barb pointed to the mirror beside the bathroom and said, “ why not do your thing right onto the mirror? Roland said, “ sure, I’d be glad to do that. I noticed that while I was out meeting Roland, Barb had set up two chairs kind of next to the mirror. Roland asked, “ do you want me to do it sitting down in one of the chairs?

“There will always be opportunities, but we mustn’t take unnecessary risks, let’s just see how it goes first. Would you make us a hot drink love? Coffee would be a good idea because it will be early morning before we get any sleep. “He will only get as far as the front door I can shove the damn thing in his mitts and then tell him to stay well clear of you, and me. She came and stood beside me, bending over to view the screen and my blood pressure rose as her tits poked out from her suspiciously loosened bathrobe. “Do you see anything you like sir? “Wow, it is even bigger when you get close to it. Her small hand was squeezing my cock and my heartrate was increasing as I tried to prevent myself from pulling her onto my lap and impaling her. “Are you telling me that you’d fuck me if I let you? I eased out of her and brought a small mirror so that she could have a good look at what I’d done to her body. The blood and semen worried her, but I explained that the blood was caused by the loss of her hymen and so she’d never see that happen again.

A three foot wide riser, five feet high, stood at the side of the stage, and Tony told Charlotte to climb onto it. When she was squatting in place, he clipped her leash to the eye bolt in the center, holding her by her cunt in that erotic position. Her pierced and ringed vulva was in clear sight, and her striped breasts bulged beautifully between her arms as she supported her upper body. Her lean legs looked great in the tightly folded position, but Tony had realized long ago that terrific legs looked great in any position. With Charlotte secured in the best seat in the house, where she could be observed by everyone in the small theater, Tony joined the audience. They had come down to the lower level theater to at this unusual time of night to observe an unusual event, and the congregation of sadism fans were ready. A middle aged man in tight leather pants and a mini-vest, and polished high-cut black boots came onto the stage from the wings, leading a gorgeous woman by a fine gold chain through her nose.